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Unlimited Gold Quite Limited
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    Darsint posted on Jul 20, 2006 4:38:08 PM - Report post
    The trainer is awesome, aside from one thing: The unlimited gold is limited to 999,999! I am currently playing on Legendary mode, and had 13,000,000 gold BEFORE using the trainer. There was a cool necklace for sale for 28M so I figured I'd try the gold trainer, and now I have LESS money by about 12M! Please make the unlimited gold support higher amounts.

    One other suggestion: Some items come with attributes that boost experience levels... I'd love to see a trainer option that enabled "1000x Experience Gain". That way I'd feel like I was doing some amount of work for my XP, even if it's not much.
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    Send a message to PWizard
    PWizard posted on Jul 20, 2006 5:34:08 PM - Report post
    Thanks for the feedback Darsint.

    We will look into your suggestions for the next version of the trainer which will support the next patch level of the game. We already have some new options added such as DUPE ITEM that I'm sure everyone will love.

    If anyone else has suggestions for the next version, feel free to post them here.

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    Send a message to triggah
    triggah posted on Jul 23, 2006 1:17:58 PM - Report post
    hey, ur trainer is the best one out there, but i got 1
    problem now, i only wanted 2 use the unlimited gold and the
    item require cleaner but accidently (it was at night and i
    couldnt c my keyboard) i pressed the "infinite attributes"
    key and theres no way to undo that, i would be veeeeeeeeery
    thankfull if u could make it possible to undo that, so my
    attribute points will go back to 0.. playd long time with my
    char now and usually i wanted to complete the game with the
    usual attribute & skillpoints u know..

    thanks in advance and sorry 4 the bad english, im german

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    wacky_wacky posted on Aug 07, 2006 11:16:26 AM - Report post
    i recommend to make a option to find in every crate legendery items or you have all ready put it in the new trainer?

    [Edited by wacky_wacky, 8/7/2006 11:19:06 AM]
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