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psp-rocks  posted on Dec 22, 2007 2:36:35 PM - Report post

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orite ppl. i havnt played mhf 4 months n i jst picked up ma psp tha otha day n got back into it. 1st of all, what do i do wi the ruststone? i got a few from lao n the onli fing i know how 2 do with it is make nube weapons like the buster sword+ an stuff so wat can i do wi em. 2ndly, i hav the chiefs old sword n can i do owt wi that? 3rd im realy stuck wyverns of the land and sky. I hav tried with the frost edge+ and Judgement. I cant attack one of them with out the other gettin my back. im usin kirin horn, Garuga mail, lao vambraces, Kirin hoop and rathalos soal greaves. wat am i doin wrong???
Ladst3r  posted on Dec 26, 2007 9:04:21 AM - Report post

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Well first off, welcome back.

As for your problems the ruststone can be made into ancient weapons by random choice. Sometimes they will be weapons able to get in the weapon booth, but sometimes not. The ancient weapons that you get from it will be upgradable until a certain time. The ancient weapons that you are able to get are in the catagories of lance, sword and shield, great sword, hammer. Im not quite sure about bowgun but I doubt you can get
an ancient one. Once upgraded they will become strong weapons depending on the weapon route you take.

As for the Chiefs old sword, you will be able to upgrade it to the Hero Blade which isnt really worth the time because it doesnt have a very good amount of attack or sharpness.

As for the quest Wyverns of Land and Sky, just use tactics such as pitfall traps, barrel bombs, bring potions, mega potions, max potions, and an ancient potion. The combinations to these can be found right here:

1 Potion = 95 = Blue Mushroom + Herb

2 Mega Potion = 90 = Potion + Honey

7 Max Potion = 65 = Mega Nutrients + Dragon Toadstool
--> Mega Nutrients = 75 = Nutrients + Honey
--> 3 Nutrients = 90 = Blue Mushroom + Godbug

8 Ancient Potion = 55 = Immunizer + Kelbi Horn
-->10 Immunizer = 75 = Catalyst + Dragon Toadstool

Also the Rathian is weak to electric attribute and the Rathalos is weak to Water attribute. The Rathalos will fly more than the rathian and the Rathian will charge more than the Rathalos. A good strategy is staning in front of the Rathian (not too close though) so that when the Rathalos shoots a fire ball, it will hit the Rathian. Try to kill the Rathian first because it is more vicious and will attack you more often then the Rathalos. If you're a gunner or a lanceman, make sure you stand on the legde at the other side of the arena. But move around alot because the Rathalos's fireballs are still able to hit you; as are the Rathian's tail whip. A good item to bring is the flash bomb. Bring as much as you can and also bring the materials to make them once you've run out.
34 Flash Bomb = 75 = Bomb Material + Flashbug

A good time to use it is when the Rathian/ Rathalos is charging at you or when the rathalos is in the air.
Thats pretty much all you need to know, the rest you'll have to do on your own by knowing when to attack and when to retreat.

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