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Finding games
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    AlexSargon posted on Oct 29, 2018 7:54:15 AM - Report post
    Had an idea for a feature you might add to the trainer manager. I have a lot of games. Many of which I purchase, install, play for a while, uninstall, and then forget about. Or I install them and don't play them for whatever reason, but they're still on a drive somewhere.

    Many of the games I abandon are due to difficulty progressing past a certain point. I'm not a youngster anymore, and I don't have the coordination, patience or time to manage some aspects of gameplay these days. I want a easy way to get through the story of games I find interesting.

    That's why I use trainers like yours, in general, and why I got the lifetime membership to CheatHappens, specifically. You guys are great!

    My idea would be for the trainer manager to be able to search for games installed on my different drives, and see if there are trainers for them available to download. Heck, it would be amazing if I could link my Steam/Origin/Uplay accounts and have TM see if I have games in my libraries that *aren't* installed and match them with the appropriate trainers!

    Just an idea, but if I don't share it, I'll never know if it's possible or not.

    Thanks for the great work you have all put in over the years!
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    B4Marc posted on Oct 29, 2018 9:20:11 AM - Report post
    Cool 😍
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    Drazala posted on Dec 03, 2018 12:39:15 AM - Report post
    I would like to be able to link my Origin, Steam, Uplay accounts to my account here if it is something that is possible.
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    Caliber posted on Dec 03, 2018 7:56:33 AM - Report post
    We are looking into this.

    The TM was designed to look like it does and the real estate of the TM layout for the GUI it has is kind of locked. So this may be something that we do but have to incorporate into TM version 2.0, which is planned down the pike, and likely will involve a radical change in the layout of the GUI of the TM, as well as how it links to the website.

    We either need to decide if we want it to be games installed centric, or website centric, or try to have a dual app that has a web-window section, then a games/trainers window section.

    This stuff is under consideration and we are planning and brainstorming upcoming trainer templates and trainer manager app, and big things for the site.

    Thank you for your suggestion, it's a good idea, and one that the trainer/coder guys here have discussed and have looked at the registry and way that many game portal/providers such as steam keep up with all their installs. I doubt we will be able to 'find' random installs of games that aren't using the top portals (i.e. steam, origin, etc.) and windows store installs can be walled off in such a way and named bizarely that this might be hard to work out for a significant amount of game installs. But it's surely a good idea. We may even be able to launch games from the TM and whatnot, etc.

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