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  TM option request leave readme file
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    Dave3d posted on Jan 13, 2018 8:03:38 PM - Report post
    Been using TM more and more lately, but I have a feature request, I dont see it in the Options, for being able to have the ReadMe.txt file left in the trainer folder?
    Actually, I think this is a 2 part request, since the trainer manager does NOT leave a folder with the Trainer slash game name in it.
    Before I stared using TM, I just downloaded the trainer to my trainer folder with the full name of the game dot zip, and unzipped it to same name folder.
    I could then use the readme to see what was going on, as I can set the FONT to very high, so I can actually read it. Yes, bad eyes.
    Well, I KNOW there is a readme when I launch the trainer now. Well, not a real readme, but a list of the keys that do what.
    But, I cant read the thing, its too small of lettering.

    So, is there a way to have the trainer do what I used to do, the old way, in saving the file as a zip file, THEN extract it to the same named folder, and leave the Readme in the, probably empty, folder?
    So I can have my old man font readme in there?


    Also, most of my trainers I am downloading through TM do NOT get linked to the trainer site, and are just blank gray pages?
    Funnily, the ones I downloaded my self were converted somehow by the TM and have pages that show the game image, instead of gray square.
    I think this may be because I have my TM folder, and Trainers, on the Desktop.
    Others using the TM outside of the stock TM folder seem to have issues also, so I am thinking that this is probably the issue. Well, that combined with having lots of trainers downloaded by had to a non-default TM location, then having TM download from now on.
    Sometimes I can get the TM to link to the correct trainer site, and sometimes I cant. Its hit and miss.
    Thanks again, didnt want to make 2 posts, sorry if that was bad of me.
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    CyPHeR369 posted on Jan 13, 2018 8:28:51 PM - Report post
    On the file download prompt where it says to Save, Open or Cancel. You would press Open and then hit the Extract To button on your unzipping program and pick the trainer folder, it should then put both trainer and readme.txt into it with the option to over-write if files already exist.
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    Dave3d posted on Jan 13, 2018 9:21:05 PM - Report post
    This is made harder by having a trial version of Winrar.
    And, I guess I just need to re-download everything through the TM, as I try to save to a file, and I have to manually look at what that file name is to make the same filename, so I guess I should just have it the default name it downloads with to stop having to overwrite?
    But them I dont know what fo4, or w2c, or whatever the default name is, so I always use the whole game name, sigh.
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    B4Marc posted on Jan 14, 2018 12:33:19 AM - Report post
    I'm using the free 7-Zip, works great!

    I got bad eyesight also and have/need to enhance the text file to be able to see it properly, like black background with colored lettering and increased font size then saved as Open Document text (.odt)

    The way I'm going with TM is as follow (lengthy but safe):

    1) Create a file named Games

    2) White-list it in your antivirus

    3) Create a Downloads folder (also white-listed)

    4) Put TM in its own folder in the Games folder

    5) Copy the name of the game with version number (from CH), paste it in
    a new folder in the Games folder

    6) Download the trainer in the new Downloads folder

    7) Unzip the trainer in its own freshly made folder in the Games folder

    8) Put the trainer executable under administrative rights

    9) Copy/paste the trainer into the TM folder

    The only trainers that won't show a proper name in TM are the older ones, those without the numbers in front, just rename them.

    True, I'm using TM only to show me the outdated trainers, as the logging is tedious (i.e. not automatic compared to the browser)

    I'm pretty sure someone will come with an easier/better way to do it, but this works great for me...and my multiple disabilities 😵
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    Dave3d posted on Jan 14, 2018 10:59:48 AM - Report post
    Yeah, thats exactly like the old way, except we still have to launch TM also, so an extra step.
    I like the TM, but it is very limited right now, and more of a hassle than what its worth, EXCEPT the feature telling you there is a new version available.
    Sorry CH employees, I am not trying to 'ding' you or anything, and I know the TM will get updated, bvut what with it not staying logged in, and not being big enough font, and not DL'ing new trainers, or only dl'ing the new new trainers that are compatible with it, it seems better to just go without it until such a time as the trainers catch up with the manager, or the manager gets updated.
    I am sure its great for some people, but us older people its kinda still better to check the website once in a while and download seperately.
    NOTE: I have the TM in the same folder as the trainers, thats the only difference than the above poster.
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    PWizard posted on Jan 14, 2018 11:24:38 AM - Report post
    Ok then.
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