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WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2009 Discussion

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Locked Topic  2nd Annual Fantasy Royal Rumble!
Al-pucino  posted on Feb 18, 2009 2:19:05 AM - Report post

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Austin looks at Rock in a peculiar way. After a second of silence, Austin turned his back and did a mind blowing stunner on Rock as Rock never expected it to happen.
Jackal  posted on Feb 18, 2009 3:28:07 AM - Report post

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Austin gets in the face of Rock talking trash on the mat as the crowd loves it...but from behind HBK has been tuning up the band in the corner, Austin turns round and CRACK! Sweet Chin Music echoes through the arena.

Edge then attempts a spear from the corner but HHH cuts him off with a spinebuster saving Shawn. The two nod and shake hands but as Michaels turns his Back HHH kicks him in the gut and scores with the Pedigree. The Game launches several *suck it* chops at HBK for his trouble, afterall it was Shawn who eliminated him last year...

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malyg  posted on Feb 18, 2009 11:43:24 AM - Report post

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Triple H's suck it's come to an end as Test delivers a massive Big Boot to the face of The Game.
latios_power  posted on Feb 18, 2009 2:20:47 PM - Report post

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But Bret Hart hits The Rock from behind, but again Austin comes for Rocky's aid as he clotheslines Bret, Austin turns and BAM! out of nowhere a Sweet Chin Music nearly eliminated but he hangs on....
Jackal  posted on Feb 18, 2009 2:51:30 PM - Report post

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Austin's walking wounded as he turns into the pinball inside the ring, everyone gets there shot in and finally Rock drops him with a Rock Bottom followed by several birds and trash talking in his face...but Rock turns round and now he's the pinball getting hammered by everyone, finally Hart gets up to the top rope and delivers a monterous elbow to Rock.

But as everyone stares at The Rock that old familar music hits...

Entrant 25 Hulk Hogan in his classic Hulkamania yellow and reds makes his way to the ring in his first ever Fantasy Rumble...

Al-pucino  posted on Feb 18, 2009 11:09:29 PM - Report post

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Everybody in the ring turns their focus on Hogan, Hart and Test are the first to attack Hogan as he enters the ring. Hogan, still ganged up by Hart and Test, finds a way to stop it. He thrusts Test and Hart with his fists and does a belly to back suplex on both men. Hogan drags Hart and places him lying on top of Test. Hogan then performs an Atomic leg drop on both men. Hart and Test wrap their arms around their stomach, which shows both of them in pain.

Hogan then gets Test and wraps him up in a Bear hug. The pain is continuously building in Test's stomach area.

Jackal  posted on Feb 18, 2009 11:48:53 PM - Report post

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this is a long one...sorry I had to break my own rule, but its good, you'll enjoy the read

HHH then enters breaking it up taking on Hogan one-on-one but each shot has no effect as Hulk is hulking up as the crowd is roaring behind him...Hogan then points to Triple H as the Game looks like he doesn't know what he got himself into. Hulk finally blocks him and fires into HHH with huge right hands, off the irish whip the Game is dropped with a boot...rope to rope Hogan hits his infamous Leg Drop. Hogan tears his shirt off in classic fashion and poses for the crowd as you can't even hear yourself think its so loud.

But the crowd is suddenly deadened as from behind he bumps into the only man that could possibly challenge the legacy of Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin. With no one else around the two have a monster staredown, its as if time stood still as both mens careers couldn't have been complete without this very moment, the crowd doesn't know who to cheer for as there's rivaling Austin and Hogan chants. Austin finally p!sses Hogan off and flips him the double-bird right in his face igniting the fuse...Hogan lays into Austin with stiff right hands and drops him with a scoup slam, he attempts the Leg Drop but the Rattlesnake moves and bites his venom into Hulkamania. Austin backs him into the corner with heavy rights then stomps a mudhole in his ass! Hulk then scores an eye-rake defanging Austin teporarily, he clotheslines Steve out and over but with one bloody hand Austin hangs on. Slingshoting his way back in Hogan and Austin tear into each other one-on-one seeking to prove who is in fact the better man...Hogan eventually gains the upper hand picking up Stone Cold and trying to toss him out but Austin counters off the shoulder of Hogan and *BAM!* a Stunner that could be heard around the world...JR is losing his mind as Austin clotheslines a stunned Hogan out of the Fantasy Rumble!

Hulk Hogan has been eliminated...

Everyone is still in shock as Austin flips a waist crossed Hulk Hogan multiple middle fingers...Stone Cold proved that he is in fact the best man in history tonight!

sorry, kind of a personal fantasy of mine lol

Al-pucino  posted on Feb 19, 2009 2:00:38 AM - Report post

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As Hogan walks away in disgust, Austin gets the crowd cheering for him. But then Edge is eagerly waiting in the corner, just a few meters away from the Texas Rattlesnake. The crowd then change their tone and start alerting Austin that Edge is behind him. Austin turns 180 degrees and sees Edge charging towards him for a spear. Luckily, Austin twirled out of the way, leaving Edge smacked right into the pole, shoulder first.

A hurtful Hart rises and begins to be impatient. He catches Austin in his sight and directly tosses him over the ropes. Again, Austin hangs on. Hart tries to weaken him by throwing in some fist full of punches on Austin's head. Austin still hangs on, but weakly. Hart then leaves Austin and turns into a thumping sweet chin music by HBK, sending him over the top rope.

The crowd are in a state of shock as the legendary Bret 'Hitman' Hart is out of the Fantasy Rumble

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