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For me as a gamer its always been the same : kill or be killed. online ive teamed with and fought against friends and foes and in the game if u die, it gives u a reason to come back for more, cause an anger builds up and a desire to dominate the battle field and to become the best their was, the best there is, and the best there will ever be. There will also come a time when u think its over, and that ur the only thing that stands between sweet, sweet, sweet victory and failure. and in those times i just say, "just do ur best and don't screw up" do not take favor of the enemy, never know of the odds of losing, and just go out there and give 'em hell! but throughout all of my battles there are players that are invincible, there are godly players out there but ... I AM THE GAME U CAN KILL ME BUT I'LL COME BACK AND I'LL HUNT... U... DOWN!
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