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POLL: Celebrity Deathmatch - Round 5
Bes  posted on Jun 22, 2013 1:07:46 PM - Report post

Current rank: 5 Stars.
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See story, characters, arena map, and rules here: Link

Please do not forget to post a vote for the one who you think should have immunity in the next round. Kim Kardashian won the coin toss and has immunity for this round and therefore is ineligible for immunity in this round.

Died in Round 4: LINDSAY LOHAN

Richard Simmons attempted to scale the tower from the inside using his flexibility power to get in and out of the inner tower workings. He reached the top first and grabbed a jetpack. Before he could fly off, he did his happy dance and accidentally activated the jetpack and blasted off the tower and careened out of control towards the bottom. He sprained his ankle in the process. Kardashian and Cyrus climbed the tower from the outside. Both fired shots back and forth until Kim finally managed to hit Miley in the shoulder with a few darts from her Krossbow. Miley was in too much pain to continue. Kim reached the top and grabbed a jetpack she started to fly away, but not before taking a shotgun blast in her massive derriere from Cyrus. Lohan got to the roof just as Kim was flying away. She grabbed another jetpack and took off after her. Kim landed and snagged the beacon. Just as she activated it, Lohan started shooting beer cans at her. Kim ducked out of the way and one of the cans ricocheted back and blew up Lindsay's jetpack, killing her.

Character Statuses:
Justin Bieber - DEAD (Round 1)
Charlie Sheen - Alive/Moderate Injuries
Richard Simmons - Alive/Heavy Injuries
Soulja Boy - DEAD (Round 3)
Perez Hilton - Alive/Heavy Injuries
Kim Kardashian - Alive/Severe Injuries/IMMUNE
Lindsay Lohan - DEAD (Round 4)
Snooki - DEAD (Round 2)
Paris Hilton - Alive/Severe Injuries
Miley Cyrus - Alive/Moderate Injuries

Challenge 4:
This next immunity beacon has a little twist. It flies. It will continue to fly around the park until one of you ninnies can catch it. Who's got the fastest hands?

planbskater  posted on Jun 22, 2013 2:13:26 PM - Report post

Current rank: 3 Stars. Next Rank at 4000 Posts.
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Charlie Sheen immunity
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