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How to pass
AdmiralThrawn  posted on Feb 23, 2010 9:04:47 PM - Report post

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EDIT, sorry about the thread title.

This is a guide for those suffering from the Jefferson Memorial Gift Shop crash glitch to pass the Quest "Waters of Life".

First and foremost, you need to be able to use the console, as this method requires use of it almost constantly. Also, you will have to have cleared all the super mutants and other baddies out of the giftshop, rotunda, and basement levels BEFORE starting the quest. THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL. If you don't clear the memorial out in its entirety, the scientists will not enter the memorial and you will not be able to enter it to clear it out. Also, you will have had located the Brotherhood Of Steel Citadel, as you will need to fast travel to it. Also, complete the portion of the Wasteland Survival Guide Quest where Moria asks you to examine the local Superdupermart.


Once you've done all that, go rescue your father from vault 112. Once done with that, take him to Rivet city to meet Doctor Li. Yadda yadda, speak to your dad and the scientists will head off to the memorial. Exit Rivet city (get to the bridge) and wait a few days, then you should also head to the memorial . Once there, DO NOT ENTER, or your game will crash. If, when you arrive at the memorial, the scientists are milling around outside, then you have not cleared the building and will have to go back and use an earlier save. If the quest marker tells you to enter, instead, open the console with the ~ key and type "movetoqt", without quotes.

This will move you to your father, in the rotunda. Speak to him and he will tell you to go down to the basements and repair the tech. DO NOT LEAVE THE ROTUNDA THROUGH THE DOORS. Instead, open the console and type "movetoqt" again.

Once you do, you should find yourself stuck in a wall. Open the console again and type "tcl" (without quotes, as usual) to disable clipping and allow you to exit the wall. Once free of the wall and the rest of the scenery, enter "tcl" into the console again to move about normally. From here, complete the objectives your father gives you, until he says that Madison says there's a blocked pipe. DO NOT LEAVE THE BASEMENT AT THIS POINT, or your game will crash, yadda yadda. Instead, open the console and type these 3 commands, in this order:

SetObjectiveCompleted 00014E8B 70 1
SetObjectiveDisplayed 00014E8B 75 1
SetStage 00014E8B 75

This will complete the objective for you and enable the next one. Open the console again and type "movetoqt". Before closing the console, also type in "tcl". You will spawn next to your father, inside the central rotunda area. With clipping off, walk through the door and stand next to Doctor Li, and re enable clipping with "tcl" in the console again. If you stay in the central area with your father and the Enclave troops, you will die when your father overloads the project.

Watch the scene. Doctor Li will then you that you need to flee, ect. ect. DO NOT FOLLOW HER OR LEAVE THE ROTUNDA. instead, open the console and type this command into it:

coc superdupermart

This will teleport you to the Superdupermart in the wasteland. If you have not completed the quest for Moria Brown where you search the mart, you may be stuck in a locked room. If so, use the "tcl" command to escape. Exit the building and fast travel to the Brotherhood of Steel Citadel. Outside, there is a special access to the escape tunnel nearby. Check this Link for the location.

Once inside the tunnel, enable noclip with "tcl" via the console again, as you will need it to pass some locked doors. Follow these two guides, this one (Link) first and this one (Link) second. Once you've met up with the scientists, wait for Doctor Li to appear. speak with her, and she will tell you to lead them through the tunnels.

From here on, you can proceed with the game normally.

Please let me know if this works for you, and if it doesn't, where it stops working. Thank you.

[Edited by AdmiralThrawn, 2/23/2010 9:05:53 PM]

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