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MAPS for single player
mamamiwe  posted on Oct 24, 2007 10:35:02 AM - Report post

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This is not a cheat but its a place where you can find maps for single player.Hope I helped

superweapons  posted on Oct 24, 2007 6:27:21 PM - Report post

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This is a good site for SP too. You can play the larger (32 & 64 player maps) by downloading them from this site. Just edit the AI files and launch. AI is not cooperating with me yet, but the maps work great though !

superweapons  posted on Nov 20, 2007 4:56:14 PM - Report post

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I've got it to work after a while now... I use Bot Changer 2.1. It changes a file called to your specs. It works now , but I'm beginning to use mods for Battlefield 2 rather than play vanilla (like USI, AIX, and Sandbox). They're awesome, try it out .
xXSwatXx  posted on Dec 10, 2007 3:35:27 AM - Report post

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Are these maps on single player or both single and multi?
superweapons  posted on Dec 13, 2007 8:41:21 PM - Report post

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Both of the sites are for singleplayer maps.

[Edited by superweapons, 12/14/2007 5:23:59 PM]

Jupilaire  posted on Feb 07, 2008 10:49:43 PM - Report post

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Yeah but mostly the Singleplayer Maps can be played in online mod.
The problem is that there are a lot of map dedicated to be online, so usually people don't play the singleplayer maps exept for small servers. (16 slots)

If you want to play just singleplayer, you should really play AIX (Allied Intent Xtended) This mod has not just a perfect class and full equipment system with nice innovations. The numerous maps(Original Maps + Special Maps at the installation + 3 big Mappacks and other avaible maps) are really greatly made and very nice for any kind of fight (Vehicles, air, infantry, and even boats dedicated maps) Those maps are mostly avaible in the 3 sizes (16,32,64)
Other nice detail , is that you will find heal & ammo place and SPECIAL WEAPONS KIT on the maps. Like an explosive bullet Barret.50 on the tops of some roof.

But the most amazing thing that I have never seen in other mods, is the IA of the Bots. The bot system has on most maps, been reaaly greatly made. They are moving to the flags and engaging really crazy intense fights. when you give them orders or call them to follow you they mostly reaaly do it. An other thing is that they will be able to go for a Flag even if it placed on a place that is badly accesible. Their aiming system hurts really,even in easy or middle difficulty, so sometimes you get angry and ask yourself about your own capàacities lol .

Last thing are the vehicles. All vehicles have been ameliorated, almost in the weapon system. Tanks need loger time to reload, but are really strong. Airplanes and Helicopters have definitely a big advantage, because of their new weapons. As example you got two kinds of new missiles. One who enables you a quick lock on any vehicle or defense place on the ground(In helis and planes. For tanks you ll need 2 missils. Those go just straight to your lock , so sometimes you miss hiting a tree or building instead. The other missiles are Mavericks (just on planes). Those are heavy destruction bombs. The lock needs more time , but once shot the missle will fly very slow making a sonar-like sound. This allows the missil to choose its own way too your lock, so it mostly fall vertically on the target.One last thing : No vehicle can escape from this Maverick (even planes).

As for the online mod, it is great too , but the best thing is to play cooperation , like 4 real players against 60 bots. Victory will not often be yours lol.


If you have the 1.41 installed, Instead of playing in the Soloplayer part of the game, GO TO MULTIPLAYEr => Create Local server => Choose CO-OPeration map list and adjust the bot and player settings. Choose ONE as Number of players, so it doesnt say , "you got to wait for an other player to begin"
The bots will bemore intelligent and more resistant. And you will be able to choose the number of bots without modifying any file.

[Edited by Jupilaire, 2/7/2008 10:53:30 PM]

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