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Locked Topic  Fantasy Royal Rumble!
king-of-games  posted on Feb 12, 2008 3:03:33 PM - Report post

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The Rock then signals for a second Peoples Elbow!
Al-pucino  posted on Feb 13, 2008 12:36:04 AM - Report post

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Austin gets slammed to the mat in the rock's vicious signature move. The rock somehow chooses to head for the top turnbuckle, the crowd rises to their feet.
Jackal  posted on Feb 13, 2008 1:32:45 PM - Report post

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Rock goes for an elbow drop off the top but misses, ignoring him Austin then exposes the turnbuckle but he turns around into a Rock Spinebuster, he goes post to post connecting with the People's Elbow...the Brama Bull now stalks Austin as it looks like the end for the Rattlesnake. He grabs Austin making no mistake and hitting two Rock Bottoms in a row! Rock picks up a lifeless Austin and throws him out...the fans come to their feet as he dissapears from sight. The Rock has done it, he's won...or has he? Wait a minute Austin is still in, he's dangling from one arm, Rock turns around and can't quite believe it?! The Brama Bull now exchanges rights and lefts with the Rattlesnake on the apron, Austin gets the better of the exchange and attempts a suplex but Rock counters and suplexes Austin back inside the ring.

The People's Champ stumbles to his feet as both long time rivals look like they've seen better days, surviving this long they look like hell...! Rock goes for a DDT but Austin counters, after an exchange of reversals Rock irish whips Austin into the corner with the exposed turnbuckle. The Brama Bull waits and charges into the corner for a clothesline with all his strength, but at the last second Austin moves and Rock goes head first into the exposed turnbuckle...Rock is walking wounded now as he turns around into a ring shaking Stone Cold Stunner! As he flips back from the Stunner Austin catches him then with everything he has left Austin throws The Rock over the top rope and out of the ring...Stone Cold has done it! He's won the first ever Fantasy Royal Rumble!

Austin falls to the mat in utter exhaustion, the fans bathe him in congratulations as it's deafening inside the area! JR is going nuts lol! Austin finally pulls himself up and celebrates with beer after beer after beer...but just before the night ends Austin throws a beer out to a retreating Rock, he accepts the beer as Austin gives his ring equal a nod, after a long glance Rock returns the nod and leaves with his beer as the final chapter of Rock/Austin is written. Finally the night ends with a mass of confetti from the rafters as the celebration continues and Austin goes through case after case of beer, surely no one will ever forget this night! Stone Cold Steve Austin is the Fantasy Royal Rumble Winner!

WINNER- Stone Cold Steve Austin

Statistics to come...stay tuned

I apologize for ending it sooner than expected, I really wish I didn't have to and we could end the whole thing together but I have to leave the site for awhile and I wanted to get this done before I left, so I really didn't have a choice...thanks, I hope you all understand. Regardless, I thought it was a good finish...

Jackal  posted on Feb 13, 2008 1:43:49 PM - Report post

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Order of Entrants:

1- Undertaker
2- Mr. Perfect
3- Carlito
4- Owen Hart
5- Eddie Guerrero
6- Batista
7- CM Punk
8- Christian
9- Triple H
10- Goldberg
11- Diesel
12- Mr. Kennedy
13- Jeff Hardy
14- "Superstar" Billy Graham
15- Stone Cold Steve Austin
16- Rey Mysterio
17- Edge
18- Bret "Hitman" Hart
19- Randy Orton
20- Sting
21- André the Giant
22- The Rock
23- Chris Benoit
24- John Cena
25- Chris Jericho
26- Shawn Michaels
27- Ultimate Warrior
28- Kurt Angle
29- Kane
30- Santino Marella

Order of Eliminations:

