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    Daiemio posted on Feb 27, 2016 3:44:47 PM - Report post
    originally posted by guardiane

    Okay it works 100% for me now but ONLY if I run through the process properly.

    - Open trainer first, run game, press F1 at title screen.

    Stats can be altered via trainer and the whole bit, no problem. However, say I want to alter my stats legit like (equip items, etc.). I have to deactivate the trainer. So I quit the game but leave the trainer open. I restart the game with the trainer deactivated and I can alter my stats legit like again. If I decide to reactivate the trainer at this point though, it doesn't work 100% (stats can't be increased via the trainer). I have to quit EVERYTHING and follow the proper procedure to reactivate the trainer, then it works 100% again. I hope this makes sense.

    [Edited by guardiane, 2/26/2016 6:16:28 PM]

    Yeah, afraid there's no way of editing stats with the trainer, but if you want, you can just boost a chars level, setting a disposable caracter's level to 500 or so, and use him to blaze through the story, so you can find the best training spots and level up/grind money/mana with ease.

    So basically, levels and hell stay the same even with the trainer turned off, saving and quitting the game.

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    Ungodly posted on Feb 28, 2016 5:13:45 AM - Report post
    I have tried messing with alot of stuff, both with the trainer and separately with cheat engine. noticed alot of the same issues. increasing a characters or enemies level doesn't seem to increase actual stats, though after you exit the game and reload(without restarting the trainer) stats are normalized. have to double check that later, Would have to agree it is an issue effecting the games returned stats, and not the characters stats.

    Game says guy has 100 strength. He started at 20, and gained 60 from leveling up and 20 from items, multiplied by 2 from aptitude. leaving him at 100 strength. using cheat engine to make that 150 strength causes issues, because its the final part of a calculation. Taking away the engine causes it to re-do the calculation, and find the original, unmodded value. Essentially, the trainer has to add strength to the characters base stats, unmodified by items. But, modifing the base stat itsef, unmodified by level, could also cause issues, due to the calculations on how your strength goes up every level is based on your base, unmodified strength.

    Easy current work-around for stats for other players is to increase your level, save/quit, equip gear to re-work the calculations and get the game to update your stats to their correct state, and then use negative numbers to decrease your level, back to where you want it. make sure to also use negative exp, because it's calculated separately, or you'll need millions of exp to go up from level one to two. The bonus stats from leveling up stay, and everything seems to be working fine at this point. Doesn't seem to effect transmutation, so it goes away if thats done, and if you modify level again it might go away, will have to re-check, but for a one-time boost to stats it helps.

    [Edited by Ungodly, 2/28/2016 5:15:14 AM]
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    Carjack posted on Feb 28, 2016 3:36:40 PM - Report post
    Feature Requests:
    + Mana (Currency used @ Dark Assembly)
    + Skill Level (For training of weapon specific skills / spells)
    + Innocent / Specialist Level

    As always, thanks, guys!
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    CJ posted on Feb 28, 2016 6:22:34 PM - Report post
    When transmigrating, Counter, Move, And Jump return to normal

    For Mana and Migration Stat Points, you can easily do it with CE, you cant expect Cal and 0x do everything for you, it'll be good for you to learn how to use it.

    Editing your EXP to make your characters level naturally raise when gaining EXP is also possible with CE, doing it this way your character gains the stats he would normally gain when leveling up, which makes him more powerful.

    Go into Battle, Scan for the characters CURRENT EXP Value
    Kill an Enemy
    Scan that EXP Value
    Edit EXP to a higher amount
    Have the character kill an enemy

    BAM, character levels naturally to a higher level and gains said increase to stats that come with it. its easy.

    [Edited by DigitalIP, 2/28/2016 6:25:54 PM]
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    Send a message to Ungodly
    Ungodly posted on Feb 28, 2016 8:34:04 PM - Report post
    You will level around a hundred thousand times with a single character, let alone more, if your taking your character to the best of the best. And plenty of the time in early game your character wont level up when killing a single entity. Taking the time to scan every enemy, find the exp it gives you after your bonuses to exp on your character, your items, and the field, calculate the added exp, add to character, and doing this 100,000's of times per character is downright ridiculous. If this was a free trainer I would understand, but I helped pay for this thing, it should actually work. Still, what works does work well. Hope the team can make this bug-free.
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    Send a message to linesma
    linesma posted on Feb 29, 2016 3:26:24 AM - Report post
    Thank you for this trainer. I appreciate it!
    And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. - Friedrich Nietzsche
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    Send a message to CJ
    CJ posted on Feb 29, 2016 10:30:22 PM - Report post
    I said your characters
    Not the Enemies

    And doing it with your characters is easier than you think it is or I wouldn't have mentioned it. Its what I did before the trainer was released and it worked just fine.

    And unless you actually spent money to put research points into requesting the trainer you didn't help pay for anything.

    You've been registered since 2013, your payment has long been processed since then assuming that's when you upgraded.

    [Edited by DigitalIP, 2/29/2016 10:33:17 PM]
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    Frankbrodie posted on Mar 02, 2016 1:30:24 PM - Report post
    As I said in my earlier post, levels are the biggie in this game. And it's ridiculously easy to use Cheat engine to go from 1-9999 in a couple of minutes.

    The more you transmigrate and spend loads of points on your stats will set you up for the very very last bosses of the bonus levels. But you can bum all of the game and pretty much 95% of the bonus stuff with a single 9999 character with no transmigrations.

    - Find a character you like that can survive a hit or two on the tutorial map. (give them HP equips if it's a brand new level 1 creation)
    - Kill something. You'll get 9-12 xp for it. Search for the exact 8 byte value of your xp.
    - Kill something else. Search again till you isolate the value. It'll take 3 kills tops.
    - Change the xp value of the character to... 76,227,579,270
    - Kill one more monster and Bingo! You're now level 9999.

    My Etna's xp has stayed in the same memory location from the start. So after ranking her to rank 3 each time it's a minutes work for me to transmigrate her back to 9999 now.

    I did notice that when I bummed a few disposable characters up to level 200 early on for the job unlocks, that they shared xp locations though. So it's not 100%
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