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Need help with GodofWar 2 pleaes!!
JuliePVP  posted on Mar 30, 2008 4:49:32 PM - Report post

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I'm stuck on the Phoenix Chamber, I've released her, she's sitting on the Post, with fire around her across the way. With a "o" above her. Now i'm inside the room, where there's two doors, both, you have to hit the chains up top, there is also a big shining light, from a glass window up above. Which looks like it has something to do with it. One door, opens up with a Red box, exp points. The other door opens up and, you can pull out a Pilliar. There is also a lever in between these two doors, which lifts, and lowers a weird floor to my left. If anyone has any idea how to get past this, very appreciated!

aim: Legaliz3thetruth

Shibby  posted on Mar 30, 2008 5:56:02 PM - Report post

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try this here:

Activate the lever to raise a large wall. Scale that wall to the top and then scale the ceiling. Go to the second chain and cut it down to reveal a pillar. Jump down and activate the lever again to lower the wall and make some enemies appear. Kill the exploding soldiers and then grab the pillar.

Place the pillar halfway through the wall. When you activate the lever again, the pillar will stop the wall halfway as it rises up. Jump up to the top of the rising wall and then drag the pillar away to make the wall rise up all the way. Now place the pillar near the metal door and jump on top of it. Destroy the large chain above the door to lower it.

Now head for the nearby turnstile and rotate it all the way. Once that's done, go down the hall and rotate the next turnstile until a doorway opens up.

baskstyrl  posted on Apr 12, 2008 1:22:05 PM - Report post

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i remember this now ok make that platform go up by pulling the lever, climb up, release both chains and you'll have the pillar and a power up chest. pull the lever again and there will be 4 exploding soilders u have 2 kill. after u kill them push or pull the pilar half-way into the platform, then pull the lever for the last time. the platform will stop thanks to the pillar. then get on the platform pullthe pilar in toward you and there will be another door with chains at the top.put the pillar close to the door and get on top and break the chains to open the door you will then see a lever and a veiw of the courtyard. move the lever in circles and the 2 columns will raise. once they are at max hieght, go down a hall and you'll find another lever that goes in circles and a blocked hallway , turn it until the hallway is revealed. and you'll met a soildier that says "i've come too far to fail" and kill him.

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MotownMike  posted on Apr 12, 2008 3:18:36 PM - Report post

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Ok, I'm also stuck on the Phoenix Chamber - but, I'm not as far as you are! I've not released the Phoenix yet - help! I've gotten through the spikes, gotten past the fire ball room, pushed the big pot into place, pulled the lever, the pot was lifted and dipped into the lava. Now what? I see a staircase on the top but can't get up there - what did I miss?? Help...
baskstyrl  posted on Apr 12, 2008 7:37:32 PM - Report post

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at this point you can fly how push push x 3x and on the third time, hold it and wings will pop out and you'll be able to fly, but make sure you fly into the steam or you die oh and u wanna reach the second floor not the first floor and watch out 4 those undead legonares they are so pathetic

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