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Darkish  posted on Jan 23, 2007 9:14:47 AM - Report post

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originally posted by Narutokid

love that movie. btw, where's that verse on good works being mandatory to get to heaven? Of course, we do anyway to help our fellow man. Another thing: gimme one out of those 1k counters. btw I meant COMMUNICATING with God, which the Pope CLAIMS he has the power to stop. bull.

Ok, I understood everything you said until

"Another thing: gimme one out of those 1k counters....."

That's where it got confusing...please explain better.


Where's that verse where good works are needed to get to heaven?

For one, I said it was because of God's grace that we can enter heaven, but we need both faith and good works to answer God's call and receive the graces.

Note: Some of the following verses may or may not be in the Protestant's Bible, because of what Martin Luther did when he tore out some of the books, because they 'didn't agree' with some of his teachings.







Why? I thought you only needed faith?

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Quan-Chi  posted on Jan 23, 2007 8:01:23 PM - Report post

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"What's wrong with Protestantism? So we think we can get to God without Jesus's EARTHLY mother or confess to God without talking to some EARTHLY priest. So we think we can go straight to God by ourselves."

What's wrong with Catholocism?

By "without Jesus's EARTHLY mother" do you mean without honoring her? Without respecting her as the woman God chose to be the mother of the Son of God?
Mary is honored in Heaven. She is no more earthly than Jesus. She is certainly not divine, or as important as Jesus, and I don't claim that she is.

"some EARTHLY priest" will be in Heaven, too, (sorry-excuses excluded of course.)

What's wrong with having an EARTHLY connection to God? Priests have no power to bless the Eucharist, or forgive sins. They have the power to ask God to do so.
You can pray by yourself all you want, but God is a very busy divine being. I like to think of the priest as an express pass when it comes to Reconciliation.

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OmertaRacer  posted on Jan 24, 2007 2:56:42 AM - Report post

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NOTHING is wrong with either of them, at least in the eyes of the beholder it isnt, some people agree with you while others dont! Thats just the way it is, for Example I dissagree with all religions that suppose there is a god, that doesnt mean theres something wrong with it,that just means that I disagree to one or more persons apinion!...
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