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  Tainted Grail The Fall of Avalon Trainer
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    Caliber posted on May 30, 2024 10:53:08 AM - Report post
    Couple things

    game patching every day

    game is 1.5 years old and still in low level early access beta stage..

    game update has changed nearly everything. It's like starting over. Complete rewrite.

    game had very little trainer usage of last trainer posted, so it's not some super popular game.

    We are working on it today, but no ETA, and maybe it takes several days to update

    Trainer Creator
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    DJLethalDosge posted on Jun 04, 2024 9:00:28 PM - Report post
    Hello and thanks for the superb trainer as always. The game is Awesome and the trainer is a huge +, just a small issue I found today, everything was working fine yesterday, but today the Unlimited HP seems to activate, but must not be working because if I get hit by anything, weapon, Arrow, etc. im dead... Now I checked on the games page and it looks as though a game patch/update was done on the 29th of May and this Trainer was updated on the 30th so I dont think its because the game updated on me. Any Idea on a fix or if I need to use Cosmos to hack the HP myself everytime I exit and enter the game thats fine too just so I have a work around this issue please.
    P.S. I know the game was updating a lot in the past and also I just got the game the other day, so im not rushing or anything, I really appreciate what you guys do so take your time!
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    Emperor Theoden posted on Jun 05, 2024 5:58:39 PM - Report post
    If your saved game was created before the patch then you may have to start a new game and if it was after then not sure, sometimes creating a save file before a patch may not always work even with the update.

    Since the game has been rewriten theres alot of things that we're unsure if it works.

    [Edited by Emperor Theoden, 6/5/2024 5:59:19 PM]
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