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  • Send a message to K2 !
    K2 ! posted on Feb 07, 2009 7:24:47 PM - Report post
    At first i hated it ,but it came good in the end ,and i love it now
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    HonestGamer posted on Apr 27, 2009 10:48:35 PM - Report post
    Let me spare a few words for this game:-

    The biggest turn off of this game is the FPS (Frames Per Second) - It looks like the Game is running slow even in a PC that has higher specs than its recommended config.

    I had to set the display settings to low to smoothen things a bit - but that also did'nt help much - it just made the game look 10 years old.

    The things I loved in the Game was its variety - unlike any GTA game. It had features of Reservoir dogs (Hostages), GTA San Andres (Almost 80% of the game) and True Crime New York City.

    The customization of the game was its representative - it was really great.

    But due to its choppy FPS, it made the best things it offered forgetful.

    But in India the game came cheap (converting to USD ---> $10) which made it worth a buy.
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    PerroLoco posted on Apr 29, 2009 12:18:54 AM - Report post
    OK... I just went through a lot of miscellaneous grief getting SR2 to work the way it should including decent video settings & adequate frame rates. When I bought this game I had real issues with it. The vehicles (cars & motorcycles) were completely uncontrollable. I just finished the main storyline and my game has been running perfectly (now) Here's what I did, maybe it will be of some help.

    1st: my machine is not state of the art. AMD 5600+ Dual Core, OS: WinXPPro SR3, 4GB RAM, NEW nVidia GForce 9600GT 512MB to replace my previous nVidia 8800GT 256MB card. I have several TB of available drive space on internal drives to use for page files. I use a Logitech G15 game KB & a Logitech G5 gaming mouse.

    First off, to address the abysmal frame rate I replaced my old 256MB video card w/ a 512MB card. Whatever video card you have, make sure that you're taking advantage of any hardware acceleration. Set the card to force that. Turn V-Sync OFF! Game now runs on highest settings with frame rates that are smooth & seamless. Nice rendering & shadows.

    After a lot of research, I changed lots of control settings. Turned mouse sensitivity down to 15% & my keyboard to about 5% - this more or less fixed the control issues because of the poor port job to PC from console coding. Depending on keyboard WSAD to control driving the original settings were over-responsive.

    Overall, I really like this game. The storyline missions are not repetitive or tedious ~ even though I still hate the missions where I have to drive really fast to waste some dude from another gang, I've been able to do them.

    The side missions make the game... completing them gives you perks that let you finish the storyline missions. Try to do all the side missions before attempting the storyline stuff. The cut scenes are great and I'm pleased with the way they incorporate my custom "gangsta" boss.

    I'll have to look carefully at how I set up my controls and drop them into this post in the event that can help anyone.

    Oh... and the trainer works 100%, though I used it sparingly.
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    H posted on Apr 29, 2009 8:41:36 AM - Report post
    No way man this game sucks as hell if you compare it with Gta IV .
    But it is kinda good game .i finished it .

    It's been a long time coming.
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    jaimond posted on Jun 03, 2009 12:23:47 AM - Report post
    Sometimes it has so much glitch that when i was walking a car rammed me over and i found myself somewhere where everything is blue even the background. Then, it said i had died! WTF!
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