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Trainer add ons
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    DarkElfa posted on Jun 22, 2008 12:26:35 PM - Report post
    Is it possible to add any of the following to the trainer?

    Instant max speed

    Instant stop

    Drift King (like the one for Carbon where the drift points don't end and hitting things doesn't end the drift)

    I'm just curious as those all made for fun times in Carbon.

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    Rally posted on Jul 02, 2008 10:52:19 PM - Report post
    Here's the problem with that idea: NFS:Carbon was a strictly arcade racer with no sense of realism, while Race Driver: Grid leans more toward simulation with some arcade aspects mixed in. The tracks are also more demanding and have a lot more turns closer together, so the instant speed cheat wouldn't be worth it since you'd most likely crash immediately.

    As for the drift cheat, the trainer has an option to add 999,999 points to your score after successfully completing at least one drift. And remember, you have to actually counter-steer for yourself in Grid.
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