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Our Playboy: The Mansion +2 trainer is now available for version GOLD EDITION and supports RETAIL. These Playboy: The Mansion cheats are designed to enhance your experience with the game.
Playboy: The Mansion Trainer
1. Playboy: The Mansion Trainer (GOLD EDITION)
• Change Money
• Perfect Relationships
Updated: March 23, 2017
Game Version: GOLD EDITION
Distribution(s): RETAIL
Compability: Win 7 , Win 8.1, Win 10+
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PC Cheats, Cheat Codes and Hints

1.  Playboy: The Mansion Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
February 12, 2005

Mission 1

Unlock: Pool [Area]
Requirement: Complete mission.

Mission 2

Unlock: Roster Character Editor [Tool]
Requirement: Complete mission.

Unlock: Massage Table [Item, upper floor]
Requirement: Publish an issue.

Unlock: Privacy Bush [Item, pool]
Requirement: Throw a party.

Mission 3

Unlock: Bunny Back [Item, main & upper floor]
Requirement: Complete mission.

Unlock: Leg-o-Lamp [Item, main & upper floor]
Requirement: Do an intimate action with a girl.

Unlock: Trampoline [Item, pool]
Requirement: Get two girlfriends.

Mission 4

Unlock: Olivia's Hef [Item, main floor]
Requirement: Complete mission.

Unlock: Grotto [Area]
Requirement: Invite agent to special party.

Unlock: Michelangelo [Item, main floor]
Requirement: Publish the Playboy Philosophy.

Unlock: Retro Zip-Front [Outfit]
Requirement: Get two enemy staff members to make up.

Mission 5

Unlock: Clubhouse [Area]
Requirement: Complete mission.

Unlock: Butt'R'Fly [Item, main floor]
Requirement: Hold Operation Validation Fundraiser.

Unlock: Obsession [Item, upper floor]
Requirement: Find Ken Willard.

Unlock: Artsy Bunny Shirt [Outfit]
Requirement: Shoot cover with Karmyn Chase.

Unlock: Ultra Extreme Dance [Item, Clubhouse]
Requirement: Publish cover with Karmyn Chase.

Mission 6

Unlock: Regency End Table [Item, main & upper floor]
Requirement: Complete mission.

Unlock: Playboy Mini [Outfit]
Requirement: Get romantic relationship between Markus Jacobski and girl.

Unlock: Shoulder Wrap [Outfit]
Requirement: Get romantic relationship between Karmyn Chase & Builder Paris.

Mission 7

Unlock: Playboy Pinball 1 [Item, Clubhouse]
Requirement: Complete Mission.

Unlock: Leopard Flares [Outfit]
Requirement: Hold party in Grotto for the Playmates.

Unlock: Plaid Skirt [Outfit]
Requirement: Hold special parties for Playmates, girlfriends & staff.

Mission 8

Unlock: Regency Chair [Item, main & upper floor]
Requirement: Complete mission.

Unlock: Barely There Plus [Outfit]
Requirement: Sign contract with Carmen Electra.

Unlock: Stars 'n' Stripes [Outfit]
Requirement: Introduce love between Wendy Bigmoney & Ciro Burrow.

Unlock: White Peek-a-Boo [Outfit]
Requirement: Get Penny Starks or Snadra Bellore as girlfriend.

Mission 9

Unlock: Brass Bed [Item, upper floor]
Requirement: Complete mission.

Mission 10

Unlock: Regency Sofa [Item, main & upper floor]
Requirement: Complete mission.

Mission 11

Unlock: Regency Rug [Item, main & upper floor]
Requirement: Complete mission.

PC Savegames

1. Savegame
February 04, 2005
Savegame collection to start out with lots of money in the game. Always make a backup before overwriting your own savegame files.
71772 times
(by 45 members)  


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