Lifetime PLUS Membership

Lifetime PLUS is a small, monthly recurring charge (or yearly if preferred) for those members that wish to not only support our site beyond their one-time Lifetime membership purchase, but to also receive additional benefits tied into many of the features our site has to offer. One thing should be very clear however,   Lifetime PLUS is NOT REQUIRED to download any additional trainers.   We started offering Lifetime memberships over 15 years ago for $29.95. Since that time lifetime members have received unlimited access to every trainer our site has to offer. When we say LIFETIME membership, we mean it.

Lifetime PLUS came about due to the huge shift in the way gaming on the PC is today versus 15 years ago. We currently produce close to 1000% more content each year than when Lifetime membership was first offered. We had to hire additional programmers and other staff just to try and keep up with all the new games and updates that come about every day. You can read more about the history in this post. We appreciate each and every person that supports our site in any way, but wanted to offer some additional perks for those that go way above and beyond to help keep our site running and updated no differently today than 15 years ago.

FREE 3-Month SurfShark VPN Subscription
Cheat Happens has teamed up with SurfShark, a leading VPN provider, to offer Lifetime PLUS members with 3-months FREE VPN service with the option to continue at a great price. Simply go to MY SETTINGS and then SurfShark Free VPN to get your unique link.

Instant Reward Credits Bonus

Reward Credits (RC) are the digital currency of Cheat Happens and are used with our trainer requests system, profile customization, worklist priority and more. First time subscribers to Lifetime PLUS receive an instant 5,000 reward credits for a monthly subscription or 25,000 for a yearly subscription.

Bonus Reward Credits

Throughout the year we do random reward credit deposits for all active Lifetime PLUS subscribers. Sometimes it may be a random amount from 1000-10000 credits or it may be an 80,000 holiday bonus.

Earn Spins for the Cheat Happens Prize Wheel

First time Lifetime PLUS subscribers will instantly earn one free spin of our prize wheel and all Lifetime PLUS members will earn one free spin each month. Prizes range from free Reward Credits to free games, Cheat Happens T-Shirts and more.

Request New Trainer Options

Only Lifetime PLUS subscribers may request new options be added to existing trainers using Reward Credits. Once approved, the request will be added to the site where any member with unspent Reward Credits may vote using credits for that option to be added. Once fully funded the option will be evaluated by our trainer programmers and either added in the next trainer update or rejected and all credits refunded if not possible. This feature is available on the game index page of all games with existing trainers.

Boost Trainer Priority

Each day our programmers have a worklist of both new trainers and updates that they will be working on, along with a priority on each one. Lifetime PLUS subscribers may choose to BOOST the priority of a new trainer or update so that it ranks higher on our worklist. Each boost costs a specific number of Reward Credits which may vary based on current workload or other factors. Lifetime PLUS subscribers are the ONLY users at the site that may boost the priority of trainer updates.

Create Pre-Trainer Option Wishlist

Lifetime PLUS subscribers may contribute to our option wishlist on each game's trainer page before a trainer is released. This will help the trainer makers decide which options are necessary and speed up the trainer making process.

Save 50% on Site Purchases

Lifetime PLUS subscribers receive a 50% discount when using Reward Credits to purchase any of our profile customization options.

Show Your Support

Lifetime PLUS subscribers may choose to show their site support by the use of Rainbow stars next to their avatar on all message board posts and private messages. This is set through the user settings page.