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skorm's bow
Spartian117  posted on Feb 09, 2006 4:20:58 PM - Report post

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i need to know how to get skorms bow from the chapel of skorm? and could someone tell me where all the sliver keys are

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Demonic_Angel  posted on Feb 12, 2006 10:07:45 AM - Report post

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I found quick way to get it: Go to the temple of skorm with the merc from the bandit camp. Then if you are 100% good sacrifce him at 6:00 a.m. if your 100% bad: 6:00 p.m. if your Neutral 12:00 a.m. 1/2 bad 9:00 p.m. ECT. ((i was 100% good when i got it))
Arzinium  posted on Feb 17, 2006 1:58:04 AM - Report post

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Seriously, if you are more good than evil then sacrifice a trader bang on midnight (when the dark part of the clock is exactly halfway over the light side) and i got about 413 evil point and he said something like: "Your craving for evil is satisfying. You will go far" and he always says that when he is going to give you the bow.
Arzinium  posted on Feb 17, 2006 2:27:50 AM - Report post

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Silver Key Locations

1) Lookout Point
Hack through the thorny bushes near the statue in Lookout Point to reveal a thin path that leads to the first silver key.

2) Bowerstone South
You can find the second silver key on the balcony of the Bowerstone South clothing shop.

3) Fisher Creek
Use your fishing pole at one of the many fishing spots on the north side of the map (by the treasure chest) to hook the third silver key.

4) Guild Woods
Once you get your fishing pole, return to Guild Woods and use it at the spot where you stood to fire at the bandits before your graduation.
5) Greatwood Lake
This one's easy. Just head up toward the broken bridge at the north part of the Greatwood Lake map.

6) Orchard Farm
Fish from the pier at the far east end of the map to pull up the Orchard Farm silver key.

7) Rose Cottage
Use your spade to dig up a key in a patch of dirt lined by red flowers in Grandma's backyard at the west end of this map.

8) Hobbe Cave
You'll find a ring of mushrooms near the north end of the Focus Chamber map of Hobbe Cave, where you fought the nymph boss. Use your spade to dig up a key there

9) Darkwood Lake
There's a strange spire with a hole near the top in the middle of Darkwood Lake. Put an arrow through that hole to dislodge a silver key.

10) Ancient Cullis Gate
You can hook the 10th silver key by fishing off the edge of the bridge at the west end of Darkwood's Ancient Cullis Gate map.

11) Grey House
You can fish up a silver key in the pond at the northeast end of the Grey House area near the Demon Door.

12) Oakvale
You can dig up both a silver key and an obsidian greataxe as part of the treasure buried by the ghost pirate in the Oakvale cemetery.

13) Twinblade's Camp
If you cross the shallow pond on the south side of the camp, you'll find a small plot of land with a treasure chest and several barrels. Dig between them to unearth a silver key.

14) Witchwood Stones
Fish up a silver key in the pond to your left (across from the Demon Door) as you enter Witchwood Stones from the south.

15) Witchwood Lake
As you enter this area from the west, you'll see a statue lit by a red glow to your left. Use your spade there to did up the silver key.

16) Knothole Glade
If you use your spade in a ring of plants between the homes in the southern part of Knothole Glade, you can dig up another silver key.

17) Windmill Hill
You'll find a flower-lined mound, where you can dig up one of the two keys in this area in the garden by the small farmhouse on the west side of Windmill Hill.

18) Windmill Hill
The other Windmill Hill silver key is located behind the windmill. You can dig it up from a similar flower-lined ring of dirt.

19) Headsman's Hill
As part of the mayor's invitation quest, you'll battle Thunder at Headsman's Hill. During the duel, you'll fall to a smaller area of the map, where you can fish up a silver key from a pond.

20) Bowerstone Manor
Marrying Lady Grey is the only way to get access to Bowerstone Manor in Bowerstone North. When you do, you'll find a silver key by searching the lady's bed.

21) Lychfield Graveyard
There are three keys in this area. One can be found in a crypt in the south-central part of the map, buried with the corpse.

22) Lychfield Graveyard
The second key is buried in a grave right outside of the crypt where you found silver key No. 21.

23) Lychfield Graveyard
You can fish up the third Lychfield Graveyard key from the stream just through the gates and west of the grave keeper's shack.

24) Cliffside Path
You'll find another spot to dig up a buried silver key in the hill at the north end of this map, past the underground tunnel.

25) Hook Coast
Break into the lighthouse in Hook Coast by picking the lock or smashing down the door. You'll find the final silver key in a ground-floor cabinet.

and that's all the silver key locations

i never want to type that much again

Fluffybuckets  posted on Jun 03, 2007 1:21:19 AM - Report post

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what if that dont work
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