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KHGAMER23  posted on Mar 04, 2007 8:56:02 AM - Report post

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I have never ever been able to beat my dad at this game. i have tried to come up with my own strategy and they never work. anyone have a sure fire way to win no matter who the competition is. any information will do even if its just what civilization to pick. ill try anything to win
vincent_6102  posted on Jun 22, 2007 1:44:41 PM - Report post

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well put difficulty on hard then keep playin till beat game then you be unstoperple
Writersblock  posted on Dec 15, 2007 2:09:19 PM - Report post

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First off, use a custom civ. Pick Pop Cap increase, farming bonus, woodcutting bonus, hunting and foraging bonus (or fishing bonus if you use water maps), citizen cost decrease, citizen speed, tower range, and then anything else you think you want to spend the rest of you points.

Immeditately set 5 men to build a civic center (pit) right next to a food pit. I mean right next to it with no room between. Now build as many citizens as you can with the food you have. Build a pit right next to the closest decent size forest. Search out the 2nd food pit (you should have at least 2). Build a pit right next to it. Set 6 men on each food pit and 4 on wood. As you make more food, build 2 dogs and set them exploring. Find the closest stone pit. Build pit right next to it and put 6 guys on it mining. Build towers next to all your pits and then build temples to cover the area as soon as you have resources. Find gold and iron, pit next to each with 6 men on each. Towers and temple cover. Now take build 8 guys and make them a quick-click group. Put 6 more men on wood. Find the nearest animals and build a pit, start hunting. Find the 2 closest food pits away from you (#3 and #4) and get 6 men over to them, build a pit, 2 towers and a temple. Now your food should be doing pretty good. Populate your pits that are next to stone, iron, and gold with 15 guys each. Make a small defense army. Build a university and a hospital and use their upgrades as soon as you can with each era. You should be hitting eras pretty quickly now (if you are on standard)stay this way until you hit era 3. If you are on tourney, you need to get to era 3 as fast as possible while still doing all of the above. If you have water, build a dock and 6 fish boats as soon as you hit era 2. When you hit era 3, take your 8 hunters and build a farm. Populate it with 8 men from a town center. Use your foragers and new guys and make a second, third and fourth. Populate them all. Take your army and look for new stone, iron, and gold pits. Send citz to build pits on them and populate them all to 15. You should have 3 iron, 3 gold, 2 stone and 4 farms now, all with tower defense and temple coverage. Now build a prophet. Look for areas where your enemy is suseptible to earthquakes and mess him up. You should be hitting era 4,5,6 pretty fast now. As soon as you can build persian cav, build 4 stables and make about 6 persian cav with each. (Army of about 24 or so persian cav.) Upgrade their speed by 1, attack and range by 2. Take them out and start hunting. Chances are really good that you are ahead in eras now and the persian cav are the best unit out there. They can run away from threats, they can tear apart towers and buildings like it's cool and they are lethal when you find the other side's population center. As you attack with them, make a second army of them to hold in reserve. Let the reserve defend as necessary while you attack with the main group. When one is dead, use the other and make a reserve. Make sure you are keeping up with eras as you can. As soon as you are to WWI, stop with the persian cav and use 8 seige pots, 4 snipers and 16 riflemen. You should have no problem mopping up the game now.

idu1995  posted on Oct 01, 2008 6:14:32 AM - Report post

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holy shiy it took u life to write all of this O_O
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