1- Owen Hart by Undertaker
2- Mr. Perfect by Batista and Undertaker
3- Carlito by Triple H
4- CM Punk by Diesel
5- Eddie Guerrero by "Superstar" Billy Graham
6- Christian by Edge
7- Edge by Undertaker
8- Diesel by André the Giant
9- André the Giant by Undertaker, Batista, Triple H, Goldberg, Mr. Kennedy, Jeff Hardy, "Superstar" Billy Graham, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Rey Mysterio, Bret "Hitman" Hart, Randy Orton, Sting, The Rock, Chris Benoit and John Cena
10- Mr. Kennedy by Undertaker
11- Chris Jericho by The Rock
12- Jeff Hardy by Randy Orton
13- "Superstar" Billy Graham by Kane, Ultimate Warrior and Undertaker
14- Santino Marella by Kane and Undertaker
15- Chris Benoit by Undertaker
16- Sting by Kurt Angle and Bret "Hitman" Hart
17- Kurt Angle by Kane
18- Ultimate Warrior by Stone Cold Steve Austin
19- Rey Mysterio by Stone Cold Steve Austin
20- Goldberg by John Cena
21- Triple H by Shawn Michaels
22- Shawn Michaels by Bret "Hitman" Hart
23- John Cena by Kane
24- Batista by Kane
25- Randy Orton by Stone Cold Steve Austin
26- Undertaker by Kane
27- Bret "Hitman" Hart by The Rock
28- Kane by The Rock
29- The Rock by Stone Cold Steve Austin

2008 Fantasy Royal Rumble Winner- Stone Cold Steve Austin
2009 Fantasy Royal Rumble Winner- ???

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Jackal  posted on Feb 13, 2008 1:47:22 PM - Report post

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Memorable Moments:

1- Mr. Perfect is eliminated inside the ring from the apron possibly a first ever Royal Rumble occurrence plus an instantaneous Punk Superplex followed by a Guerrero Frog Splash! Link

2- A nasty Undertaker Tombstone and Punk takes flight through the announce table! Plus the first Mystery Entrant 'Goldberg' debuts and cleans house! Link

3- Eddie plays it cool trying to win over Goldberg plus the fighting is getting more and more intense by the post! Finally Kennedy proclaims himself Fantasy Rumble winner ushering his mic to descend Link

4- Guerrero's final mistake is his last as he's eliminated plus Stone Cold Steve Austin enters with Stunners all around! Link

5- Quite a series of events!- Edge is in and goes on a spearing frenzy but he's quickly eliminated by Taker...or is he? The referee reluctantly inserts him back in...and Edge betraws his own brother with an elimination! And finally Bret "Hitman" Hart enters the Rumble... Link

6- Edge is eliminated...for good this time but the vindictive Rated 'R' Superstar doesn't go quietly as he takes out Taker with a one man con-chair-to then is escorted out leaving the Deadman a bloody mess Link

7- Things spill out to the outside and as Austin and Batista share a cold one the 21st Entrant André the Giant debuts destroying everyone around him! Link

8- André is seemingly unstoppable as no one can bring him down and Austin goes on another Stunner fest dropping everyone as The Rock enters... Link

9- Austin and Rock blow up the Fantasy Rumble with their one-on-one tilt! Plus Chris Benoit enters as things start to really heat up... Link

10- John Cena enters as he and Rock share a charismatic glance and the biggest elimination in the whole Rumble takes place as all 15 Superstars still in the Rumble eliminate André the Giant, plus Austin taps in the double submission! Link

11- Triple H and Michaels team up as DX is formed once again in the Fantasy Rumble plus Austin and Hart seem to form a partnership as they send Undertaker through the announce table! Link

12- Austin and Harts partnership continues...only to end with a Stunner! Plus the Ultimate Warrior enters with a fire in his belly and Chris Jerichos eliminated Link

13- The big men collide as Taker, Kane, Graham and Warrior battle it out resulting in a "Superstar" Billy Graham elimination, and the smallest man in the Rumble Mysterio takes down the Brothers of Destruction! Link

14- Mysterio is still on fire, for the first time Austin and Cena collide and the final Mystery Entrant is...Santino Marella? Link

15- Chris Benoit is eliminated plus Goldberg goes on a rampage and even Jackhammers the 300+lb Kane! Link
16- Mysterio and Warrior are eliminted in a melee of bodies thanks to Austin as has he and Goldberg formed another unlikely Fantasy Rumble partnership? Link

17- Two more big names are eliminated as Triple H and Goldberg are eliminated and were down to 9 guys left, plus Orton displays dominance with a steel chair Link

