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Memory Editor
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    ultimatenoobb posted on Aug 25, 2013 9:23:33 AM - Report post
    A few months ago, I wrote a simple memory editor for Playboy: The Mansion (it also works for Private Party). I'm pretty new to this stuff - I wrote the application mostly as a learning exercise for myself.

    Because I'm new at this, I may have taken shortcuts (or made mistakes) which will limit the flexibility of the editor program. For example, it might not work on 32-bit operating systems, it might not work on some patched/cracked versions of the game, etc... Therefore, the editor is not yet available for download and I'm looking for testers. If I can get the editor to work reliably on most computers, then I'll clean up the UI and release it.


    ● stat editing
    ● quirk editing
    ● adjustment of content availability flags (essay, covershoot, etc)
    ● job/role editing (celebrities into employees, etc)
    ● slight expansion of gameplay options. For instance, Hef can have romantic liasons with employees, Hef can be a photographer and perform cover-shoots, or you can repeatedly publish content from your celebrity friends (instead of having to establish new contacts for each issue).

    Absent or excluded features:
    ● money cheat (because there are already cheat programs that do this)
    ● renaming people (it's possible but very messy; please use the in-game rename feature instead)
    ● mood/drive editing (these are stored in a different memory structure and I can't reliably edit them without crashing the game)
    ● clothing and appearance editing (too much work; please use the in-game editor instead)
    ● active monitoring (the editor application doesn't "snoop" on the game; the editor acts only when the user clicks its buttons. If you decide to Load a saved game, then you'll need to manually click the editor's "scan" button so that it can find the memory locations again)
    ● manual unlocking of reward items (because I don't know how they're stored in memory)
    ● viewing or editing mission progress (because I don't know how it's stored in memory)
    ● clothing mod, nude mod (involves file replacement rather than memory-editing. Might also conflict with CheatHappens content policy. It won't be included in this application, so don't ask)
    ● gender swapping (this feature sort-of works, but it tends to create conflicts in memory which will later manifest themselves and render your saved game unusable)
    ● magazine content editing (this one actually is possible, but I just haven't bothered because I figured that character editing would be more important to most users. Let me know if it's something that you'd really like to see)

    ● the editor enforces maximum and minimum values for numeric attributes such as Fame. I can remove this constraint, but the game itself will quickly auto-correct the values. I decided that it would be less confusing to just apply limits within the editor.
    ● the editor does not override scripts. For instance, Victoria Fuller will disappear from the game at the end of Mission 1, even if you've changed her job and made her a Girlfriend.
    ● the editor is written in C#; users will need to install the .NET framework 4.0
    ● the editor allows users to adjust flags directly, which can lead to meaningless combinations (such as "celebrity" + "hired" ). Such combinations do not produce any negative effects (they don't crash the game, or cause the character to become invisible, etc) but it could confuse people. I intend to writeup a usage guide for the editor (if/when it reaches release). Alternatively, I could strip out some of the complexity and release a "for dummies" version with fewer buttons.
    ● the editor provides only a limited list of characters (40-100) at any time. Many special characters (such as Tycho and Gabe of Penny Arcade) are defined in the Playboy: The Mansion files, but they're loaded into working memory only when they're supposed to appear in-game. Generic characters (such as most employees) are procedurally generated on-demand (when the game decides to refresh its roster). The memory editor can't touch anything until it's loaded into working memory. You can probably edit any character who is currently visible on-screen, but old friends may have disappeared and super-stars may not yet be visible.

    If you own the game and want to test the editor, then please contact me by PM or just post in the thread. Thanks!
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