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Official Trainer Thread  Mechs and Mercs: Black Talons Trainer
PWizard  posted on Jan 10, 2015 7:22:18 AM - Report post

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Options (Trainer)

Numpad 1: Infinite Health
Numpad 2: Infinite Armor
Numpad 3: Add 500 Resource Pump

Options (Editor)

Edit: Crouched POS
Edit: Unit Surpressed
Edit: Move Stance
Edit: Group ID
Edit: Group ID2
Edit: Long_range
Edit: Defense Stance
Edit: Moving
Edit: Cover
Edit: My Squad ID
Edit: Mydest
Edit: Attacking
Edit: Distancia Detect
Edit: Original Priority
Edit: Weapon_delay_counter
Edit: Weapon_delay
Edit: Weapon_random_delay
Edit: Weapon_damage
Edit: Weapon_damage_short
Edit: Crouch_bonus
Edit: Crouch_armor_bonus
Edit: Health
Edit: Armor
Edit: In Combat
Edit: Original Target
Edit: Timerto Stop
Edit: Selected
Edit: Ignore_enemy
Edit: Anim_action_when_stop
Edit: Pos Destino
Edit: Rotation After Cover
Edit: Vamos_avancar
Edit: Defensive Ground
Edit: High Ground
Edit: Negative Ground
Edit: Cover Ground
Edit: Capturing Pump
Edit: Capturing Started
Edit: Go_ Inside Building
Edit: Gui Message
Edit: Gui Message Time
Edit: Has Path
Edit: Path Status
Edit: Path Pending
Edit: Is Path Stale
Edit: Pequeno_teste
Edit: Decide_position_shoot
Edit: Lets Build
Edit: Ihave_the Flag
Edit: Hacking Target
Edit: Lets Build
Edit: Velocidade
Edit: Dodging
Edit: Fifo
Edit: Turret_supression
Edit: Surpressed Time
Edit: No Build
Edit: Build Counter
Edit: Old_long_range
Edit: X1x
Edit: Y1y
Edit: N Go
Edit: Brunorik
Edit: S U R V I V A L
Edit: Survival_ Kills
Edit: Survival_round_ Kills
Edit: Survival_ Player_ Faction
Edit: Sent_to_ Steam
Edit: Sent_to_ Steam2
Edit: Sent_to_ Steam3
Edit: Sent_to_ Steam4
Edit: Sent_to_ Steam5
Edit: No Cursor
Edit: Num Units_in Mission
Edit: Num Eng_in Mission
Edit: L A N G
Edit: Civ
Edit: Deploying_ Gun Ship_ Now
Edit: Deploying_ Probe_ Now
Edit: Ability Timer
Edit: Ability Timer2
Edit: Ability Timer3
Edit: Ability Active
Edit: Ability Active2
Edit: Update Input
Edit: Faction I D
Edit: Ignore Click
Edit: Dynamic_music
Edit: Idle Music
Edit: Check_music_time
Edit: Selection Box_render
Edit: Weapons Effects
Edit: Texture Quality
Edit: Prepare_ Grenade
Edit: G U I_ E N A B L E D
Edit: Backup Time Scale
Edit: Teleport_ Distance
Edit: Can_build_here
Edit: Avoid Priority
Edit: A I_avoid Priority
Edit: Turan Shield_ Available
Edit: Noc_ Shield
Edit: Ring_of_ Fire
Edit: Deploying_ Ring_ Now
Edit: Recon Probe
Edit: Barrier_ Shield
Edit: Magma Rocket
Edit: Deploying_ Rocket_ Now
Edit: Plasma_ Available
Edit: Mines_ Available
Edit: Mines_ Available2
Edit: Can Hack Turret
Edit: Leonis_ Fortify
Edit: Santos_barrage
Edit: Devotion
Edit: Ob1
Edit: Ob2
Edit: Ob3
Edit: Ob4
Edit: Ob5
Edit: Ob6
Edit: Ob7
Edit: Ob8
Edit: Level Dificulty
Edit: C R E A T U R E
Edit: Level Zoom_ Offset
Edit: Level Floor_ Offset
Edit: Stop Wheel Distance
Edit: A I_ Ob1
Edit: A I_ Ob2
Edit: A I_ Ob3
Edit: A I_ Ob4
Edit: S K I R M I S H
Edit: Hacking_ Now
Edit: Landing Zone Pos
Edit: Engineer Squad
Edit: Hacking Skill
Edit: Level_ Limits
Edit: Map_min Z
Edit: Map_max Z
Edit: Map_min X
Edit: Map_max X
Edit: Multiple_selections
Edit: Ha F R A G
Edit: North_ Incendiary
Edit: Noctae_ Ability1
Edit: Noctae_ Ability2
Edit: North_ Rage
Edit: Ha E M P
Edit: Ha S M O K E
Edit: Ha T E L E
Edit: Ha C L O A K
Edit: Cloak O N
Edit: Cloak Timer
Edit: Tele Timer
Edit: Camo Cloak
Edit: Frag_ Grenade
Edit: E M P_ Grenade
Edit: Smoke_ Grenade
Edit: Frag_ Timer
Edit: E M P_ Timer
Edit: Smoke_ Timer
Edit: Hack_ Timer
Edit: Minimap X
Edit: Minimap Y
Edit: Minimap W
Edit: Minimap H
Edit: E Platoon
Edit: Pause
Edit: Show_tooltips
Edit: Render G U I
