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trainer-tried usual methods with no joy
Alexs-2  posted on Oct 15, 2006 4:06:57 AM - Report post

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Well for the way i see it its sorta encrypted like in age of empires 3 :\ so only pros can make a trainer for this game :P
cheatcost  posted on Oct 15, 2006 10:12:39 PM - Report post

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who knows how to get through the level "the Great Ritual"

it just seems never end

Gideon25  posted on Oct 16, 2006 2:24:40 AM - Report post

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Btw, mana and heatlth are NORMAL (not reverse)Integer 2 bytes. I pulled up more than one (like 60 or something initially on the first search) but if you narrow it down to a normal integer 2 bytes and do the sequence like D0m said it should be real quicklike. Of course on the 2nd time (sieve or filter or whatever) you SHOULD just get one. Now just to figure out Experience points..... But this one is definitely cheat protected . And tricky. Needs SoftIce but I have given up on trying to get that damn thing to run on my machine and other debuggers just don't "do it" for me :P Even with the 2nd value being the max hitpoints you can't change them and have them stick. But at least now we can freeze current Hp/mana which is basically God mode for your hero. So I guess you could just run around on the 2nd campaign map and level up your hero but the stupid skeletons have 10 piercing resistance so its SLOOOOW going, hehe. Now we need gold,experience points, HERO Damage rate, HERO Fire Rate (please make hero fire rate a seperate option), build rate and resources (if there are any in single player - I am on just the 2nd map).
ld prefer not a MAX out your hero option (with all upgrades, level 5 billion or whatever) ONLY as it would seriously suck out any of the RPG elementss in the game - although some may want that as well. One hit one kill one enemies - should be able to work as I have found that the first break on hero health effects both hero AND enemies health if you nop the SUB or the MOVs.

I wished "Cheat Engine" which is normally awesome worked for this game but the debugger won't attach to the process :/

Damios  posted on Oct 16, 2006 4:17:44 AM - Report post

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actually i used the experience cheat and it stopped at level 202, with 80 attack and the defence all 30, but your still not a god. skelletons are easy to defeat, but there are creatures that are more difficult to kill like high level creatures, and your own HP is proberly somewhere between 4000 and 5000, so it won't take long for you to die. So the RPG element still remains, but if you still want to spice it up a bit you can always play it on hard.
Gideon25  posted on Oct 16, 2006 10:29:58 AM - Report post

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Welll... I just signed up and used the EXP cheat to max myself at 202. You have HP 4000-5000 and my hp is only around 1100 mana 800 - I Choose to go another route- The Uber Fast killer. With the standard ranger bow and current artifacts I am on the 4th mission with:

NATURAL movement speed at 176 I can dodge and out run practically anything... So far.
Current attack rate/speed with Long Hunters Bow (the first one):
309 - That is literally a STREAM of arrows :P but thats not all:
Attack RANGE:

I begin attacking them with they are like 1/4 of the map away, hehe (still shaded in darkness - many are so far away they just stand there. The ones that that come at me, well I am so far away and the firing rate is SOOO fast that I can down literally 100 or so of the strongest current creatures *IF* I stand still. But with a movement speed of 176 I can get far out of thier range rinse/repeat. I imagine that even Dragons with 5000 hp + will have a BIG problem with me using these very fast VERY long range hit and run tactics. As for the Sword I just got an Elven Saber I have an attack rate of 192 - thats slashslashslashslash super fast. Damage with sword with current equipped artifacts:
Damage with arrows:
108 but remember thats with an attack rate speed of 309 (its almost like a STREAM of arrows) at a range of almost 900 doing 108 per hit. With my armor my protection for everything is in the teens.

So I focused mainly on movement speed, attack rate, 0attack distance, and damage instead of HP. Hopefully that won't kill me towards as I progress. I can take down a 1000 hp Stone Golem in about 3seconds and he doesn't have a CHANCE of even coming close to me. I just checked and had like 30 or 40 creatures with health around 200 (and mixed) - They never got even close with my "Arrow Stream." I am pretty much a "One Man Wrecking Crew" with my current stats and I will balance and increase them with the proper artifacts boosting weaknesses but NEVER sacrificing SPEED or Distance. Its cool how you can configure your own guy - right now at mission 4 (or 5) I am invincible. I can also take destroy the MAIN buildings in about 2-4 seconds with my bow from a very long way away. Strange as they are suppose to have like thousands of HPs :/ But everytime my arrow hits it strikes for like 700-800 hps on some of the buildings in a STREAM. I am not sure the game meant for someone to have 100+ damage at an attack speed of over 300- may be a bug or something.

My guy is a berserker killer, BIG TIME that can dodge just about any spell and strike out of range from anything else - I just have to use the right tactics. Hopefully this current configuration won't kill me in the later game- I doubt it considering how fast I can waste buildings - and just the sheer speed and attack speeds mixed with some major Damage - I tough a berserker shrine and watch out! I have two berserker rings on as well, heh. Wonder what better artifacts are in store for me? Mixed with the right spells, this guy * I Think* has the right stuff - he just has to KEEP moving and throw up cannon fodder while his severe hit and run tactics lay waste to entire hordes in seconds. What do you think?

Damios  posted on Oct 17, 2006 12:44:47 AM - Report post

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Awesome, that is indeed one way to go. Mine has only like a 110 movement speed and 100 attack rate, depending on the armor, but i also have an 900 distance rate. I just take my strongest bow, kill as many as i can and then start chopping them down with the sword, but i use the spells and potions most of all, like extra damage, more speed and + 100% attack rate. Mine is more like a ranger/druid, and yours more like a ranger warrior. I Do like the way the game offers directions for a person to grow. So it is most definetly not a bad game, i just hope that the sylvan campaign is not the only one, because that would suck, especially since there are four races.
dave11674  posted on Oct 17, 2006 8:11:35 AM - Report post

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whats the exp cheat then ?
ive found the exp address but it dont seem to do anythign if u up your exp level ?!?!


Damios  posted on Oct 17, 2006 9:43:38 AM - Report post

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Well just look on the cheat page and there is the cheat as for the number to type after the cheat just use like 10000000 and then the exp should be added and what it changes is next to the attack button you can see small squares appearing, each with a different ability and this is what makes you level up on all the different area's, if you select the square of your choice
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