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Official Trainer Thread  Rage Trainer
Lord Vader  posted on Oct 13, 2011 11:39:47 AM - Report post

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i think all really important options in the trainer r there and they work beautifully. thank u for all ur hard work.
mqarep  posted on Oct 13, 2011 7:29:44 PM - Report post

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If the game can give a racing certificate, a good hack can do the same.
PWizard  posted on Oct 14, 2011 4:00:22 AM - Report post

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Then you do it and let us know how you did it. We'll be waiting.
Suppeninja  posted on Oct 14, 2011 12:16:13 PM - Report post

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got the same problem as The_Frederick.

any1 got any quick tips that can help, or do i just have to live with it? :P

but i just have to say you guys do an awesome job with all the trainers

[Edited by Baekie, 10/14/2011 12:18:59 PM]

LordJB  posted on Oct 14, 2011 12:55:37 PM - Report post

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Racing certificates can be tricky but I assume that's why both towns have this usually rather easy beginning race event with a time trial race mode that you can do, three laps with unlimited boost option (press again if you pick up any boost power-ups as those reset that meter.) should give a rather easy victory well within the time limits.
(I suppose adding time or freezing time could be a potential trainer update as well then but I don't know how that works.)

Gives 15 certificates and then you just use the option, trade with that NPC and if it hasn't increased just exit the dialogue and press that option again and you should have 1000 or so of them upon re-entering that barter screen.
(You will need to win a few races anyway as part of the story but I found them fairly easy due to the power-up provided and unlimited boost, plus if things go poorly pressing escape and just resetting the race works just fine without going back and forth between the town and the race circuit.)

Zenophobe  posted on Oct 15, 2011 6:47:47 AM - Report post

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Trainer always crashes when I try and run it.
Windows 7 64bit

Rage Trainer has stopped working
and on and on under problem details

ghettobomb  posted on Oct 15, 2011 9:17:16 AM - Report post

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the trainer works just fine, for some reason some of the keys just take a few seconds for the game to recognize it. as for the crashing at least i noticed this in my game not sure if it is for everyone but it always crashes when the health option is on while entering/exiting a hub situation, so just turn it off and you are good to go
CharlieO  posted on Oct 15, 2011 1:04:08 PM - Report post

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How much vitriol is necessary. Your incredibly cheap "unlimited" membership fee wouldn't cover one programmer's time to even examine the memory locations that need to be modified to provide the "cheat" they want. I employ graduate assistants who make more than that. CH techs are dedicated to what they do..and I'd bet awesome gamers. Lighten up please.

As far as lock ups are concerned in RAGE..Here is what you need to least for the PC.

1. Drop the Diff to easy for the Cuprino Race. If you haven't been able to beat the time trial (yes, I hate racing/driving games), use the Mutant Bash to disable racers right out of the gate. You only need 1 skull to use CH option 6 to multiply your skull skills to get upgrades..go back to the bar after F6ing). You need to exit Wellspring to get the skull to appear on your inventory before you can multiply it with CH option 6. Then you will have 99 skulls and can get the bartender to do the cert/kill need 1 cert to start that. The mutant bash trick is the way to do that.

2. The save crap is not CH's problem, it's Bethesda's. Do a quick save (pc-F5) before entering a "world" (Wellspring, Etc), Enter , let it hang, restart without the trainer, and "continue". Then resave w/F5), restart with the trainer, continue game, and you will be fine. Restart the trainer. Drop antialiasing to 8X as well to get through many save freezes.

The trainer does NOT consistently hang the manual save or scene change auto save. If you F5 save BEFORE you try the manual save, you will always be able to get back to that point. THIS IS A VERY BUGGY RELEASE. Even the creator of the original FPS, Carmack, admits that. Doom was that original FPS, and don't forget it !!!! ;-)

Enjoy gaming..I'm and older gamer and need trainers to get through many games. My and/eye coord skills are better than many younger folks but they are not getting any faster as I age.

Maybe we need a forum on CH to address older folks and gamers who are challenged by SP and MP hand/eye control response issues. This might include older gamers, and more importantly, gamers who may be returning Mideast war vets who might be physically and/or neurologically challenged due to injuries incurred serving our country and keeping us safe. Many of these warriors are who we are emulating in our games, and many are unable to work or even fully move and are certainly enjoying virtual simulations (i.e. computer games} to help them cope. CH is really helping these soldiers be able to compete in and enjoy a wonderful gaming environment.

CH founders, I've gone above the bar to support you financially. Think about promoting yourselves in the other ways that are not as apparent (i.e.teens who want to cheat) and help others realize your contributions to the gaming world that are not as obvious. You are really doing a great job. Ignore these idiots what can't find their own selfish cookies in your efforts.

Chuck O

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