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MHserious  posted on Feb 21, 2007 11:05:44 AM - Report post

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originally posted by mmf

MH serious i went to that site zack.com or watever and tried to register and it said "youre registration time has run out please try again later" but i saw some things you said something about a girl to scared to go to math class and the rest is to inopropriot for this forum PS: sorry i should have sent this in a pm but i only just realised and im to lazy to re-type this this is kind of pointless i dont no why im still talking im just bord since there no new post im going INSANE!!!!

Cool, uhhm, try re'typing your email and making sure your password is correct, and fill in what you got to fill in, if not, I'll talk to my mate . Oh, and anything else just PM me

Ladst3r  posted on Feb 21, 2007 6:47:18 PM - Report post

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domination  posted on Feb 22, 2007 6:55:56 AM - Report post

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haruleZ  posted on Aug 22, 2008 3:33:56 PM - Report post

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ok, for any1 that is new to the wolas quest, and might wonder how to kill them, here's the best way: make either devil slicer or kirin thundersword, the thunder attribute is 560 and they are really weak against it
bring with u 10mega potions, 10potions, 10herbs, 5flash bombs, 1pitfall trap, 2max potions, 1ancient potion, 3lifepowders, 2lgbb+, 4smbb+, other normal bombs, 5mega nutrients, 10 herbal medicine, powertalon, armortalon, 10well-done steaks, farcaster, 20 whetstones. if u wonder how to get the weapons or the items, check out in weapon trees and combination lists for the easiest way. Now, start the quest and run to the ledge at the end of the arena, climp ontop of it and stay at the wall, until they both notice you, now pull out your blade and hit both of them on their wings and heads when u can, block all the fireballs. When rathalos flies up block his attacks, dodge rathians fireballs and then attack rathalos right before he lands. Do this till 1 of them dies and all their wing claws and head horns is destroyed.
When on the ledge, beware of falling down from it. Let's say there is about 10 minutes left and rathalos or rathian is dead, throw a flash bomb from the ledge on him or her, and jump down and lay out a pitfall trap, set off all ur bombs and keep slicing him/her with ur blade, u can also throw a farcaster and get the knives from the basecamp and go back again. Now u should have time left to kill the last one gratz on ur victory
i recommend devil slicer due to the higher raw damage tho

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weaponexpert  posted on Sep 08, 2009 2:03:35 PM - Report post

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i beat it. i used the pale kazien. you improve it from the gyser sword. take out the rathain first then the rathalos. bring 10mpotions, 10 mega potoins, 10 herbs, 10 blue mushrooms, 10 honey, 5 flash bombs, 10 bomb material, 10 flash bugs and book of combos 1,2,3
Poome953  posted on Sep 14, 2009 7:54:15 PM - Report post

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Hey guys don't open up old topics if they are over a month old don't post on them you will get in trouble with the mods belive me I know you can check my post count beside my name. Then check my posts under my profile I got set back bad
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