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Which Ending ? ***SPOILERS***
Wasaki86  posted on Oct 30, 2008 6:21:31 AM - Report post

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I just finished the game, damn what a good game!

I followed my dads steps. First, ofcourse I was collecting information in Megaton, Three Dog etc. about my dad. Then headed to the location where Project Purifier began.. found some dads notes.
Then I had to go to the River City to meet Doctor Li, she worked togerther with your dad on Project Purifier. Then I went to Vault 112 to meet Mr. Braun.. I entered a matrix thing to get in the simulation program (very cool was that :P) to save my dad.
After that, I decided to follow my dad and together we will continue on the working of Project Purifier. The funny thing is we really had to walk about 20/30 minutes back to River City to meet Doctor Li so she would help us with her team. And yea we all had to walk back to the location where Project Purifier is.
There I had to clear the whole building so my dad and Doctor Li's team were safe to go in. Then I had to solve some small problems in the building that was blocking the Project. After I fixed those problems I saw a helicopter landing. So I went back so fast as I can to my dad, but I was too late. A group soldiers of Enclave arrested my dad and wanted to take over the project. Dad shut the doors so the soldiers couldnt get out and also your dad self couldnt get out so he decided to kill himself and the soldiers to save you. Then I had to escort Doctor Li and her team to Citadel. Till we get there only me, doctor Li and another guy survived, the rest all died (I couldnt save them :P). In Citadel I spoke a guy to how find the G.E.C.K. I had to go to Vault 87 (I think). When I was there I was shooting mutated monsters, then I saw a mutated guy locked in a room, he said he will get the G.E.C.K for me if I save him. So I did. And yes, he headed to the location where the G.E.C.K is. It was in the room full of radiation, so I was very lucky I saved him (but I think I could also just hack the computer and then get in). After he had the G.E.C.K I was planning to head back to Citadel, but I got naded or something and got captured by the soldiers of Enclave. When I woke up I was in the building of Enclave. A guy will torture me if I dont say the password to activate the Project Purifier. I said I dont know so he decided to torture, but then the president stopped him and said that I had to meet him in his office. So I went to his office and saw that the president was just a computer, not even human. I spoke to him and decided that he isnt worth it for living :P so the computer decided to do selfdestructing. I escaped and when I got outside, the building exploded... then I saw that mutated guy killing soldiers of Enclave. He wanted to save because I saved him as a repay. Then I accepted him as a teammate so he will follow me.
We headed back to Citadel and we decided to attack the soldiers of Enclave at the location of Project Purifier.
After killing those soldiers I went in the building to active the Purifier, but the door will shut and the radiation will getting higher and higheri someone wants to activate it. I decided that I will do... so I went in .. the door closed and radiation effect was getting higher... the problem is... I saw the system standing there right in front me, but .... I didn't even know the password. I felt like a ****in stupid retard.. omg I didnt know the password.. so I fast just guessing a code about 10 times, but then the screen gets white ... Then the ending shows up with flashback photos what you've explored and had done in the whole game and saying about my life after the incident.. I saw myself walking with a dog.

Well that was my Ending (just read the story, because thats just the Ending)

Share your ending plz, I would like to know hehehe.

EDIT: I skipped the Vault 101 part and the sidequest.

[Edited by Wasaki86, 10/30/2008 6:31:37 AM]

Robsterboy  posted on Oct 30, 2008 1:04:26 PM - Report post

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As far as I have discovered, there are the folowing ends (the end viedo scene is allways nearly the same, only some parts are changed or added):

1. Not enter the Code [Rev 2:16]
2. Enter the code
3. Enter the code but placed the Virus in the chamber
4. Force Sarah to sacrify herself
5. Force Sarah to sacrify herself and placed the Virus

To see them all, you have to take the Virus from the president and make a quicksave when Dr. Li is talking through the intercom.

Sonimon  posted on Oct 30, 2008 1:11:47 PM - Report post

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Anyone else upset that the ending is so absolute? Why couldn't they just have an ending to the main plot like the one in Oblivion, where you could keep playing afterwards.

To me, it seems like that would have been a good idea, but I guess that's why I'm not a game designer, hmm?

As it is, I've had to make a new character to do any of the side quests.

Seems like poor design, considering this is an RPG. Stupid Bethesda, you can do better!

Edited for grammar.

[Edited by Sonimon, 10/30/2008 1:13:15 PM]

Shotgunmaniac  posted on Oct 30, 2008 6:58:32 PM - Report post

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Well, it's not the way the previous two fallout games were. Restoring the freshwater supply basically makes any fighting moot - to anyone.
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