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Sticky Topic  Lifetime PLUS Membership Now Available
PWizard  posted on Aug 05, 2015 8:39:14 AM - Report post

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//UPDATED: 01.01.2018

Cheat Happens started offering lifetime memberships over 11 years ago at the price of $29.95. Since that time, lifetime members have received unlimited access to everything our site has to offer. We have never asked our lifetime members for another cent for any new feature or additional content. We have honored our promise and not waivered. This was true 11 years ago and it is still true today.


When we first started offering lifetime membership, the gaming landscape was completely different. There was no STEAM. no EARLY-ACCESS. no ORIGIN, no GOG, no WINDOWS STORE, no INDIE game scene. No digital delivery system for daily game patches. There was a finite number of AAA games released each year to retail stores. Maybe a patch or two over the course of a year or more. Fast forward to today where every game is released in some kind of PRE-ALPHA, ALPHA, BETA or other early access state across multiple distribution sites (such as Steam, Origin, GOG, etc) and many receive daily or even multiple daily patches. This puts a huge stress on our trainer programmers trying to keep up and continue offering the kind of timely releases that members are accustomed to. Never in a million years would we have anticipated that Steam or any distribution system would actually allow developers to sell products that 10% complete for full price. Could you imagine going to the store and buying a vacuum cleaner that only had 10% of the parts necessary to assemble it? Sure, you could use it for a coat rack or other things and the product maker would then send you a new part every 6 months or so until 3-4 years later when you finally received all of the parts to complete the product you paid full price for 3 years ago. Sounds completely ridiculous, right? Well, not to Steam. It sounded like a perfect opportunity to make money off games that many times are never even finished. Game devs get to spend 3 months making a game, releasing it as "early access" to see how well it sells and if it doesn't then they just take the money and abandon the title. Ingenious.

Here are the number of trainers we produced over the last 8 years:

2010: 526 trainers released
2011: 803 trainers released (+52%)
2012: 1120 trainers released (+39%)
2013: 1884 trainers released (+68%)
2014: 2131 trainers released (+13%)
2015: 2040 trainers released (-4%)
2016: 2479 trainers released (+22%)
2017: 3017 trainers released (+22%)

That's 470% more trainers created last year than 7 years earlier. We have 1 more full time trainer programmer than 7 years ago.

Many current lifetime members have asked over the years how they can help to support our site beyond their initial lifetime payment. This is why we started offering a Lifetime PLUS membership level. Basically, it is a $4.95/month (or $49.95/year) membership available to all current lifetime members. As a thank you for further supporting our site, lifetime plus members will receive an EXTRA 500 REWARD CREDITS each month in addition to the 250 already included in the lifetime plan. This is a $25/month value. Reward credits are used with our request system in order to determine which games get trainers along with the ability to purchase profile customization options such as alias changes, custom avatars, profile headers and even custom ranks.


* +500 additional Reward Credits each month
* Save 50% on the purchase of additional Reward Credit packages
* Save 50% when using Reward Credits to purchase profile customization options
* Bonus Reward Credits given out randomly throughout the year
* Optional use of rainbow stars next to avatar on board posts and avatar
* Instant bonus Reward Credits for first time Lifetime PLUS subscribers
* Boost the priority of any new or updated trainer using Reward Credits
* Earn Spins for the CH Prize Wheel
* Request New Options for Current Trainers


We started offering Lifetime Plus a little over a year ago and to date less than 1% of all lifetime subscribers have upgraded to PLUS and we appreciate each and every one of them. As we face ever-growing competition from free trainer makers and other paid sites, it's been difficult to keep paying our programmers to keep up with all of the games that are coming out and patching daily along with buying 2-4 copies of every game released on various distribution sites. Increasing prices for our monthly and yearly memberships doesn't help in this situation as we're trying to compete with "free" and you can probably guess which one will always win out. Due to this we foresee having to cut back on content for 2017. This is in no way an attempt to guilt Lifetime members to subscribe to Lifetime Plus, it's just the reality of the current gaming and trainer scene. However, if just 10% of our Lifetime members subscribed to Plus it would cover the majority of our expenses for the entire year and allow us to add more content and more programmers instead of cutting back. We have been doing everything we can to keep membership levels up, prices down and produce as much content as humanly possible with our limited programming team. We work every day of the year, including holidays, sometimes 16 hours a day to make sure that we get content out as timely as possible. Of course we could simply put in the least amount of work possible and release +1 or +2 trainers for every game like some of our free counterparts, but you deserve more so we try and put the same amount of effort into EVERY game we train, not just the AAA titles, but again this depends on our budget and ability to pay additional staff members to continue making more trainers year after year.

We appreciate everyone that supports our site and we work extremely hard making sure that you get your money's worth. We have never, to this date, had any member tell us that they felt we don't produce enough content or provide enough support to justify their lifetime purchase.

If you would like to upgrade to our new Lifetime PLUS subscription, please click here: Link

If you are not interested in a Lifetime PLUS subscription, but still wish to help out, you can always make a one-time donation here: Link

Every penny received will go towards to purchase of new games and to our trainer programmers. If you are not interested, that is absolutely fine and the support you have given to us already is more than enough.

Cheat Happens Team

[Edited by moderator PWizard, 12/31/2017 4:39:54 PM]

fullmetal5550  posted on Aug 05, 2015 8:46:52 AM - Report post

Premium Plus
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Just upgraded.
moxxdaminotaur  posted on Aug 05, 2015 9:03:08 AM - Report post

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Same here. I know you guys will put my money to good works.

DaCrazyBeggar  posted on Aug 05, 2015 9:03:52 AM - Report post

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don't usually like recurring payments, but this is a good thing.
Dlenny2259  posted on Aug 05, 2015 9:25:13 AM - Report post

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Just upgraded this is a win win for all concerned!
Ckari  posted on Aug 05, 2015 9:39:52 AM - Report post

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Happily upgraded
ArchangelM127  posted on Aug 05, 2015 9:54:01 AM - Report post

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Upgraded. I was chipping you guys $50/yr anyway because that's what you're worth to me; this means I don't have to remember every January.
Trumpster81  posted on Aug 05, 2015 10:08:42 AM - Report post

Premium Plus
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Consider it DONE...

I absolutely think it's worth the extra $5/month...

Glad I could help!!!

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