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***BIG BAD SPOILER*** Ending&next game
SoundOfDarkness  posted on Mar 01, 2009 5:03:25 PM - Report post

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My theories are:
1. Alma isn't really evil. Like many others said before me: She was abused, never had a real life, was locked away and they took her babies. She's just ****ed and kinda wants revenge. But...
2. She's schizophrenic in a special way, that's why we see her child form and her adult form in F.E.A.R. 2. Her child form represents her good side while her adult form represents her evil side, the one that just wants revenge.
3. She isn't dead. Her hatred combined with her psychic powers kept her alive all those years, kinda like in hibernation. I think that's why she's just skin & bones. But while locked away she could only project a little part of her powers outside of the vault, so she waited for the right moment to free her second son. And now that she's free she's of course on a killing spree. She kills everyone who's trying to harm her, which is pretty much everybody.
Alaric_Kell  posted on Mar 05, 2009 8:45:54 AM - Report post

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I have been going through all of the DataNet entries in the game, and I've noticed a few points that conflict:

1. It says you're going to a different facility in the DN entries and during the game's voiceovers from Stokes, but there was only the one reactor that went up (presumably)...This might indicate that there was more than just the Vault from the first game.

2. Assuming that it's actually not the Vault facility from the first game, then where the hell is all the stuff from the Vault from the first game? The explosion might have wiped all of that stuff out, but it can't explain everything, especially why a facility directly under the Vault was still there after such an explosion, explosions don't just travel up, they also go underground, especially if there are tunnels and so on that are OPEN at the time of the explosion.

3. An expansion could be made to play from Keegan's position, as some things must have happened to him big-time, the guy was shot after one of Alma's nightmares at the start of the game, but somehow recovered enough before the nuke to not only survive the blast wave and the collapsing building, but he also survived the diode implanting surgery, then survived the chaos that went on after that. The guy was on his own for quite some time (JUST like Becket), and he went through that huge wave of Reppies that were attacking your APC, without so much as a scratch. I doubt Alma would have protected him deliberately, considering she rejected him as being as good as Becket early in the story. My guess is that though Becket himself never used or displayed his ability, Keegan was not so restrained, and he was telepathically telling the Reppies to treat him as an ally and/or neutral, so he was not even seen as a target. Keegan also displayed an ability to shove Becket around, including grabbing him by the throat and holding him in the air with ease, which may indicate Keegan was actually better than Becket, it's just that Alma wanted someone with Becket's gumption...

4. Another expansion could be coming from Stoke's POV. She was not even psychic, yet, she managed to survive all the stuff that was thrown at her. It made me wonder, at the end, if she was really psychic or not. Even though she was not documented as being a part of the Armacham programs, she could still be a non-Armacham psychic that was simply hiding her abilities without knowing she was. Jin also displayed an ability to survive without needing anyone to save her during critical fights, so it makes me think that there were many psychics that were all being drawn to the over-all area of Alma's influence, that Armacham knew nothing about, and these were people who were experienced and had real lives outside of a research chamber, unlike Alma. For all we know, there could be someone equal in power to Alma (Alma is obviously an un-restrained Level-5, which means she's more Level-6 than anything else. Becket is a mystery, a big one. He displays no abilities in the gameplay that are even Level-2, yet, when Alma finally gets to him in the chamber, he's supposed to be Level-4 or so, but I've seen no evidence of that. I mean, if Becket's supposed to be Alma's chosen mate, why him? Keegan displayed abilities stronger than Becket's)...

If there is someone equal to Alma running around, just keeping their more experienced abilities hidden from her and the others in her area, then there could in fact be several possible psychics that were automatically/sub-concsiously(sp) drawn to her area by not only her un-restrained bursts of power, but also by the explosion. This could mean that Point Man and possibly Becket (the chamber he was in at the end, it was locked when Alma shoved Aristide back, but was later shown being opened once again by Alma herself during one of the Keegan scenes, just barely, but enough for someone to make it in and out), are going to have to fight against several people like themselves, and yet not, just to survive, not to mention dealing with Alma's instinctive outbursts...

There are many paths that each lead to an expansion or even FEAR 3. Since Becket is now a member of Alma's family (so to speak), Point Man may now have to compete with him for survival...Plus, that child Alma has, he/she could easily be a Level-6 just to start out with, with the potential to be Level-7 or even a theoretical 8 when he/she matures enough...Someone of that power could easily create nuclear-style blasts with a snap of their fingers, or create dimensional rifts, or create quantum singularities (black holes)...

Of course, the government(s) will now HAVE to be involved in what's going down with Armacham. That means going beyond the one explosion area. The government may bring down as many psychics as they can find to the region, that would lead to a confrontation that would truly be Earth-shaking. It would also never end, since Alma is a purely instinctive animal now, she never had formal training to learn restraint, unlike everyone else who went through Harbinger and probably other non-Armacham projects...Unless she or her new child open a dimensional rift or a black hole, then they can go beyond the physical and Earth as well...

Javelin  posted on Mar 11, 2009 8:53:52 PM - Report post

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Alma's DEAD.
Beckett did not have sex with Alma.
Alma is not having his baby.
Alma is psychic energy/spirit.
acustic  posted on Mar 14, 2009 7:58:38 AM - Report post

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And Fear 2 is just a game , it's not real
Javelin  posted on Mar 15, 2009 11:57:13 AM - Report post

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Is to
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