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Easy way to get Nightmare achievement.
Soya  posted on Mar 24, 2013 6:03:33 AM - Report post

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Hello folks,

I thought I would share with you how I finally managed to finish the last achievement I didn't have in Deadlight yet, 'Tales of Glory' finish the game in nightmare mode (no saves or restarts, got to complete entire game in 1 sitting), no mean feat.

I managed to get an easy(ish) way for anyone else, who wants it, to get this achievement crossed off from their list.

I been working with CH's deadlight trainer and getting a workable list of teleport codes up to get past nearly all hard and awkward bits. I been at it for just over 14 hours straight, just finished both the codes and the full run through on Nightmare, which only took @15-20min with the teleport codes. If I had any idea it would take so long, I would have never have started but I did ACT 1 jump codes in about an hour and I thought the other 2 ACTS were going to take about the same time. Alas I was dead wrong and 14 hours later, while cursing, swearing and grinding my controller but at least I persevered and got that damn achievement. Considering how much time and effort I put into it, I thought I would share it with the rest of the world.

Enough drivel, on with how to do it:
I listed the needed codes in the next post as it wouldn't all fit in 1 post, simply copy and paste the 2nd post and save it to a file name called Locations.ini in My Documents. Now DL the trainer if you have not already, run Darklight, I suggest you run Deadlight in window mode so you can see trainer and read through each portal description notes as you play the game. Start a game (I suggest normal mode to practice a full run, try to see how I did the teleports and familiarize yourself with each jump so when it comes to doing for real on Nightmare, you cannot afford to make any mistakes) then ALT TAB, run the trainer, ALT TAB back to DL, press F1 to activate trainer, ALT TAB back to trainer, you should see figures in the health slots etc. (for now do not lock or change anything here), hit teleporter tab at the top, press on import list at the bottom, it will look for Locations.ini in My Documents, find it on the browser and click on it, that should load & show all portal location on the list on the trainer window from j01 to j66. You won't be able to read the full description but that is why you are running DL in window mode so you can read full description on either the web browser or simply open the INI file in notepad.

Now simply read the descriptions and play accordingly and teleport when you need to.

For example, you already have started the game, so your character is waiting at the starting map, goto trainer, read first portal line which says 'j01 use this at start, open & walk through door -> j02;-990552973;1156424909' - j01 is portal number, so you can easily see it in the trainer's list, description is what follows it, in this case it says use this right at your start game, it will put you near a door which you need to open and walk through (BTW sometimes after a jump you may need to move a little in the opposite direction of where you need to go to let the game draw an area like a door, in this case the door might not show on the left so move a little right but even if it does not show, it will still show the open icon when you get close to it) if nothing else is mentioned in the description it will say ->j02 which mean use the next jump number in this case j02. the number after are used by the trainer to put your character in the required coordinates.

I hope that makes sense, if it doesn't then it is probably because I am typing this post after being up for more then 24 hours and this game has taken most of my higher brain function. Just let me know and I will try to make it clearer, once I get some sleep.

Now like I said, I highly recommend you try this first by starting a normal game and start at the beginning. Not only do you need some time to adjust to it but also re-familiarise yourself with Deadlight as you will still need to do a few tricky bits (mainly the chopper parts), again, this is all mentioned in my jump descriptions listed below, so perhaps read through that beforehand as well. Once I did it on normal, it took me only @15-20min to run through it on Nightmare which includes 1 failure in ACT 2 so I had to start again.

NOTE: do NOT lock health, you shouldn't really need to with the jumps anyway, as locking health will cause a few problems at certain stages, you can lock AMMO but again, I HIGHLY recommend only lock ammo when you have a gun. So when it gets taken away, remove the lock, otherwise I found it can cause Deadlight to crash when you get your gun taken away or get it back and if you're doing it on Nightmare, that will be annoying for you.

Teleport codes and notes in the next post, copy and paste that info into a file called location.ini and put it in My Documents.

Well that's about it, I hope some of you will find this post useful and I hope it may bring several of you folks a breath of relief after completing that most annoying achievement of this pretty cool game.