18- Despite a spirited effort HBK Shawn Michaels is eliminated, Cena also gets the hook by Kane... Link

19- Things are winding down as the two former Evolution teamates Batista and Randy Orton are eliminated, Orton was cunning and Batista showed heart, despite this there both gone... Link

20- No can quite believe it, the Number 1 Entrant Undertaker is eliminated (but leaves in dramatic fashion) plus Hart goes as well...with only 3 guys left, who will win it all? Link

21- Hard to fathom but Kane is eliminated by Rock at the hands of the steel steps! With the Big Red Machine gone it all comes down to the last two men left in the Fantasy Rumble...Austin and Rock Link

22- The long time rivals Rock and Austin bring the house down as they battle to become the first ever Fantasy Royal Rumble Winner...in the end the Rattlesnake was just too much for the Brama Bull as Stone Cold Steve Austin eliminates Rock winning the Fantasy Rumble! Link

Jackal  posted on Feb 13, 2008 1:50:42 PM - Report post

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Most Dominant Superstars:

1- Undertaker finished with 8 Eliminations (Owen Hart, Mr. Perfect, Edge, André the Giant, Mr Kennedy, "Superstar" Billy Graham, Santino Marella and Chris Benoit) he was the longest superstar to last in the Fantasy Royal Rumble, Taker entered as #1 and was the 26th man eliminated lasting past more than half the men in the Rumble.

2- Kane was the second most dominant entering at #29, the Big Red Machine had 6 eliminations ("Superstar" Billy Graham, Santino Marella, Kurt Angle, John Cena, Batista and Undertaker) and lasted until the final 3. One could argue that Kane was most dominant due to the men he got rid of...including eliminating the biggest threat his brother Undertaker. It was another heartbreaker for Kane as he came so close yet again to winning his long overdue first Rumble but fell short in the end once more.

3- Stone Cold Steve Austin proved that he's still the best in the business by winning the first ever Fantasy Royal Rumble, entering halfway through the Rumble at #15 Steve had the third most eliminations (Ultimate Warrior, Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton and The Rock) Austin was smart picking his battles wisely and waited for the right moments to strike. With the victory Austin has now won 4 Royal Rumbles in his esteemed, legendary career.

4- André the Giant entered at #21, it took 15 superstars to eliminate the biggest man in the Fantasy Rumble, despite just the 1 elimination to his name (Diesel) he was certainly the most physically dominant threat not being phased by much of anything. You could easily speculate that if André hadn't been teamed up on for elimination the Giant would've been impossible to get rid of.

5- The Rock was the last man to be eliminated as he fell just shy of winning his second Rumble match in his career, the Brama Bull had 3 eliminations (Chris Jericho, Bret "Hitman" Hart and Kane) before being outed by his long time rival Stone Cold Steve Austin. Rock was able to eliminate the seemingly unstoppable Kane, one could argue that if Rock hadn't done so Austin would've never won the Fantasy Rumble over the more powerful Big Red Machine.

6- Goldberg was the first Mystery Entrant at #10, it's hard to see why Bill should be in this category with helping in just one elimination (André the Giant) and not even being an original entrant in the Rumble but next to André and Kane (once you go through the whole match) there wasn't a more dominant physical force in the Fantasy Rumble. With his many spears, presses, clotheslines and Jackhammers (not to mention his one to the 300+lb Kane) not many could argue with this point, a shame he was eliminated so easily...Goldberg was the 20th man to be eliminated, John Cena dumped him out of the match.

Well it was fun and I hope you all enjoyed it, I think the real fun with the idea for this board was the unpredictability...giving the member his/her choice in controlling the match and choosing who could be eliminated, and not to mention picking their own Mystery Entrant was cool. If I'm still around in a year I plan on doing this again, it would be nice if it became an annual thing but no one can predict the future...we'll see I guess. If so I got a good beat on things this year and will try my best to improve it even more for next year, thank you to everyone who contributed to the topic (no matter how big or small) and a very special thanks to the ones that kept coming back and kept it going, if you wish take your time and go through the links to relive the Rumbles most memorable moments, until the Second Fantasy Rumble in 09 I bid you all adue...

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