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trainer-tried usual methods with no joy
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    Kaizer posted on Oct 17, 2006 12:45:10 PM - Report post
    Sorry if it's out of topic but I want to know what game is it?
    It's good game ???
    What the genre of this game ?
    Thanks !!!
    Deutschland Reich !!!
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    Gideon25 posted on Oct 17, 2006 2:06:44 PM - Report post

    Game rankings, MAN, come one! Its kindof like Warlords Battlecry - an rts ( a difficult rts, btw) with a Hero character that gets upgraded in RPG style. Played Warcraft 3 or Warlords Battlecry II? However, it sucks real bad that there is only ONE campaign and only ONE truly playable faction (the elves) when compared to something like Warcraft III which was awesome. They are likely to milk it with add-ones for an undead/demon/dwarve campaign. I DO LIKE the old school hand drawn artwork in some of the cutscenes - VERY cool. Hell, by the time the trainer rolls around I will be done with this one and on to the next game :/ I would like the instant build/resources option - the game DRAGGGGSSSSS in its rts style when upgrading units - I HATE that - I like instant gratification and it can be EXTREMELY difficult -
    no tutorial either. But I still like it. Will finish it up today probably but it takes time to clear each map. I don't see much replay value since its just ONE race/campaign and just one Hero.

    Anybody else here like the Hand drwan comic book style cutscenes? Anybody watching that new show on tv "Heroes" check it out, its new but I am digging it
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    Gideon25 posted on Oct 17, 2006 7:04:08 PM - Report post
    Btw, you can also apply the experience cheat to LANA and level her up to 202 and you can also buy spells, potions and equipment for her or drop your equipment and equip her. Unfortunately, she won't USE the bow or the sword, just that crappy staff. Equiping a SWORD to her gives her no bonuses but equiping her with a BOW gives her the bonuses of that weapon (even though she does not use it). Btw, what is available for her to buy is different than what is avalable for you to buy at the artifacts shop. So be sure to use your main character if you want to buy a bow for her because if you use her the bow won't be available for purchase. Buy the bow, drop it, then have Lana pick it up and equip her. Just gave her Whalbone after boning her..erm, anyway it added 10 to her damage (but not range because she does not actually use the bow.)

    Buying up the best spells for her make you two may a KILLER duo both maxed at 202. I would focus her upgrades more on health and restoration, DEFENSE, attack rate (only up to about 80 as you can give her artifacts that boost it up), and movement speed (only up to about 80 then artifacts) as attack range doesn't help her that much (just get it up to about 60) and of course mana and mana restoration for those spells, but focus more on health and health restoration than mana. Since she is a pure melee fighter (close range) defense and offense in attack is important. Those seedlings at level 202, having her equipped with spell power boosting stuff makes those seedlings pretty strong. Anyway you get the idea
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    Gideon25 posted on Oct 17, 2006 7:09:46 PM - Report post
    Oh, and I bought for her 19 potions of agility and 19 potions of
    restoration elixer - good mix :P
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    groovyjaxx posted on Oct 27, 2006 7:34:47 PM - Report post
    First, i think this game sucks bigtime. Mostly because i cant get by this level that im at. I dont remember what its called, but it starts with your hero and 6 pikemen. And u have a map full with enemies. And how much i try i still die. How the **** are u gonna get past all theese armies with 6 pikes and a hero that sucks bigtime so early in the game.
    And about the cheats, I can get the money cheat to work. But thats about it. i cant get the exp to work.
    One more thing, judging by what ive read, u should be able to upgrade your hero or something when he gains a lvl. But i cant. I dunno if its a bug or if u cant change anything and the games fix that it self.
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    jkvfjksdf posted on Nov 16, 2006 7:16:56 AM - Report post
    Actually . . . there is ONE thing you can make work with CheatEngine, and probably any other trainer. Current level - you can find it in Cheat Engine, and change it successfully. It won't give you more upgrades by raising your level . . . but after hitting the 202-level cieling, you can LOWER your level to get yet more upgrade by levelling up, either normally, or with the experience cheat.

    And Jaxx . . . did you use INVIO first, to activate cheats? Did you note that all cheats are case-sensitive? 'givemoney 100' won't work, but 'GiveMoney 100' will. No quotes, of course.

    And finally, Jaxx, gaining levels isn't always easily noticable, but when your hero is selected, and he's gained levels, you should notice a few little squares in the lower left corner of your screen, offering you upgrades apparently at random. That's levelling up. Kind of lame, isn't it?

    I've only played the demo, so I can't give you any more than that. Hope it helps.
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