PS. If anyone has an easy way to complete Limbo's hardest achievement, complete game in 1 sitting with max of 5 deaths, please let me know, as it is another game that I want to cross of my 'achievements not finished' list.
PPS. Addition to Jump31 below (j31) once you portal the ratman might not show on the central watertube, if he is not there, climb down a bit and back up till he shows (otherwise it will not have rendered the area past the traps and doorway)


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Soya  posted on Mar 24, 2013 6:13:01 AM - Report post

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j01 use this at start, open & walk through door -> j02;-990552973;1156424909
j02 run through door and move towards edge of dropoff -> j03;-976499657;1153147945
j03 open door into next area -> j04;1152800195;1138660147
j04 jump fence into next area -> j05;1184444227;1150051770
j05 jump up & get axe in the next area -> j06;1189100544;-993829069
j06 move right into house (dream sequence) down the ladder, open door -> j07;1191911068;-1017456230
j07 move right to get petrol cutscene, after scene -> j08 ;1194388439;-997106328
j08 you are on top of a truck, move right past the zombies and climb on top of an ambulance -> j09;-978557434;1133941555
j09 you will be on a roof -> j10;-1011203955;1141983633
j10 roof with a car, move a bit to make the car fall -> j11;1158040699;1145915792
j11 another roof -> j12;1163600564;1149674701
j12 roof with a water tower -> j13;1171362304;1153869005
j13 from here do the jumps on the dozers and get the car with the gun, do the practice gun scene (likely the trainer will crash here, just restart trainer and continue) thent shoot the lock on the ladder and get to the market, once inside the market -> j14;1174690226;1149609173
j14 crawl under the door at far end of room and enter next area -> j15;1184205348;1147488652
j15 we are now past the fire, enter the building -> j16;1185204854;1151654912
j16 in a room, run through the door -> j17;1185715348;1155572941
j17 from here get to roof & whistle to zombies till they destroy planks (turn to face left before porting) -> j18;1185232451;1158670361
j18 from here get to roof & do the long jump to the next building -> j19;1185834260;1158548636
j19 top of roof -> j20;1187021655;1158631797
j20 groundfloor -> j21;1187196877;1112840672
j21 move the cabinet but wait till talk scene triggers and finishes before climbing through the hole (sometimes it doesn't render next room and you are stuck, if it doesn't work try from j20), from here get the pawnshop cutscene, once inside shoot lock on top window -> j22;1188018186;1136300854
j22 move cabinet (might be dark here so use icon indicator) and enter underground garage quickly, set off both switches then-> j23;1195058570;1136824733
j23 move left to a wall and wait till zombies come through gate then run through planks (to make the area properly rendered) -> j24;1195321705;-1030376654
j24 run through some more planks and past the cutscene, do the dream sequence and once the rat man finishes talking and you can move again -> j25;1198153692;-1011520307
j25 move a little and you should see the rat man, whistle and move into next area -> j26;1168240640;1151378637
j26 again, move a little and you should see ratman, whistle but before entering the hole, move far left to get a view of the slingshot then get the slingshot, use it to get to ratman and his lift for the next sequence, get off the lift -> j27;1172502921;1147488666
j27 just before the drop, might need to move a little to make the planks break, drop down and jump the hole and get through into the next area -> j28;1167655293;-988737761
j28 ignore the ratman here (might need to move to see things), move right to get next room and follow the lift sequence up, once out of the lift -> j29 ;1173361023;-981002547
j29 from here do the crate on the lift bits (easy enough if you know this part) and get to the next area -> j30;1166711235;1155441869
j30 move right through the door, run past the traps and crawl under the door -> j31;1162316501;-1004882330
j31 from here hit the target with sling shot, jump to the right ledge and move close to the traps -> j32;1170554876;1118457038
j32 move a little right to close the door behind you -> j33;1173608782;1122651315
j33 from here (might need to move a little if all is dark) hit the target with your slingshot, jump into crawlspace and move into next area, drop down near the machine -> j34;1175472127;1153076273
j34 open the tram door and walk through this tram -> j35;1168470936;1155272999
j35 up the ladder and exit the sewers, after sequence shoot the ceiling window so the outside area shows -> j36;1158381564;1153149338
j36 from this roof top (you will notice the right side will be empty space) enter the window on your left, walk through this house and enter the top floor door to the outside, you might get attacked by a zombie, shrug it off, get back into the house and through the window you came into, you should be back onto the same rooftop but the right side should now show up ->j37;1141326348;1137911303
j37 climb through the window -> j38;1160437756;1134727987
j38 move right and open door, keep going till you get past a door you have to run through and you are in the area where you have to hit the car with the slingshot -> j39;1167506450;1136825139
j39 enter treehouse and follow the sequence, break down the treehouse door and run to the van to start the next sequence, climb the ladder to the roof and activate the boy sequence, once you can move again -> j40;1176525558;1136825139
j40 enter house on right for another sequence (it will be dark for a bit), once you can move -> j41;-972110875;1150592205
j41 run to the right into the building, alas (due to triggers) you must do the next chopper sequence till you get to the sliding wall, jump and fall through the planks, once you land on the platform ->j42;-977155426;1152943473
j42 should be on near a neon sign, jump off right, move till you hear 'enemy located' ->j43;1167488944;1153737933
j43 move right, jump the gap and keep moving right (it might be blacked out here) till you drop through some planks and drop down, get the axe and break down door, kill 2 zombies, move past door, jump down, whistle for zombies before walking through door, kill 2 of them, walk through door which will close, stay in cover behind big pillars, deal with all the zombies in this room (2 left and 1 coming from behind you) then use j44 to portal to the door unless you already there then just follow instructions from j44;1176960881;1145915800
Soya  posted on Mar 24, 2013 6:13:44 AM - Report post

