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Design GTA 4-reply to first message
Tom2cool4u  posted on Aug 30, 2005 2:11:48 PM - Report post

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originally posted by Gamechick

i dont know about the load the game in underwear cause that would get old real quick and really annoying

LOL oh yeah and the elevators should work....and you can pull cars with a rope if they break down yes i said break down at any giving moment if there is no gas in the car it should break down

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Gamechick  posted on Sep 03, 2005 9:25:01 AM - Report post

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i dont think many people would enjoy filling gas in cars they dont even own, sorry
Gamechick  posted on Sep 03, 2005 9:26:39 AM - Report post

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- Giant area with four cities
- Liberty City, Vice City, San Andreas, and Carser City divided by an ocean
- Liberty City should have updated graphics and interactive interiors like San Andreas
- Vice City should have updated graphics and interactive interiors like San Andreas
- Liberty City and Vice City should have every other properties that were new for San Andreas
- Dry docks are actually used by ships sometimes
- Cranes at the docks actually load and unload the ships
- Work is actually done at construction sites (they just sit there all empty, that’s pathetic and a waste of space)
- Planes actually land and take off at the airport (not fake planes like in GTA 3, real ones)
- More realistic marine life, sharks and gators in some areas
- Underwater car and train tunnels connect the cities as well as bridges and passenger jet flights
- All buildings should have interactive interiors
- Everything should be destroyable
- More pedestrians (adults and children), pedestrians have dogs and cats
- More styles of pedestrians
- Easier to find gangsters to start a gang war
- Zoo, Amusement parks, Schools, Banks, Water Parks, etc. (animals in zoos, kids in schools, working rides at parks)
- Smarter pedestrians (they shouldn’t jump in front of your car or run around like idiots when you fly over them)
- Smarter drivers (no more left turns from right lane or right turns from left lane)

- San Andreas quality or better (vice city is too bright and fake, GTA 3 is too crappy)
- Improve characters hands

- All vehicles from every GTA so far
- Add these (don’t replace anything with them, just add them):
o 2000 Honda Civic Coupe Si
o 2005 Toyota Sienna
o 2005 Ford F-150 Lariat
o 2006 Shelby Cobra Mustang GT500
o 2005 Hummer H2
o 1999 Nissan Skyline R34 GTR
o Lamborghini Murcielago
o Coach size RV
o Firefighter boats (respond to fires close to the water)
o Airport Fire Trucks (nothing else responds to airport fires except these)
o DFT-30 size Road Dump Truck with functional dumper
o Mobile Crane with functional boom and stabilizers
o Excavator with functional boom and scoop
o Front end loader with functional scoop
o Steam Roller
o Fire Truck with functional ladder
o Car Carrier Trailer with functional ramp like the Packer
o Giant Farm Tractor
o Flatbed trailer with functional loading ramp
o Heavy Duty tow truck with functional lifter
o Hercules Military cargo plane with functional loading bay
o Some muscle cars from Midnight Club 3 DUB edition (Impala, GTO, Charger, etc.)
o Some luxury cars from Midnight Club 3 DUB edition (300C, CL500, GS430, etc.)
o Some SUV’s/Trucks from Midnight Club 3 DUB edition (Escalade EXT, G500, Ram SRT-10, etc.)
- All trailers functional and detachable
- Tow truck missions
- Securicar missions
- Cargo ships should actually dock, unload, undock, load, and cruise the ocean
- More realistic explosions (frame breaks apart, not just sit there all black)
- More realistic crashes, parts fall off vehicles to easily, vehicles should crumple like real vehicles
- Radios in emergency vehicles
- Shop that sells armor for vehicles(doors, windows, panels, tires separately)
- Performance shops
- Underglow, window tint, other parts from DUB edition at mod shops
- Baggage trailers, plane ladders and other none gas operated vehicles shouldn’t blow up, there’s nothing to cause the explosion
- Store selling luxury car/SUV parts (DUB rims, hydraulics, air ride, spinners, etc)
- Tow trucks driving in traffic should be pulling cars with random levels of damage sometimes
- When cars get in accidents the emergency services are called and the accident is treated like in real life
- Tanker trailers can leak and catch fire or explode if something lights the oil on fire
- Trucks actually pull trailers sometimes
- Vans should have sliding rear doors
- Parachute into convertibles and get in drivers seat or throw driver out

Gamechick  posted on Sep 03, 2005 9:28:50 AM - Report post

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- Break vehicle windows, reach in and unlock door and get in
- Vehicles get dirty, war washes clean the vehicles
- Some vehicles should be tricked out with parts from wheel arch angels
- Hydra jet has wing mounted machine guns
- Hunter helicopter has heat seeker rockets and lock-on

