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Hacked Savegame
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    Gideon25 posted on Feb 26, 2014 6:24:56 AM - Report post
    Here is the readme text for the savegame i submitted. Ive submitted it twice and its not showing up for some reason. Here is the readme for when it gets on here: Took me a WHILE to get this save edited right:

    This is for the GOG version of King of Dragon pass 1.7 (518), but might also work with the old retail.

    Gametips: When weaponthanes or farmers ask to split off just give them gifts or promise to trade for food instead. Do the Making of the Storm Tribe quest so you can choose to make a tribe and your diety quest (Elmal) as early in the game as you can and bribe and make treaties and alliances with all the clans closest to you. When the seer comes and you get the option to form a tribe TAKE IT. I have put it off and the seer never came back to offer me the chance to form a tribe again, so i had to reload an old save. Once a tribe is formed you have to do your diety quest AGAIN as well as 6 more heroquests before the sequence of the endgame/king of dragon pass will begin.

    ALL EVENTS and solutions:

    ALL Heroquest solutions:

    Savegame info:

    The clan Diety is Elmal.
    Starts with 1500 Cattle, 9000 food, 20000 goods, 100 weaponthanes, and 25000 magic and a good size of Land. Also have 50 of each treasure. All Moods are Jubilant/Unshakable.

    All Shrines are built and all permanent blessings are enabled except for the ones you get as the game progresses (ie. the Kero Fin spirit shrine). You have to manually enable the permanent blessings for Uralda and Vinga but otherwise all the rest are enabled and checked. Don't uncheck any of the shrines with 3-4 blessings enabled or you won't be able to reenble them as the game only allows 2 at once but the savegame hack bypasses that.

    All Lore and Quest Lore information is known so you don't have to sacrifice to get Hero Quests availability. NONE of the Hero Quests are completed, only the lore is known.

    All Leaders are 18 years old, have all traits "Heroic," and worship all the main gods except for the trickster god Eurmal. Only Barngradus and Renatha Worship Eurmal and both are Tricksters (only two because tricksters can trigger occasional bad events). Two other exceptions are Arnbord and Orlgard who can only worship two gods because thats all allowed when it comes to choosing a king - so they are both groomed as King material. Don't Let them die, only Arnbord or Orlgard can become king! Not sure what all the personality traits do. Some infulence advice, and maybe courageous influences battle and Poet influences when you get the option to write a poem. Trickster is good to have on the council but NOT on diplomatic missions.

    Leaders and thier specialty & Personality traits(Asterisks are on the council - Arnbord is chief):

    *Arnbord - LawMaker /Courageous & Confident & Poet
    *Orlgard - Magic /Courageous & Poet & Pragmatic
    *Orldag - Warleader /Confident & Pious
    *Ernaldesta- Trader /Poet & Proverbial & Trader
    *Dangmar - Hunter /Courageous & Peaceful
    *Aslandar - Farmer /AntiUndead & Pious & Proverbial
    *Barngradus- Trickster /Confident & Pious
    Gordanger - Healer /Pro DragonNewt
    Verlain - Craftsman /AntiAldryami(elves) & Proverbial
    Jarnandar - Trader /Coward & Poet
    Arkilla - Noble /Crybaby
    Enastarra - Craftsman /Bully
    Baranthos - Magic /Proverbial & Spenthrift
    Loricon - Farmer /Courageous & Royal
    Elusu - Lawmaker /Coward
    Orkarla - Warleader /Scornful
    Leikan - Healer /Patriarchal & Proverbial
    Grivton - Noble /Pro Dragonnewt & Scornful
    Desrada - Noble /AntiAldryami(elves) & Pro Dragonnewt
    Renatha - Trickster /Confident & Pious
    Kallyr - Warleader /Courageous & Poet
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    TIER 7
    Harabec posted on Sep 08, 2015 11:52:33 AM - Report post
    Ok the readme included with the savegame files doesn't tell me where to put them. I dumped them into the main game directory for lack of anywhere else, but it does nothing. Any help?
    There's no such thing as stupid questions, just stupid people.
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    TIER 7
    Harabec posted on Sep 08, 2015 12:21:48 PM - Report post
    Bleh, noticed that it was for the gog version. Probably no good for steam anyway
    There's no such thing as stupid questions, just stupid people.
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    nagman posted on Apr 09, 2021 7:31:08 AM - Report post
    Hey! Could you please reupload the savegame? It seems to no longer be hosted on the site.

    Thanks so much!
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