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The Kracken
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    Rubion posted on Jan 31, 2006 11:02:53 AM - Report post
    Ok I cant beat this stupid octopus.

    What Djin should I use, or what attacks.
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    ZERO_14 posted on May 05, 2006 4:50:17 PM - Report post
    I know what u r going through Rubion, but i did beat Krakan after a couple of times. so ill tell ya how i did it. what you should do is put all Djinn on standby except for Luff if you have it, in battle summon everyones djinn combo except Ivans,on his turn use Bind or Luff and hope octomorons psynergy is sealed so he cant use ply to heal himself.on the next turn have everyone use a normal attack.*the third turn use your recovered djinn and if needed use Mia's wish psynergy or unleash the Spritz djinn.keep using your djinn right after they recover until all of them are on standby and then make sure you heal everyone and then summon all djinn combos.

    *this battle is easier if everyone has a weopon that unleashes a special attack.(eg.witches wand unleashes stun voltage etc.)
    NOTE:Make sure you have at least 3 Djinn for each player and bring lots of Water of Life.

    If this doesnt help...well just dont shoot the messenger,haha
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    kpenfold posted on Mar 06, 2008 9:45:15 PM - Report post
    Mia's wish psynergy and unleashing djiin summons while keeping ur health up works... oh yeah... calling the grim reaper on him works for an instant KO!
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