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Locked Topic  im new
aang22  posted on Nov 26, 2006 8:16:24 PM - Report post

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i people im new can one of you tell me about cheathappens?
Pichu_OT  posted on Nov 27, 2006 12:05:31 PM - Report post

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What it do?! I am Pichu OT AKA Yung Jay Jr. Moderatin' the CheatHappens site. CheatHappens is a website completely ingulped with games. Anything u need affiliated with Games...we got it! Just come on the site search by game system, game, or even find game wallpapers to begin to personalize your computer. Thanks for coming to the CheatHappens site and I hope that u are fully acquainted with the people here. Again, I am Pichu and if u need any assistance with anything be sure to let me or any other mod. on the site know.

--Pichu OT

Cyborg  posted on Nov 27, 2006 1:12:10 PM - Report post

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Its a nice smelling site with game cheats wallpapers and a message board full of adorable people such as myself. Now if you don't mind i was attempting to entice a rouge pigeon into licking my toe nails.....
EternalSlayer  posted on Nov 27, 2006 1:25:14 PM - Report post

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...once he come to Terms with the spelling of simple words.

Now...repeat after me. "You". Again. "You".

<3 Pichu, long time no see.

Welcome to the site topic making guy.

EDIT: I hate you Cyborg....

[Edited by EternalSlayer, 11/27/2006 1:25:56 PM]

NappyHole  posted on Nov 27, 2006 1:35:51 PM - Report post

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Cyborg since when have i been a pigeon and this is your toe man i thought it was just a apple.

And ES i hate you for not liking Cyborg. (not really you know that)

And i almost forgot welcome new comer .Even tho i am some wut new myself.I am sure you will like this site i know i do.

Also 3 or 4 more days and it will be my 1 month anniversary.Wow i sound like a school girl in love.

Darkish  posted on Nov 27, 2006 3:13:02 PM - Report post

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Welcome to our humble abode!

I'm not new...6 months is long enough...

Shibby  posted on Nov 27, 2006 3:14:33 PM - Report post

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been here ages, but couldn't tell you what the heck this site's for
just float around and you'll find a spot to fit in no worries
coletheslayer  posted on Nov 27, 2006 3:20:15 PM - Report post

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Ive been here like 3 months i think.Not much people like most my topics but dont worry im smart now.Know more sasquatch.
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