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Avernum Escape from the Pit Cheats
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    3dsmax posted on Mar 04, 2017 9:37:51 AM - Report post
    Hi guys,

    I am not sure if the following has already been mentioned somewhere before (I did not find anything in the chat about it), but I have found some cheats that work in this game rather well. Here they are:

    Make sure to use Shift + D to bring up a console first, then type the following into the box that appears and then finish by pressing Enter.

    Cheat Effect
    ------------ -------------
    editor Brings up the character editor*
    fps See Avernum’s current frame rate.
    ouchouchouch Heals and cures your group.
    leetbuffz Gives each of your characters multiple blessings.
    owmybrains Cures and removes curses and mental effects.
    iampoor Gives you 500 coins.
    imdrained Recharges your spell energy.
    backtostart Returns you to Fort Avernum (use it when stuck).
    ikilledathron If you killed the dragon before getting quest info.
    forgiveme Makes most crimes go away, except killing quest NPCs.
    iwanttobestronger Geves some experience.
    giveasnack Gives the main character a cake.
    showmeall Shows all NPCs on the automap.
    dontshowmeall Stops making all characters appear on your automap.
    resetboats Returns all boats to their starting positions.**

    * For the character editor to work, you need to enable it in the main menu of the game first.

    ** When this option is used, boats that you own are also reset and are no longer your property.

    Note: I know that posts on this message board are old, but I thought the above info might be useful to some players out there. I don't know if these cheats will work on the Steam version of the game as I've tested them with a GOG copy only.

    Have fun with the game guys.

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