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Messin' with Androids
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    Xanarst posted on Dec 21, 2007 2:51:15 PM - Report post
    After playing Portal at my friends house, I have discovered that there are ways to just mess around with the gun firing androids (usually in test chamber 17?). If you like to mess around with androids and come up with funny ways to, post em'! I'll start it off...
    A good and easy way to start Messin' with Androids is to put one portal above them, and one below them. The android will progressively speed up and eventually hit hard on the floor, making it go hay-wire and shutting off.

    P.S. Game Informer magazine's #4 top moment of 2007 in any game, is killing your companion cube *sniffs*... Pedro, will indeed be missed...
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    samallen posted on Jan 11, 2008 3:57:40 PM - Report post
    did u no u can pick them up? i can if im lucky i can use them as shields they go haywire from freindly fire

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    xfire user name rca009
    i am bored
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