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j44 open door go left and jump down charge through a nearby door, chopper will chase you again, just run & jump into the garbage container, follow the scene and get past the dream sequence till you get to a small room -> j45;1178220831;1134203699
j45 take the gun from the corpse (which might be standing) -> j46;-966586624;1135776481
j46 bust through vent and climb in, fall down and be prepared to face many zombies, deal with em and run right, over few vehicles, till you get past a door->j47 ;-968427489;1114937793
j47 climb the roof cable and move towards stadium, run past zombies, climb over truck, walk down the steps till you meet some more zombies and see the stadium building -> j48;-972969673;1142507907
j48 do the jumpy bits to get into the stadium and activate the sequence then move onwards till you get the shotgun -> j49;-984736137;1136499995
j49 move left to free your buddy and start another scene, then move towards the hospital and through the window -> j50;1160852603;-1012568886
j50 you are near the elevator but you might not see it on your right, so move left till its out of view then move back, it should be there -> j51;1190729124;1146964351
j51 there will be a chargeable door but the area behind it should be empty, so move back to elavator till it is out of view and behind the door should now be black, so you can bust through it, once in the room go straight to -> j52;1191132923;1152492749
j52 near the pharmacy door, open it, get the meds and get out again -> j53;1191636022;1154524373
j53 open door on your left, ignore if he says not got the meds, open the next door as well and walk through -> j54;1191383552;1156556022
j54 charge door, end the scene, do the dream scene and onto next act, run right till you get to a watchtower, zombies and a closed door -> j55;1189535821;1151902884
j55 before charging the door, move left till you hit a wall, then go back and charge through the door -> j56;1162303054;1130599894
j56 move right and get into the building -> j57;1169235841;1138398003
j57 move toward the obstacle course -> j58;1174106112;1144867226
j58 charge the door and as soon as you enter -> j59;1178962432;1144605082
j59 before entering the building move left towards the fence, then charge door to enter building and start dream scene, then move right to get out of the building -> j60;1180973742;1146751400
j60 enter the lift and complete this scene till you get captured, then move to door, use it, yell at guard then charge it down, get backpack, follow stella and get to shower scene then follow stella past the next few doors till you get to the one locked by electric gate -> j61 ;1185241580;1148012293
j61 use machine to open door, wait till stella is with you -> j62;1152985825;1112840607
j62 use machine to switch off electric, remove lock, open door, enter building and switch off generator, finish scene, as soon as you and stella start running (dont port too soon) -> j63;1157954347;1112840609
j63 shoot guard coming from the left (this guard might not come due to porting), pull up stella, shoot another guard coming from the left, climb fence, drop down (dont jump off guard will probably kill you then), kill 2 guards, enter building, kill zombie and shoot the lock on the top window -> j64;-992679338;1127556304
j64 shoot lock, follow stella but kill the guard coming up to the right (best to walk and shoot), defend against zombies but you can port as soon as stella is under the door -> j65;-1010556892;1127556710
j65 break down door (make sure you do NOT have health locked as next part will get you stuck if it is on), shoot zombie and move cabinet, once stella moves and zombies break through boarded window goto ->j66;1147628796;1127556710
j66 run right killing zombies along the way (use unlimited ammo), charge through planks, watch zombies, move cabinet, shoot lock and charge down door and then dream scene (watch the zombies to the left in dream) and end scene;1157235319;1135252275
SleepyDroid  posted on Oct 12, 2013 9:01:48 AM - Report post

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still don't know how the teleport works because i keep falling from the floor.
romeonova  posted on Jan 11, 2014 11:13:40 AM - Report post

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Thank you for this amazing guide. I've got the achievement because of it.
sniper320  posted on Aug 15, 2015 10:03:10 AM - Report post

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Amazing, very nice job man, it will help a lot, tnx.
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