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Feedback: Go Unlimited. Loving it so far
duckweed  posted on Nov 07, 2013 12:57:59 AM - Report post

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Gist of this post: If you're on the fence about buying unlimited, just do it.

I was skeptical at first because I didn't know much about the site. I was on the fence about doing a trial run for a month, a year or just straight up purchasing the lifetime sub. I threw caution to the wind and picked up the lifetime for about 90 bucks ish Canadian. It's more than worth it. It's way more than worth it.

I have a Steam library of anywhere between 300-400 or more games. While I haven't painstakingly searched them all out, I see trainers listed for virtually all of them. I'm a few weeks in now and I've poured a good 70+ hours each into some of my old favorites thanks to new gameplay features. It's like being back on the N64 with a Gameshark all over again.

Depending on how many games you play, you could be looking at pennies per game, if that. Not including the several updates many trainers get. The support is great. The forums are filled with legitimately helpful info. The site is incredibly easy to navigate. If you're reading this and on the fence like I was, just do it.

Once the holiday rush is over, I'd like to donate more often to become a regular contributor and support the site. There's nothing like clearing out your Steam backlog by becoming a God with the click of a button and walking through gunfire unscathed, slaughtering entire armies while enjoying an alcoholic beverage on the side.

Oh and that's another thing, I now no longer have to choose between getting considerably hammered and playing action packed games. With the touch of one key, Agent 47 becomes a ghost while the person controlling him works his way towards liver failure.

Buy the lifetime sub. I could go on for days. This is amazing. I'm having a blast.

Bacon Overlord_old  posted on Nov 07, 2013 5:23:44 PM - Report post

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Most of the very new games do have trainers.. anything more than 6 months old is a shooting match, but more and more I see games hit that 3-6 month point and end up retired before the interest even dies down. A year or more and forget it.

Soo.. recommend that, before you go lifetime, check out the games you want to actually play... and the responses from the owners of the website to the people asking for trainers to be re-opened in each of the retired games. Pretty entertaining.

PWizard  posted on Nov 07, 2013 5:42:12 PM - Report post

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For games released in 2013, we have retired *4* of them. For games released in 2012, we have retired *11*. That's a grand total of 15 games out of 588 that we have created trainers for. Which equals about 2.5%. If you want to complain that we have dropped support for 2.5% of the games released in the last 2 years, then be my guest. Personally, I think this number should be much higher seeing as how every game these days gets about 20 patches within the first 3 months of release. Heck, we're on trainer number 7 for Batman: Arkham Origins which was released a week ago.

I do appreciate the comments from the original poster. I personally think that we're doing a hell of a job considering the current state of PC gaming where games are no longer tested and either require 500 patches, have built-in cheat triggers for the single player game that must be defeated, or both.

wee_wee  posted on Nov 07, 2013 8:09:26 PM - Report post

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I personally think that we're doing a hell of a job considering the current state of PC gaming where games are no longer tested and either require 500 patches, have built-in cheat triggers for the single player game that must be defeated, or both.

YES the CH TEAM is doing a Great Job
AS you age like i have then you will like it more and more every year 63 now and don't have the reflexes any more so just reach over and hit a few keys and feel young as the others


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fullmetal5550  posted on Nov 07, 2013 10:14:18 PM - Report post

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When I get paid next week I plan on upgrading to Lifetime.
theroc44  posted on Nov 07, 2013 10:45:03 PM - Report post

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I too was skeptical too back in 2008, but let me assure you its one of the best investments i've ever made. Flash forward to 2013 going into 2014 and i visit the site at least 5 times at day. Why you ask? Because theres new trainers coming out all the time and they update old games, yup games from the 90's and early 2000's. A few get retired but every now and again they make a final version trainer if the game is finished updating. Sometimes i just log in to jump in the forums to see whats up or see what Pwiz is saying, one word LEGENDARY lol CHEATHAPPENS the number 1 trainer/cheat site for PC gaming.
duckweed  posted on Nov 07, 2013 11:01:53 PM - Report post

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That is one thing many people don't consider is that these games are being patched on a very frequent basis. You don't just create one trainer and be done with it. There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into running a site like this so it's absolutely understandable when games get retired due to lack of interest. I've been seeing a lot of trainers updated for older games that go on sale regularly as well.

I've even found myself buying games I wouldn't normally try just to see how they play with a trainer.

Is there an option to donate into a pool for the trainer devs to pick up new releases so they aren't going out of pocket? Or maybe even games that show a considerable interest? If there is, I'd love to throw some bucks in it.

Edit: Scratch that. I already knew the donation page existed. I'm donating now since I have some spare change.

[Edited by duckweed, 11/7/2013 11:15:25 PM]

ServiusTheBear  posted on Nov 08, 2013 1:52:04 AM - Report post

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@Bacon Overlord, I have to disagree with you. Why? When I came here, was because many games I had. Have moved away from cheat codes. So I looked over the site, not as being wary of it. More because I got interested in the fact. I would no longer need to type in codes and have pop ups or achievements disabled because of the cheat code use. I have more more older games that do not even need a trainer in my books. But I see some that have had them made. Which made release that this site is worth, putting down your money for a Lifetime membership. Personally I am damn picky on what I use my cash on, as all my friends know that of me. But when I recomend something. I do not recommend on it lightly.

Now to your comment on the responses of the CHT. I have to say the CHT are in the right. Due to how the users act. I have been on the site daily and I have seen it all. So they are in their right to respond as such in my books. As to the retired trainers, I can point out most of them are retired due to complaints repeated over and over. Normally due to users not reading the threads fully to find the fixes. Also most people complaining to do not provide enough information to help with the problem. Only to say "the trainer does not work" or something else along those lines. So being unable to reproduce the problem to fix it or those just ignoring advice and plainly saying its the trainers fault. Combined with the games that constantly got patched nearly every day. Where the ones that mainly got retired. The old games that got retired are usually because the game has not been updated in a long time. So attention can be moved to other newer games.

Now to the games that are updated more than 20 times in a short period of time. Cause more workload on the CHT, combined with the games that are not being patched like crazy hamsters. So there for it is justified for the update to Lifetime needed for those games. But you must remember. That you are just paying to use the products they make. You are not paying for the right to demand a trainer being made. Therefore they can stop at any time. In a way its just access to use them. But even with that, it is still worth the money to get a lifetime membership.

@wee_wee, Am glad to see an older gamer. Games are just for not children. Happy gaming friend. We are all big kids XD

@fullmetal5550, Really! You have not gotten it yet! I am so disappointed brother. Get out there and sell your kidney or your younger brother or sister! NOW! :P Just joking, glad to see you are grabbing it soon.

So basically al say this. If you wish to win and play it your way. Then make the investment in a Lifetime Membership. It is worth it.

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