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what is the best traval power?
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    caspercat20 posted on Nov 22, 2008 11:46:06 PM - Report post
    ok there super jump,fly,super speed,and telport if i forgot one plz till me but anyway what 2 is the best for a lvl 28 and for low lvls

    ty and have a nice day!
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    Laryagar posted on Jan 05, 2009 3:04:01 AM - Report post
    Personally I usually always go with the Leaping powerset. In a race the Super Jump tends to be the fastest. It can get you to pretty much all the same places flying can except Ouroboros, which has floating islands too far apart to jump between but flying should do it.

    The Combat Jumping skill is good in indoor areas since it triples the jump height and adds to your defenses.

    Teleportation is actually the fastest but because of the costs involved using it and most of the time you are having a couple of seconds to get the next teleport going to travel through the air it can drain endurance fast and you can often find yourself falling large distances to the ground. When you teleport it lets you hover about 2 seconds in the air before have to target your next teleport and activate it before hitting bottom.

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    tigur posted on Feb 15, 2009 2:34:28 PM - Report post

    As far as travel powers go you cannot go wrong with Super Jump its easy to use and does not use much endurance. I use Super Jump on all of my melee fighters such as tanks and scraps because of Combat Jump. Great defense power for tanks and scraps not so much for blasters though, as for controllers and Defenders I usually get both Super Jump and Super Speed.
    They do make a nice combo I get them for PVP the Super Jump Pool had Acrobatics in it great power to keep you on your feet in a fight. I have found flight is a good travel power for blasters that way you can hover and snipe targets all day long. As for teleport you have to create a bind for it to work properly that way all u have to do is press one key to activate the power and your mouse to fire it off and then just keep on firing away until ya get where your going.

    Hope this help ya

    Tigur LVL 50 Invul/Fire Tank
    Monar LVL 50 ILL/RAD Controller
    Demonkillaa LVL 50 Invul/Spines Scrapper
    StormKIlla LVL 50 Electric/Storm Defender
    Jacked Up LVL 50 Peacebringer
    Goliath LVL 50 Warshade
    Icekilla LVL 50 Ice/Fire Blaster
    Russian Star LVL 50 Energy/Invul Brute

    And a few others to numerous to mention
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    SkyeLynn posted on Jul 14, 2009 7:07:27 AM - Report post
    Well...It honestly all depends on your own personal preference.

    That's all I can tell ya, hon.
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