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Save your money folks!! HUGE let down!!
42N8Son  posted on Apr 28, 2010 10:57:29 AM - Report post

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This game is crap! The Splinter Cell series is dead folks! The graphics suck, the sound sucks, and the overall feel of stealth combat in this version of SC sucks. It's not double-agent sucky, but it sucks and is not like SC 1 or 2 at all. Chaos Theory was the last decent SC game. The story in this game is decent but it's not worth the $59.99 price tag at all. Wait until the price drops (which won't be long) when enough players get honest with themselves and admit this game sucks! UBIsoft sucks these days! They used to make decent quality games, but now they are just garbage. This is a major console port as well. The controls feel off and the game is all about stupid cinematic take-downs and not the tactical take downs of the first two splinter cell games we all loved! Now you press a button and watch Sam do a cinematic take down. It's like you're playing a movie (with ugly graphics) and you press a button to make the movie progress.

If you buy this game you will be disappointed so don't fall for the hype and waste your money like I did. There are some decent moments in this game but for the headache of dealing with the DRM (which slows the game down as your saves are recorded to UBI servers -which are down half the time), and the sloppy graphics and sound (sounds crackle and get distorted and the shadows are jagged as hell), it's not worth your money! Even when you pan around Sam in the game you can see how distorted his features are. Even double-agent was better graphically!

UBIsoft had YEARS to perfect this series and get it back on track since the double-agent disaster but they must have been spending that time developing this new DRM crap that everyone hates. Now they've jacked their price tag up to boot to pay off all the geniuses that came up with this crappy DRM design. UBI really needs to go back to its roots and start all over again.

It's really beginning to upset me since I used to love all UBI games!

Might as well load up the original games and play them for another 4 years while UBI figures out a way to release another Splinter Cell disaster for us suckers to buy!

[Edited by 42N8Son, 4/28/2010 11:07:21 AM]

Snikkers  posted on Apr 28, 2010 11:43:44 AM - Report post

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No clue what you're talking about..

This game is epic, and the graphics don't suck at all, maybe you need a better comp. And the sound was also great on my end (again.. you need a better comp i guess?)
I had no trouble with DRM at all, and never slowed my game down. It never felt like i was playing a movie at all.. And not too flame or anything, but that IS how games play.. you push button, your char does something...
And how is this a Console port..? None of the controls felt off at all. But i am a pc gamer at heart so maybe thats why lol. As for the stealth combat, it was great. The "last known loc." thing is sweet, and very helpful. And the M&E in the game was sooooo sweet wish i remembered too use it more though lol.
All in all though, this game is great...

42N8Son  posted on Apr 28, 2010 12:01:50 PM - Report post

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[post removed, reason: flaming]

Let's try to keep it civil, people.

[Edited by moderator Latiosmaster47, 4/28/2010 3:18:33 PM]

Snikkers  posted on Apr 28, 2010 12:14:31 PM - Report post

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Or maybe... you don't know what a good Pc game is?

srsly.. get a better computer then. Nothing is Jagged, or anything man. Really, Stop useing a 25 year old computer lol? and actually, you CAN holster you weapon. maybe if you spent more time playing the game, and less time *****ing about it, you'd know that. but hey, to each their own right? What Game version are you useing? Steam, or CD?

Cos, when i start my game, i see a menu.. which i can use my mouse too "point and click" at an option.. no "scrolling" like on a console(port). None of my menus or ANYTHING has anything related too a console.

vampirechick  posted on Apr 28, 2010 1:32:57 PM - Report post

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hey you two, let's not start a flame here, it will only attract the mods attention and get you banned, even if you are unlim members
Alias117  posted on Apr 28, 2010 3:03:38 PM - Report post

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Every one has there own oppinion and some people will hate the way the new splinter cell looks feels and plays, i just think it is something i have to try the game, just to see if the stealth actually feels better with the Panther approach over the old stealth approach to everything.

From the demo i played on 360 gfx looks great, and the way it fades over into black and white when you are hidden, and full of color when in the open, i think that is a great thing compared to the light meter and sound meter we had before.

The get caught aspect was anoying at times, in this one line of sight, and get behind the targets that is a great feature, but i do get the feeling it is not the good old sam fisher play through.

What we need to remember is splinter cell from the first game and through the series has evolved quite a bit, and this is in my oppinion just another evolution of splinter cell.

[Edited by Alias117, 4/28/2010 3:04:37 PM]

bopet  posted on Apr 28, 2010 7:08:30 PM - Report post

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I haven't had a chance to play the game yet as I work 65 miles away from my home and don't get to be home until weekend "how sad"
but I have seen videos and the game to me looks awesome. Besides I like that they changed the game up a bit. I don't like games that are linear, only can get one way through the mission, I like games that you can have multiple possibilities to complete your mission. I was totally disappointed by Battle Field Bad Company 2. The graphics in that game were awesome, but the game play didn't impress me to much. there was only a certain way that you could complete your mission. Which makes the game to linear.

What is everyone Computer Configuration.
I built my own system.

I have a Asus HDMI Mother Board.
AMD Phenom II Quad Core Processor running at 2.3 GHZ per core.
6 Gigabytes Corshair Xtreme Memory. 2x 2GB Dual Chanel, 2x 1GB Dual Chanel.
Nvidia XFX GeForce 8800GTX Extreme x2 In SLI Configuration
150 Gigabyte WD Raptor 10,000 RPM Hard Drive
With Two 1TB external WD Hard Drives - for storage.
WIndows 7 Ultimate 32bit.
And on board Sound Card with the ASUS Motherboard.

I forgot to add A Asus 22" Monitor and a LG 19" Monitor, running dual screen. 22" main and 19" right side.

[Edited by bopet, 4/28/2010 7:10:41 PM]

Alias117  posted on Apr 29, 2010 8:18:14 AM - Report post

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Im running an intel cpu the i7 920 cpu clocked as a 965 version, MainBoard is Asus rampage extreme II, have 6GB corsair dominator RAM, running a ATI 5870 from Xfx has 1GB, and standard hdd and im using gamer extreme soundcard fatality series. Samsung syncmaster 223 22 inch.

Os. is windows 7 ultimate 64bit.

[Edited by Alias117, 4/29/2010 8:20:25 AM]

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