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***BIG BAD SPOILER*** Ending&next game
DragonFire1380  posted on Feb 20, 2009 4:46:57 AM - Report post

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Alma is not evil, you must replay the first game and then the second.

It was stated that she had the ability to sense negative thoughts/impulses from others. Now lock her up by herself from the age of 8 on to 15, that will mess up any kid.

We also see the child version and the adult version thru out the second game because as it was said in the game, she is a adult and doesn't even know it. In other words, she is very confused. I'd almost have to wonder if she even realizes that she is in fact dead.

Since see wasn't raised to know what right and wrong are I don't think she realizes her actions for trying to seek help are in fact really killing people.

I see it like this, what would happen if you gave an 8 year old a loaded gun and said "here you go, now go out and play".

She is living a nightmare and wants it to end anyway possible...


Look at everything from when you enter the school on. Alma was a 1st grader their, several things tell you to help her including a projector.... pay attention to the birds, lady bugs, and frogs as their meaning is explained later on... If I recall correctly, Alma was a Lady bug....

Also keep in mind that it was stated by Monolith that the second game ignores the storyline from both EP packs...

Wade58  posted on Feb 22, 2009 1:45:24 PM - Report post

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I have found out one thing, when they shut off Alma's life support it put her in a sort of limbo of hell. When you find the other soldier in the hospital and he says, Beckett we need to help her. Well when you go to the crawl space look on top Alma leaves a message in blood (Help me I'm in hell). I also noticed she see doctors as monsters which I can understand after what they put her through. She speaks mostly through visual stimulation and that is through her emotions, since she has no experience to do otherwise.
Grimson_TR  posted on Feb 25, 2009 9:30:13 AM - Report post

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huh... u guys r right ... i never thought of alma can be good... thx 2 beckett's team mates....
DragonFire1380  posted on Feb 25, 2009 9:57:04 AM - Report post

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Speaking of the bloody writing on the floors/walls, does anyone have any clues about the other stuff seen?

I've seen the following

Who is he?
Can he see?
Do you even know where you come from?

In the end I would compare Alma to Jean from the X-men movies. Poor girl was born with a gift, her daddy pushed that gift past its breaking point. Now she has a power she can't control. This could explain why at times it seems she is trying to kill you and other times helping you. The helping moments could be when she has taken come control over said power.....

Something else, at the end of the game (you been warned) did anyone else think WTF! Why didn't she kill Genevieve Aristide on the spot? She gets pushed back and that's it? I was expecting her to be thrown around the room before having her bones sucked clean....

Grimson_TR  posted on Feb 27, 2009 10:57:21 AM - Report post

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Heh so i should write this now

_ _ __
/\ / \/ \ I \
//\\ \ / I__/
//__\\ \ / I \
// \\ \/ I__/

oi... and if u didnt get it plox go and replay the game...

pfff edit ; f**king Word code f.ked it up... whtever so i will just say this ..... ALMA BECKETT

[Edited by Grimson_TR, 2/27/2009 10:58:44 AM]

BigRob2k8  posted on Feb 27, 2009 2:41:35 PM - Report post

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gridlock  posted on Feb 27, 2009 5:24:30 PM - Report post

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If you enjoyed the game why bother.At least it looks like a possible FEAR 3 is in the makeing
Alaric_Kell  posted on Mar 01, 2009 3:07:09 AM - Report post

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Good words all, I agree that, after being a FEAR addict since it's inception, the odds are that at least the Point Man (NAME the man already, damn!), and Beckett will be teaming up at some point in FEAR 3 or an expo for this very game.

Fear 2 has potential for expos, bigtime potential, canon or not...Frankly, I'd prefer an expo where Beckett takes control of his full abilities once plugged in, holds Alma at bay for a bit, uses some TK to fling Ms. Armacham's bullets away from the kick-ass blondie, then breaks out of the chair, still with his powers being unlocked or at least enhanced, then after a confrontation, shoves Alma in there and locks the thing down.

Of course, another expo could be Point Man showing up at that final point (heh), back-stabbing Ms. Armacham, and combining his power (which WAS unlocked at the end of FEAR 1, more or less after doing Fettel in) with Beckett's to rescue him and the blondie...

Also, Ms. Armacham's little pre-order field guide lists not only Betters as being alive and out of the battle-zone, but we also have Chun-Li's twin sister to consider, not to mention Holiday...Presumably, the only reason Holiday made it when no other members of his team did, is because he could well have been a part of Paragon/Harbinger, there could literally have been hundreds of pseudo-psychics running loose without anyone actually knowing about it, who is still ALIVE after the reactor breach.

The only people who had lists of everyone who went through Paragon/Harbinger died during/after the explosion, so potentially Alma isn't the only Class-6 running loose, someone with that level of power could easily mask it from another of that power, Alma masked her power for years, knowing that her chance would come once Fettel was let out of his own cage, also her original son would be free to use (somewhat), at that time, if she needed to.

Alma didn't use Point Man until he knocked off Fettel, proving he was stronger, proving he was worthy to compete and/or co-operate with Alma. Another possibility is that Alma merged with Point Man much like she did with Fettel, just to boost her powers, probably knocking off Holiday and the picture-girl in the process...

Either way you slice it, either through expos, or through another game, they *HAVE* to either kill off the people un-accounted for, or they have to combine them with Beckett...Since Beckett did not seem too terribly upset about having a potentially Level-8 kid with Alma at the end (no resistance at all), it's possible that Alma might calm down once Point Man links with Beckett and her, she'll have her original kid, plus one that could be far more powerful than all of them put together, and so she may find some measure of peace, assuming she doesn't have to kill everyone in the world before they leave her and her family alone.

That's another problem, now that FEAR has supposedly been wiped out, Armacham is gone, and at least three Delta teams are gone, the government(s) are probably going to start getting involved, and that could kick off total pandemonium...

Of course, between Alma herself, Beckett, Point Man, and hell knows how many other psychic kids there are for those people to use (and abuse, possibly), no one would have a chance in hell of stopping them. Launch all the nukes you like, not only would they be able to alter the blast waves to absorb/deflect them, but they could simply shatter the missiles before they even got within a hundred miles...Potential is limitless.

Harlan was correct, though: When they started out with psychic research, they did seek out Paragons to lead humanity into the next stage of evolution, and they found them, problem is, they tried to use them as lab-rats instead of raising them as normal people (or as close as they could get), and giving them the knowledge needed to let them use their abilities to help people. Screw space travel, it could be possible to tear through entire dimensions if enough willing psychics combined their efforts on it.

Transcend the needs for Gods and all of that, that way...

Harlan wanted to do it that way, but alas, people with really hosed minds wanted to abuse his ideas to create weapons and other ways to gain personal power and money...Who needs money when you can have anything you want, if you had a sane and willing Level-6 psychic??

Harlan got forced into supporting Ms. Armacham and other idiots who ultimately controlled what he could do because they cut the paychecks that controlled his ability to eat and live...If they had simply let Harlan do things the way he wanted to, Alma might have been sane and a great help to humanity, but I've seen foster parents who abuse children that age, and so I know all too well what can happen when idiots are put in charge of people's LIVES...

FEAR 3 better close the circle. There are too many things unaccounted for, and Point Man joining with Beckett?? Man, that would be the ultimate warrior duo...They would have zero motivation to dislike one another, and every reason to get along, since Point Man now has a brother on the way...I'd say, let them nuke the entire damn world with a snap of their fingers, let them find somewhere to live in peace away from governments and control-freaks.

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