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Worth a buy?
KingEli  posted on Jun 04, 2015 1:36:31 AM - Report post

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Well is it?
I swore to myself I wont buy another Alpha and help those lazy devs bastards but what can I do I'm weak and I'm hooked to survival games so answer the freakin question and stop judging me!
Jaks  posted on Jun 04, 2015 1:59:41 AM - Report post

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Well, ged dimmit King, judging is so much more rewarding.

I wouldn't normally even look at an Alpha but it's got Dinos, man....DINOS! I'm a recent victim of Dino envy and love games that make use of those big boys.

Steam reviews are about 2 to 1 postive which is low but expected for an alpha. Most complaints I saw were about low FPS and server connections. Even guys with decent rigs are saying they're getting 20-30 fps. Your rig should give it a good workout.

I'm not buying anything till it goes on sale so you'll find out before me. If you do get it let us know what ya think.

KingEli  posted on Jun 04, 2015 2:11:16 AM - Report post

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You are probably the most patient gamer alive, if I had half the patience you have I'd be much happier right now.
I doubt my rig will do any difference, when a game is broken it's broken and nothing can change it but the programmer.
Till this day I run Dayz on 20 fps in cities lol.
Anyway if I'll end up buying it sure expect a profound review with tons of complaining and regrets. (:
The game is on sale now btw 17% less.
fslslayer  posted on Jun 04, 2015 4:11:05 AM - Report post

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[Edited by fslslayer, 1/9/2016 12:33:37 AM]

Jaks  posted on Jun 04, 2015 4:19:54 AM - Report post

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I was on my old PC when I played some DayZ and it kicked my butt. How far out do you set the tree line? I could effect fps just drawing that in and not rendering way out there but it cut down on seeing what was coming. I never tried it on my newer PC, an I7-4770K with a Titan Black and 32 GB Ram.

I started waiting to play games till they were on sale like 2 years ago. I'm basically 45 to 60 days behind the most recent releases but once you get in a groove, it's like playing them as they come out and you dont know the difference. But saves some decent bux on prices.

I last checked how long it takes top games to hit a good sale back when Thief, Watch Dogs, Wolfenstein and some others came out. I'm sure you remember that time frame. Anyway, within 45 days every one of the new titles I tracked hit a 40% or better sale.

I just recently finished Wolfenstein, Mordor and I'm almsot done with Far Cry 4. Bought all of them at 40% to 66% off. Still have some other games to play while waiting for GTA-V and some other newer games to hit a sale. Bro, it's not hard at all. They all feel new to me and most of the glitches and bugs have been discussed in the forums and shown on Youtube if I get stuck. A friend on CH just gave me Witcher 3 so I'm looking forward to that next.

I just got disgusted with the prices these companies were putting on new games so that was my solution. Even just 40% off a $60 game is a tidy little $24 bux to use elsewhere. Then also, every 2nd or 3rd game you save that much it's like getting one game free. And something else I find. Always buying them on sale I don't demand so much out of a game. The game doesn't have to be perfect and I rarely feel gipped cuz I know I bought it at a reduced price. Hey, maybe it's lame but it's fun to work the system.

[Edited by element5, 6/4/2015 4:21:30 AM]

KingEli  posted on Jun 04, 2015 4:40:56 AM - Report post

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It's always good to wait and not only with games, I jumped and bought the 770 when it just came out and had serious bugs with it, I bought the x99 platform and ddr4 sticks and 5820k cpu as soon as they were available and had serious issues with oc'ing and general stability(6 bios version came out since and I flashed the bios each time to achieve the golden point of stability).
So yeah it's quite stupid to jump and buy stuff as soon as it comes out, you pay high price literally and emotionally.

About Dayz it wont matter if you have 4 black titans and 8 cores cpu, this piece of **** game is based solely on single cpu core so if you magically overclock your cpu to 6.0ghz you'll play Dayz at 30 fps in cities, about all the tweaks yeah I tried them all including draw distance and the game plays much better but it looks like crap.

P.s- your pc is crazy!

Jaks  posted on Jun 04, 2015 8:54:09 AM - Report post

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@fslslayer - Nice video setup. That 780 was a great series and running tri sli, get outta here. What cpu are you running with the triplets? Glad to hear the game is decent.

@Kingkob - I played some DayZ online with my nephew and a friend. Man, I almost quit gaming. lol You'd spend all that time farming items then somebody kills ya and you lose everything. Lemme outta here! Reminded me again why I play SP.

I was gonna add another Titan Black in Sli but then you got me thinking about that eight core setup. Is it solid now, bugs worked out, or should I wait awhile? It's probably got enough pop for me without OC'ing right away.

Evmeister88  posted on Jun 04, 2015 1:16:27 PM - Report post

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I think it's worth it, I haven't had the best FPS even on low or medium, and really does look like **** on low, that's just on singleplayer I don't know what it's like on the servers.

I've been having with it and have been sucked in. If you just use the "god" console cheat and nothing else it still offers a decent challenge. Otherwise you're getting offed by raptor pretty quickly.

They're offering some goodies for those that buy it in the first two weeks of release, a special saddle is one of them. I don't know what else.

I can stomach medicore graphics because the gameplay is fun, but the devs have a long way to go.

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