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  Game is unplayable.
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    Imancipation posted on Aug 14, 2020 3:31:29 PM - Report post
    I've had no problems playing the game... After updating the Nvidia drivers, that is.
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    ubronan posted on Oct 05, 2020 5:24:38 AM - Report post
    I am running the game for many hours already.
    My system Asrock Z390 Phantom Gaming X
    CPU : 8700 K at stock setings max boost this far 4.6 single core.
    Storage 512 Gb Plextor PX-512M8PeG nvme ssd+ 2x480 Gb ssd in raid 0 game storage
    GPu Asrock 5700XT Taichi OC+

    Game runs in 1440P
    shadows, Reflections And Clouds at medium
    AA on FXAA
    the rest of the settings on : Ultra

    The only problem i detect is that some functions of the trainer seem to fail after 1.05 update. The game runs as smooth as baby bottoms.
    Its funny that my mate was getting angry because on his GTX 2080 super it does not run so smooth i actually am going to try to up the AA settings soon.
    But it runs so darn smooth and looks impressive already that i actually do not expect it to look better when switching the AA settings higher.
    We compared our systems and had to admit that on my pc the game looked much better and smoother. But thats ofcourse only if see them side by side.
    So his 4K monitor looks kinda more blurry and on my dell 2720DC it looks brighter more vibrant.
    The problem i detected has todo with drops of heavy weapons when using the trainer when playing longer periods of time the heavy multishooter weapons start failing to shoot at all, it looks like they shoot but there is nothing coming out of the barrels like the ice cannon things and such. I actually got stuck on a quest because the character which should the webs in the factory could not destroy the web its part of the storyline that the 2 people coming with you need to do things as well.
    The other problem i detected is that when i for instance want to change the value of storage space in the inventory it disappears suddenly so i lost alot of just bought weapon addons which had ahigh value after alot of buy and chekc if they where any good. I used a jump to the main town and when i took the time to change the current loaded weapon addons all the slots above 70 where gone.
    The same happened on the basic stuff i had found that when it also suddenly jumps back at the same amount it was at, however i do not know when it jumped back to the game its old settings. Because this time i was just collecting needed items especially since i constant burn alot of arrows
    Thats the 3th problem i detected i have for instance a very good precicion bow which makes kinda pretty darn good damage but all of a sudden its starts missing almost every shot i want to make.
    The only solution is to stop the trainer and save and close the game and restart them from scratch... again it seems this happened after the update to 1.05

    [Edited by ubronan, 10/5/2020 5:26:11 AM]
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    bigred411 posted on Sep 17, 2021 8:32:05 AM - Report post
    Ya this is not playable for me. I spent hours doing all the work arounds trying to get this now to crash every few minuets. I have a new system with Ryzen 7 with 32GB of ram. Just have to hope they patch it one of these days.
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    Jaks posted on Sep 17, 2021 4:07:40 PM - Report post
    Ran fine for me.

    2080 Super
    32GB RAM
    Played on a 2TB SSD

    Was using a 30" 60Hz monitor at the time though now using 34" 120Hz Monitor.

    When I got up today everything in my house had been stolen and replaced with exact replicas.
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