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January 13, 2009
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Most people wonder, after you have completed the game can you continue?. You can just by watching the credits and after ten or fifteen minutes the credits will stop and you will appear infront of the Bronze Gate. If you choosed to put the mask on or not you will still continue the game. At the guild, any secondary quests not completed will still be there so there is still quests to do. Incase you want to improve your skills travel to the cliffside path where undead warriors will continue to recarnate unless you leave the area.

Legendary weapon: Orkons mace:

When you start towards snowspire village, you will find a lake wiht frozen zombies in it. Kill them ( you dont have to) and wander around the lake until you come across a treasure chest. Open it to find orkons mace. It's not the strongest weapon in the world but its very small and fun to use.
(supplied by: the_great_one)


This is a cheat but a hint, you can continue the game after the final wearing jack's mask or not. To do this defeat jack of blades (dragon form) then u will absorb his soul into his mask then the dead dude will warn u to throw it away but to wear it listen to the mask and the dead dude talking after he puts the msk on and jack will start talking then watch the credits, but be warned you can't take it off again but you can also continue the game without put on the mask. Repeat 1st step then just throw away mask.
(supplied by: DenomicDemon)

Easy way of getting a lot of money fast:

Go to Oakvale when you have a large sum of money, say 20,000 bucks. The trader there has 44 emeralds (when they're in full stock) What you do is buy all of them (for about 250 a piece) and then go back and sell them that same instant! You dont even have to leave. Since he has none of them, he will buy them back for about 700 a piece, gaining you a 350 dollar profit for each emerald. Ive gained up to 250,000 bucks from doing this for five to ten minutes. This works with other items and traders. You just have to make sure that you buy the entire lot and sell the entire lot. Supply and Demand, its a beautiful thing.
(supplied by: sketch)

Quick gold:

To get quick gold buy a house (with a trophy case(s).) Then put your trophy or trophies on the trophy case(s). Then sell the house. After that bust open the doors and take you trophy or trophies down. Do this over and over until you get the amount of gold you want. Hint: You might get fined for breaking the door.
(supplied by: neardeath)
You can break the door while you still own it and not be fined.
(supplied by: the_red_knight)


First you need about 20,000 gold. Then go to Oakvael, wait untill night, go to a house and bash the door in. Kill the people living there. A note will come up 'A house has just been available to buy'. Buy the house and then rent it out. Do this with every house in Oakvael but wach out not to be caught or else the guards will throw you out of town. Then you wait about 3 days and people starts to live in the houses again, wait around 3 more days and you can collect the rent. If you got all the houses it should be around 20,000 gold each time. You will get 'evil points' for killing the villagers but it's worth it.
(supplied by: samanoske)

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