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Fatalis tips
MHserious  posted on Jul 01, 2007 4:55:25 AM - Report post

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K I used a FAQ to fight my 15 minute Fatalis. And I noticed that I wasn't the only guy who hated some of his attacks.
The worst thing I hate is when he slams his belly off the floor (coming from sky), roars, then "slithers".
For those who didn't know, when he runs as if he's biting things in front of him, don't touch him, I repeat: DO NOT TOUCH HIM WHEN HE DOES THAT. No matter how much Dragon Defense or Normal Defense you have, he kills you in one hit...ANYWHERE. I used to think it was him walking on me but it isn't because his tail killed me too.
Antoher thing I hate and get freaked out about:
When he blows a couple of fire balls, then he gets close to the ground and starts following you... sometimes I feel like smashing my PSP off the wall when he does that.

Anyway, I'll take a out a little section fo the FAQ, oh and there is also I glitch which I will test out later. Remember, if you already know this just appreciate it, don't say "Yeah I already knew that, you are a n00b because I am better than you"...no...this is for people who didn't know.

FAQ by Ocu_87 You can find the full FAQ here.

How to fight him:
I still think Black Fatalis is harder than his red brother. He has many
attacks that instantly kill you and he likes to do em when you just don't
expect it.

-You basically wail on his right leg all the time, and when he lands you hit
his head. But you have to stay in alert. His 'Snap and Drag' instantly kills
you, doesn't matter where you touch him. I got killed by his tail once..
The 50 minute Black Fatalis Quest loves the wall and hugs it most of the time,
it is some glitch and gives you the opportunity to attack his leg. But beware,
if he spins to you, he will most likely try to smash you with his belly.

If he smashes the ground with its belly and makes some screeching noise, he
will Snap and Drag. Go out of reach and let him finish his weird move or end
up being carried to camp by cats.

-He has the same airborne attacks like his red brother. While he flies up, he
likes to spit a fireball. When he stays high, he will spit three fireballs.
When he comes down again, he will either:

Spit one or two fireballs
Follow you.

If he follows you, he will only stop when being near enough to hit you
with his tailwhip. It is easy to avoid if you know how to. Run near his shadow
until he stops, then run away again. Watch out for the possible fireballs.

-Breakable parts

You can "break" several parts from Black Fatalis:

Rip his eye,
break his horns
and break his chest open.

The head takes some serious damage until you rip his eye.
His chest though only takes a few Schism Combos, just hit him when he flinched
after being hit on his leg.

3.1.5 Facts & Glitches

-Yes, there is a Black Fatalis Glitch. But don't expect some spiderweb-one like
the one for YGG.

Here's how it works:
Repel him 3 or 4 rounds in the 15 minute rounds, then start the next round, but
abandon. Start the 50 minute quest, he will have the same health.
5 Minute Fatalis? No problem anymore :P And I can tell,Fatalis (Sharp) Eyes
give good and quick cash.

Like I said before,the 50 minute Fatalis likes to hug the wall. He keeps belly-
smashing all the time,sometimes even for 5 minutes. I still don't know whether
it was coded in there with a reason, because even with that glitch it takes
about 45 minutes to kill him with Eternal Strife. Well.. we can't complain

The round is NOT determined by the quest you start. The higher the contractfee,
the more armory you have. The quest with 2800z as the fee has Ballistas,
Cannons, the Gate (just lure him under it and it will drop). You can also use
the dragonator and even hit him in the air with it. Trust me,I did it.

MHserious  posted on Jul 01, 2007 4:56:48 AM - Report post

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-Meleeing in Rounds
It is possible to melee him through the rounds,even with a non-dragon elemental
hammer. Triple combo his head when he lands and superpound his leg when he is
walking around. Lord Grahf made a video about it. You can even kill him with
a raw weapon in the 50 minutes quest, when you brought his HP down with the
glitch I have written about before.

-"I don't see you"
This happens sometimes when you gun Black Fatalis. If you shoot from one "bowl"
over to the other,where Fatalis is moving around, he sometimes doesn't care
about you. Funny to shoot him in his backand making him tickle with some

Attack List

-Fireball - Ground

Fatalis spins to you, rears his neck up and then spits a fireball
straight forward. It has no AoE,means it just disappears when no one was hit.
You can survive this,with enough resistance to fire,like 50. A Rathalos/Rathian
Armor combo can get you 50 resistance to fire,get it if you like to take a jump
into Fatalis' Spits :P

-Fireball - Airborne, close

He "stands" in the air, rears his neck up and spits a fireball, sometimes
even two. It's not hard to avoid it,if you get hit.. you should really think
about putting MHF down.

-Fireball - Airborne, wide

He flies pretty high, rears his neck up once again and spits three fireballs.
The first lands pretty close to him,but the two following can even hit you
at the other side of the little "bowl" you are fighting in.
Easy to avoid: Just run under him.


He spins to you as if he would spit a fireball,but then he just drops to the
ground. This attack is lethal,but easy to avoid, just don't stand in front of
him. This attack can also be combined with Snap and Drag:

-Snap and Drag

Owww, I hate this attack. First he smashes to the ground, lets out some
screeching sound and starts to run forward, biting everything in front of him.
Try to avoid touching him, cause it will end in the camp. Too bad it's a bit
hard to see that attack coming, but that screeching sound can make you tell.


You won't see this attack if you don't stand on the ledges. He tries to bite
everything on the ledge in front of him.. it seems to be his weakest attack.

Ladst3r  posted on Jul 02, 2007 12:33:59 PM - Report post

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Nice tip MHserious.
aquaveron  posted on Jul 02, 2007 8:18:29 PM - Report post

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congrats on the huge post and great tips but it bugs me still that when it says repel it means do a certain amount of damage to it in order to succeed in completing the quest
MHserious  posted on Jul 03, 2007 10:00:59 AM - Report post

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Better than waiting 50 minutes, if you ask me.
Ladst3r  posted on Jul 03, 2007 12:22:08 PM - Report post

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Ya true.
MHserious  posted on Jul 07, 2007 8:55:00 AM - Report post

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The glitch about the 50 minute Fatalis works!
I did it and it was the easiest quest...ever!
Ladst3r  posted on Jul 09, 2007 11:52:55 AM - Report post

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I havent tried the glitch but I bet it works pretty good for you to say it was the easiest quest ever.
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