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How to get all inks / locations
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    Drexel posted on Dec 24, 2017 6:54:14 PM - Report post
    white ink - craft it by using black flower,white flower,nightvigor flower,sand flower & hightop bloom.

    Bright Blue Ink - flotsam drop just fish until you get 5 flotsam use cosmos to turn the 5 flotsam into 999 flotsam by scanning 5 use 1 scan 4 use 1 scan 3 until you get 1 code from cosmos to turn it into 999 then just open the 999 flotsam until you get Bright Blue Ink.

    Dark Red Ink - pirate drop just kill pirates until they drop it one of the easy inks to get you prob already have it.

    Dark Blue Ink - you get from silver chests on battlemaster islands. One location this ink is at is 40.0 E 17.9 N

    Bright Red Ink - Found behind merchants desk look at salt wiki to see picture. What has that salt wiki does not have atm is a location of the innkeeper that has it. That location is 139 W 118 N. A 2nd location is 6 E 8 N

    Orange ink - Can be bought from merchants a location I have is at 214.5 W 139.6 N. A 2nd location is at 14.6 E 9.4 N

    Dark Green Ink - found in jungle statues a jungle statue that had it was at 305.7 W 111.3 N. A 2nd location is at 48.8 E 35.9 N.

    Dark Guardian Blood Ink - salt wiki does not let you know how to get this ink but common sense lets you know it is a dark guardian drop. An altar that you can place the heart on and use the dagger to summon the dark guardian can be found at 309 W 114 N. A 2nd location is at 32.1 E 30.8 N

    [Edited by Drexel, 1/7/2018 2:26:00 PM]
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