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POLL: Celebrity Deathmatch - Round 3
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    Bes posted on Jun 19, 2013 7:56:32 PM - Report post
    See story, characters, arena map, and rules here: Link

    Please do not forget to post a vote for the FOUR (one from each team this week) who you think should have immunity in the next round. Richard Simmons has immunity this round and therefore is ineligible for immunity in this round.

    Died In Round 2: SNOOKI

    Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and Miley Cyrus hit up the botiques in search of champagne, jewelry, teacup poodles, and french models. They came up empty handed, but with no further injury. Richard Simmons and Perez Hilton spent the night in each other's company again at the Grizzly River Run and ended up straining some large muscle masses. Simmons managed to catch the immunity beacon as it floated by. Soulja Boy attempted to join them and ended up accidentally shooting himself in the leg in the process. Snooki tried to smush smush her way into the botique with the other girls but ended up taking a beer can to the skull courtesy of Lohan and became the second victim of the deathmatch.

    Character Statuses:
    Justin Bieber - DEAD (Round 1)
    Charlie Sheen - Alive/Moderate Injuries
    Richard Simmons - Alive/Minor Injuries/IMMUNE
    Soulja Boy - Alive/Moderate Injuries
    Perez Hilton - Alive/Minor Injuries
    Kim Kardashian - Alive/Minor Injuries
    Lindsay Lohan - Alive/Uninjured
    Snooki - DEAD (Round 2)
    Paris Hilton - Alive/Moderate Injuries
    Miley Cyrus - Alive/Minor Injuries

    Challenge 2:
    TEAM CHALLENGE: All of you will pair up into teams. Each team will be able to achieve an immunity beacon. You must then decide which of you receives the immunity. Who do YOU trust?

    Team Shohan (Sheen/Lohan)
    Team Kimboy (Kardashian/Boy)
    Team Hilton (Hilton/Hilton)
    Team Simmus (Simmons/Cyrus)

    JJ is mah wifey. =3

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    AdmiralThrawn posted on Jun 19, 2013 8:53:49 PM - Report post
    Nuke it from orbit.

    (Sheen, Boy, Perez, Cyrus immunity)

    [Edited by AdmiralThrawn, 6/19/2013 8:54:01 PM]
    Keep Calm
    Throw a blanket over it

    Ten minutes of entertainment, crammed into three hours.
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