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POLL: Celebrity Deathmatch - Round 1
Bes  posted on Jun 17, 2013 2:03:31 AM - Report post

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Time for a celebrity deathmatch!

The Story:
One morning, ten celebrities awoke in a place that was both strange and familiar. Each of them is left a note, a weapon, and a set of armor. The notes all were as follows:

Dear Celebrity,

Each of you here in this park is basically worthless to society as anything other than tabloid fodder. Therefore, we're going to give you a chance to prove your mettle. There are 10 of you here. Each day, you will be presented with a challenge. Each day, the weapons you have been given will be activated. Then, it's game on. Once one of you has died, your weapons will deactivate. The only way to get out, is to be the last one alive. Game on!

-The Watchers

The Arena: DISNEYLAND - Hollywood, CA
The park is empty, but all of the food and supplies are intact. The only weapons are the objects in the park. The rides are all functional and run on timed loops. There are no locks on any of the doors. There is no way out of the park.

Park Map: Link

The Rules:
-Vote one person off, post the reason why

-Include a vote in your post for who wins the challenge and receives immunity in the next round.

-Only one celebrity dies per round. If it comes down to a tie, I'll toss a coin to decide who dies.

-Follow the TOS

The Contestants:

Weapon: Dual Sonic Pulse SMGs
Using Justin's voice as ammo, these guns cause audio shockwaves that can level small structures.

Armor Bonus: Hypersonic Vocal Amplification
Turns Justin's voice into a weapon capable of reaching levels of 150dB or higher. Must recharge after use.

Weapon: Louisville Slugger
Custom baseball bat with nails driven through it.

Armor Bonus: Toxic Breath
Uses Charlie's breath to emit a noxious odor. Must use alcohol to recharge.

Weapon: Diamond Stud Shrapnel Grenades
Grenades that have a large impact radius and send small diamond studs rocketing into foes.

Armor Bonus: Extreme Flexibility
Allows Richard to fit into and around objects that others cannot.

Weapon: Glock
Just your basic, run of the mill glock. Silencer equipped.

Armor Bonus: Gold Chain Mail
Decreases speed but ups bribe abilities.

Weapon: Rainbow Katana
Katana that flashes different colors of the rainbow. Each color has a different effect:
Red - Fire
Orange - Acid
Yellow - Electricity
Green - Oxygen Drain
Blue - Ice
Purple - Poison

Armor Bonus: Instant Blackmail Material
Massively boosts bribe abilities.

Weapon: Krossbow
High fire rate. Low damage.

Armor Bonus: Solid Synthetic Chest and Facial Plating
Protects against projectile weapons.

Weapon: Beer Can Cannon
Fires full beer cans like shells. Soda cans may be used but at a great reduction to damage.

Armor Bonus: Rehab Health Regeneration
Lindsay must be in shelter to activate. Allows her to slowly regenerate health and heal wounds. Weapon is deactivated during this time.

Weapon: Hairspray Flamethrower
Short range, massive damage.

Armor Bonus: Smush Smush Super Strength
Allows Snooki to power through walls and other barriers.

Weapon: Pink Nerve Gas
Paris uses her perfume line to flood rooms with a nerve gas.

Armor Bonus: Body Double Decoy
Creates a double of Paris. Once the double is dead, Paris cannot reuse this bonus.

Weapon: Dual Sawed Off Shotguns
Massive damage, high reload time.

Armor Bonus: Total Body Camouflage
Miley can mask herself as any of the other contestants.


Challenge 1:
A bag with an immunity beacon has been placed at the highest point of the Toy Story Mania coaster track. Collect the beacon to receive immunity for the remainder of this day and the next.

EDIT: The poll option for Sacha Cohen was changed to Perez Hilton. Please use Sacha's option to vote for Perez. My apologies!

[Edited by Bes, 6/17/2013 2:14:15 AM]

Shibby  posted on Jun 17, 2013 7:28:39 AM - Report post

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I voted Justin Bieber. He would be dumb enough to use the weapon inside a building, and crush himself.
Bes  posted on Jun 17, 2013 5:33:36 PM - Report post

Current rank: 5 Stars.
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Leaving this up till late tonight. If you want to vote to give someone immunity in the next round, now is the time!
dstates  posted on Jun 17, 2013 6:08:04 PM - Report post

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i'll give an immunity vote to Charlie Sheen for next round.


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