Edit: Tele Transport
Edit: B U I L D I N G
Edit: Unit I D X
Edit: Squad Type
Edit: Mech_ Type
Edit: Pump Resources
Edit: Num Pump Resources
Edit: Satelite Resources
Edit: Landing Resource
Edit: Left Weapon
Edit: Right Weapon
Edit: Faction2_num Pump Resources
Edit: Faction2_pump Resources
Edit: Faction2_satelite Resources
Edit: Faction2_landing Resource
Edit: Faction2_dropship Time1
Edit: A I_ Platoons
Edit: A I_ Turrets
Edit: Unit I D X_ Backup
Edit: My Tooltip_ Backup
Edit: Accuracy
Edit: Health
Edit: Armor
Edit: Shield
Edit: Short R1
Edit: Short R2
Edit: Long R1
Edit: Long R2
Edit: Max Armor
Edit: Max Shield
Edit: Equip I D
Edit: H1
Edit: H2
Edit: H3
Edit: H4
Edit: H5
Edit: H6
Edit: Unit Photo
Edit: Unit_ Type
Edit: Skill Level
Edit: E X P
Edit: Crouched P O S
Edit: Long_range
Edit: Defense Stance
Edit: Attack Stance
Edit: Num Units
Edit: Unit_ Type_ Inside
Edit: Unit_ T_ Inside
Edit: Under Attack Pos
Edit: Unit Count
Edit: Selection U
Edit: Scroll
Edit: Zoom_speed
Edit: Panmul
Edit: My Delta
Edit: Pan Speed
Edit: Pan Speed2
Edit: Wheelstop
Edit: Wheel Move
Edit: Wheel Position
Edit: Oldcamposz
Edit: Wheelrot_to
Edit: Wheelrot
Edit: Rotate Cam
Edit: Rotation X
Edit: Rotation Y
Edit: Original Rotation
Edit: Sensitivity X
Edit: Sensitivity Y
Edit: Minimum X
Edit: Maximum X
Edit: Minimum Y
Edit: Maximum Y
Edit: Scroll_speed
Edit: Scroll_speedx
Edit: Message Time_ Fade Out
Edit: Pan Float
Edit: Distance1
Edit: Tactics_ Info
Edit: Unit I D_ Create
Edit: Dropship Incoming
Edit: Dropship Time
Edit: Squad_idx
Edit: A I_ Full Walk Mesh
Edit: Game Over
Edit: R R
Edit: R G
Edit: R B
Edit: Map1 Time
Edit: Map2 Time
Edit: Map3 Time
Edit: Map4 Time
Edit: Time_audio_play
Edit: Time_audio_play2
Edit: Time_audio_play3
Edit: Time_audio_move
Edit: Drop_ Multiplier
Edit: Tempo_scroll
Edit: Extra Time
Edit: Drop_msg_sent
Edit: Showing_ A I_ Info
Edit: Back Clip Plane
Edit: Cinematic_ Enabled
Edit: Rot_ Around
Edit: X
Edit: Y
Edit: Drop Ship Time
Edit: Gun Ship Time
Edit: Rot Key
Edit: Zoom In_ Key
Edit: Zoom Out_ Key
Edit: Up_ Key
Edit: Down_ Key
Edit: Left_ Key
Edit: Right_ Key
Edit: Pause Key
Edit: Group Key
Edit: Hide Gui_ Key
Edit: Bird View Key
Edit: Message
Edit: Message_code
Edit: Time_to_show_message
Edit: X A X
Edit: X A Y
Edit: H X
Edit: H Y
Edit: Start Y
Edit: Max Count
Edit: Expand_ T A B
Edit: Inside_tooltip
Edit: Can Call Attack_ Ship
Edit: Attack Time
Edit: Gunship Attack Pos

....more - see readme

Ashar  posted on Jan 10, 2015 7:27:06 AM - Report post

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christ that was fast, thanks guys
NailDyne  posted on Jan 10, 2015 7:31:18 AM - Report post

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Thanks guys! Fast, quality work as always.
BlackEagle69  posted on Jan 10, 2015 10:04:23 AM - Report post

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Very nice

Thank you !

has everything but the imutetium p36 space modulator

raven128  posted on Jan 10, 2015 10:26:13 AM - Report post

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infinite health and armor do not work for mechs! just tested
kane1  posted on Jan 10, 2015 11:07:34 AM - Report post

Premium Plus
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Going to wait on this game, but nice to know I have a Trainer waiting. Thanks!!
savvart  posted on Jan 10, 2015 4:30:19 PM - Report post

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thx for this trainer...
Ashar  posted on Jan 12, 2015 11:56:59 AM - Report post

Current rank: 2.5 Stars. Next Rank at 2000 Posts.
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[Edited by Ashar, 1/12/2015 11:57:13 AM]

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