Game play Elements:
- Throw grenades backwards in drive-by and explode on impact
- Gang wars and territory in every part of the city
- More buyable properties vice city style (print works, car dealership, etc.)
- Take your gang members and buy weapons for them at ammunition for gang wars
- Don’t make the police any rougher
- Get rid of blue radar blips
- Realistic ground (able to dig it, blow it up, damage with vehicle tracks, etc)
- Pedestrians don’t jump in front of your vehicle and get killed
- All buildings should be able to take damage
- Bigger military presence (convoys, jets patrol sky, boats patrol water, bigger bases with airstrips, convoys and flights between each base regularly)
- No restrictions on going in airport at start of game (if you go to the other cities you get 4 stars anyways)
- Buildings should catch fire and the fire department gets called to put the fire out
- Fire department responds to calls besides when you put things on fire
- Ambulance responds to other calls besides when you kill people
- Fire department, Ambulance and police take real time to get to emergencies (now they just show up out of nowhere, that’s ridiculous)
- When you enter an army base the soldiers shouldn’t show up out of nowhere since there aren’t any soldiers in the base when your outside it
- Other people in the game should rob and murder people and the police make crime scenes and investigate
- Should be able to design your character (gender, skin colour, body features, etc)
- You should be able to do things on commercial flights (walk around inside plane, kill people, etc.)
- Camera mode option for vehicle where you can see inside vehicle
- Save game through start menu
- Elevators in buildings should always work, not just in missions

- All weapons from every GTA so far
- Silencers available at ammunition for all handguns, machine pistols, and assault rifles
- Only buy guns once for full price
- Ammo bought separately if you already have the gun
- Ammo costs less than gun
- Sounds of firing weapons should be more realistic
- Bullet holes in things you shoot
- Body armor is visible over characters clothes
- Special HALO© style armor available for a high price
- Longer barrel on sniper rifle for farther range and projectile stability
- Paintball guns
- Land Mines
- Weapons damage everything and anything in the game
- Vehicle weapons from GTA 2 (vehicle mounted fully-automatic machine pistols, oil slicks, rear deploying land mines)

- Natural Disasters (tornados, hurricanes, floods, tsunamis, forest fires, earthquakes, blizzards, etc)
- Earthquakes should destroy buildings, crack ground and everything real earthquakes cause
- All other disasters should do realistic damage
- Seasons come and go (summer, fall, spring, winter)
- Snows in winter
- Rains in other seasons
- Frost in fall
- When it rains water flows downhill even through tunnels that go downhill and low areas fill with water just like real life
- When it rains you can see lightning and it even strikes random places and possibly the player
- Tides should change from low to high game day

- All vehicles except heavy duty ones should be modifiable at trans fender
- Street racers also modifiable at wheel arch angels
- Off-roaders also modifiable at an off-road shop

Bonus Missions:
- Weapons at hideout for every 10 collection items found
- Bring rampages back
- Bring hidden packages back
- Bring RC bomb missions from GTA 3 back
- All unique jumps should be possible with all sport bikes (NRG 500, FCR 900, etc.)
- Multiplayer split screen instead of single, infinite distance between players

Gamechick  posted on Sep 03, 2005 9:30:54 AM - Report post

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- Multiplayer icons more available, 2nd player can enter cheats
- Fire fighter missions – you drive the your truck, other trucks follow you with police cars and ambulances, fires on buildings instead of cars, other firefighters help put out fire, only one level is available every game day, longer time limits

- Multiplayer option for storyline missions
- No more weapons restrictions (no more only letting you use a knife because you are going to get caught eventually anyways)
- No more unneeded vehicle restrictions (no more “get in the plane at the end of the runway” because those are always the slow dumb planes)

- Invisible mode

100% Completion
- 200 health and armor
- Infinite ammo
- Double health for all vehicles the player is in
- Choice to redo any story mission of choice


i think we have enough ideas now

now im gonna try and get this to rockstar, can everyone please post this on any other forums and if they know how to contact rockstar games tell me please

Andrew831  posted on Nov 09, 2005 1:14:53 PM - Report post

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i think u can at privacypolicy@take2games.com -also i would like to add sunroofs on car and let us sit in any seat we want istead of makin us sit in the driver seat also hide from people in the car.iand let us shoot out the sunroof. -There should be more clothes too.
-shold be on xbox live
-shold let use use skateboards,skates
-let us wear swimming gear so we can stay under longer
-create our own ppl,homes and cars

[Edited by Andrew831, 11/9/2005 1:38:40 PM]

Andrew831  posted on Nov 10, 2005 1:12:28 PM - Report post

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also cars should run out of gas and u should be able to fill the car tanks
zack_attack  posted on Dec 20, 2005 11:39:35 AM - Report post

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maybe a futuristic mafia setting may be cool?
I've had many thoughts about this and i'm still thinking, there is ton they could do lets just hope for the best, I will think of more and post here. (i also made a board like this on the ps2 one by acident before I saw this one)!
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