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  Gauntlet Trainer
  • Tier 7
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    TIER 7
    madatcheats posted on Sep 24, 2014 2:05:05 PM - Report post
    for trainer.
    I haven't ventured far into the game. What is the 0 gold option for?
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    a posted on Sep 24, 2014 3:12:21 PM - Report post
    WB Games (who released the game) has in the EULA that you give your consent for them to monitor your game play; they will probably be looking for evidence of cheats being used and start banning people who are obvious cheaters (like some people have high scores of a few hundred billion out of a possible total of around a hundred thousand).

    So, given that information, I'd assume that setting your gold back to 0 is to help you escape the watchful eyes of the WB police. Maybe.
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    FlawfulFallafel posted on Sep 24, 2014 6:14:03 PM - Report post
    How about an infinite keys and infinite potions option?
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    draakdorei posted on Sep 25, 2014 1:13:06 AM - Report post
    Edit: Never mind, I figured it out. The wireless kicked in during the level and that messed with my score.

    [Edited by draakdorei, 9/25/2014 2:36:39 AM]
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    SkyeLynn posted on Sep 25, 2014 5:37:10 AM - Report post
    Would be nice to see Death unable to kill you in one touch...Infinite health you still take damage from enemies and have to back off before it regenerates...
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    Send a message to frosty2007
    frosty2007 posted on Sep 25, 2014 11:21:30 AM - Report post
    Where is this hub to go to the shop and buy stuff?
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    Caliber posted on Sep 25, 2014 11:46:46 AM - Report post
    the very start of the game... you literally cannot enter into the zones without being at the hub..

    there is a grim reaper there standing. you click on him to buy things
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    LordJB posted on Sep 25, 2014 2:05:25 PM - Report post
    Got updated, so that's yet another game getting a patch shortly after release.


    - The Game will launch in English when Steam library is set to English.

    - Merlin’s shield will no longer occasionally Crash the game when attacked by Demon Horrors

    - Heroes will now be able to use projectiles over jumping pad gaps.

    - Player will now respawn appropriately while near Treasure Island in Temple of Dur.

    - Game will now recognize internet connection even if Title is launched while offline.

    - Alien FX will behave correctly when Playing Gauntlet on Alienware PC’s

    - Player is now able to Highlight Message of the Day with Gamepad Controller.

    - The description of the masteries in the "Next Level" column will show prerequisites for all Mastery Levels.

    - Masteries Tally Screen no longer shows progression of ‘Locked’ Masteries

    - The Sniper Shot indicator behaves correctly when aiming towards the Beast of Orox.

    - Resolved some typos in the Credits

    - The Warrior can now correctly destroy all Food on Tables in Caverns of Mag’Ash and Burning Temple of Dur

    - The Perk Descriptions match required amounts needed in All Languages.

    - The description of "Matamomias" Perk lists is correct in Latin American Spanish.
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