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Collectibles and Static Weapon Locations
Draco856  posted on Sep 10, 2011 5:26:35 AM - Report post

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I'd like to get a list going of all collectibles and the static weapon locations.

By static weapon locations, I mean weapons that are always there no matter what, an example would be the paddle in the pool house (starting location). Each time you load your game and go to the pool house you can get another paddle, no matter what.

List format:

Name: Location - Act/Chapter - Available at all times/Quest needed to open area/Key needed to open area/Other

For "Other" either jumping or climbing

I appreciate any and all help with this.

Darksider  posted on Sep 10, 2011 6:12:50 AM - Report post

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Can you get any vaguely unique/decent weapon outside of a loot drop or quest reward?

because as far as i can tell, every basic weapon that's lying around (plank, paddle, wrench, shovel, etc) ALWAYS comes back when you leave/return...

Draco856  posted on Sep 10, 2011 8:41:38 AM - Report post

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Not that I know of, though to be honest I wasn't really looking before. I do know that there are some weapons that can be modified just lying about that can be picked up again and again from the same location. The diving knife in the surf shop is an example of this, so there is the chance that you can find good weapons from static locations.

[Edited by Draco856, 9/10/2011 8:41:53 AM]

Ayona  posted on Sep 10, 2011 12:37:38 PM - Report post

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Tapes/Heralds/Id Cards (Minimal Information Given)

--Act 1
---Resort- Tapes 1&2 Heralds 1-12 Id Cards 1-25
----Parking Lot- Tapes 3 Heralds 13-16 Id Cards 26-30

--Act 2
---Church- Tapes 4&5 Heralds 17-23 Id Cards 31-45&58-60
----Sewers- Heralds 24 Id Cards 46-49
-----City Hall- Id Cards 50-52
-----Market- Heralds 25-27 Id Cards 53&54
-----Police Station- Tapes 6 Heralds 28&29 Id Cards 55-57

--Act 3
---Jungle- Tapes 7 Heralds 30-32 Id Cards 61-73
----Labratory- Tapes 8&9 Heralds 33-37&40 Id Cards 74-85

--Act 4
---Prison- Tapes 10 Heralds 39 Id Cards 86-92&94-99
----Hospital- Tapes 11&12 Heralds 38 Id Cards 93&100

The information below is from g4tv and has been edited to only show complete quest items


Sickle - Complete "Life In The Bag" Side Mission Location: Resort
Wicked Sickle - Complete "Six Feet Under" Side Mission Location: City of Moresby
Military Machete - Complete "Night Hawk" Side Mission Location: Resort, When you reach the Jungle
Homemade Machete - Complete "Family Matters" Side Mission Location: Resort
Bolo Machete - Complete "Faith Will Move Mountains" Main Mission Location: City of Moresby
Hatchet - Complere "Blood In The Tropics" Side Mission Location: Jungle
Big Splitting Axe - Complete "Radio Ga Ga" Side Mission Location: City of Moresby
Homemade Cleaver - Complete "Exodus" Main Mission Location: Resort
Wakizashi - Complete "Message of Love" Side Mission Location: Laboratory
Double Blade - Complete "Bloody Valentine Side Mission Location: Resort
Homemade Double Blade - Complete "Bloody Valentine" Side Mission Location: Resort
Battle Double Blade - Complete "Danse Macabre" Side Mission Location: Laboratory
Reaper - Complete "Man Of Faith" Main Mission Location: Laboratory
Kukri - Complete "The Dead Don't Eat Crackers" Side Mission Location: Laboratory
Slicer - Complete "My Precious" Side Mission Location: Resort
The Machete - Complete "Where Is My Pineapple?" Side Mission Location: Laboratory


Pistol - Complete "The Second Head Of Cerberus" Side Mission Location: City of Moresby
Heavy Pistol - Complete "In Cold Blood" Side Mission Location: City of Moresby
Revolver - Complete "Omar Escort" Side Mission Location: Resort
Magnum - Complete "Rotting Flesh" Side Mission Location: Laboratory
Auto Rifle - Complete "Chasing Shadows" Main Mission Location: Jungle or Police Station
Short Shotgun - Complete "Wet Job" Side Mission Location: Laboratory


Molotov - Complete "Ashes To Ashes" Side Mission Location: Resort

----Weapon Mods

Deo-Bomb - Complete "Tell Me Where It Hurts" Side Mission Location: Resort
Deathstalker Mod - Complete "Subtance of Matter" Side Mission Location: Laboratory
Nuts & Bolts Mod - Complete "Toy Story" Side Mission Location: Resort
Detox Gun Mod - Complete "Insect Repellent" Side Mission Location: Laboratory
Detox Shotgun Mod - Location: Bungalow 3 In Laboratory during "Where Is My Pineapple" Side Mission
Torch Mod - Complete "Counsel of Despair" Side Mission Location: Resort
Nail'd Mod - Complete "Passport To Life" Main Mission Location: Resort
Heavy Mod - Complete "Two Hearts" Side Mission Location: Resort
Shock Mod - Complete "Black Hawk Down" Main Mission Location: Resort
Old Smoky Mod - Complete "Spy Game" Side Mission Location: Abandoned House in City of Moresby
Sticky Bomb Mod - Complete "Drowned Hope" Main Mission Location: City of Moresby
Impact Mod - Complete "Last Chance On The Wall" Side Mission Location: City of Moresby
Striker Shotgun Mod - Complete "A Wounded Crank" Side Mission Location: Jungle
Shock Rifle Mod - Complete "Power Slaves" Side Mission Location: Laboratory
Shark Mod - Complete "Death Wish" Side Mission Location: Jungle
Short-Circuit Mod - Complete "Judgement Day" Side Mission Location: City of Moresby
Paralyzing Strike Mod - Complete "Picture of Bliss" Side Mission Location: City of Moresby
Piranha Mod - Complete "The Third Head of Cerberus" Side Mission Location: City of Moresby
Pride Gun Mod - Complete "Matter of Justice" Side Mission Location: City of Moresby
Magic Wand Mod - Location: City Hall Part 2, In The Center of City Hall
Pride Shotgun Mod - Location: Police Station, In the security room.
Tesla Mode - Location: Laboratory Inside the Warehouse

Below is the link to a forum post that contains found skulls and skull drop-off points with their respected dev mods


Lastly, Off-topicish but good information about the impact of multiplayer as well as level scaling

|_Players_|_Enemy Hp_|_Enemy Damage_|
|_Level_|_Walker Hp_|

And yes...I do so enjoy the way my tables look...

Draco856  posted on Sep 10, 2011 3:54:56 PM - Report post

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Well it's a start, and it's a very good start. Still, just knowing something is in an act, and actually knowing where to find it are different things. For instance:

ID Card #1 - In front of an open bungalow with suitcases outside the door.

this is what I'm talking about, but at least I know how many I need before moving on to Act 2 now, so that's a plus.

Ayona  posted on Sep 10, 2011 7:05:53 PM - Report post

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I would show you the parts in the brady guide but that isn't allowed...

The brady guide has the map locations and explanations of where they are at in it but the brady guide lacks any skull and dev mod information

Edit: Oh and after careful study of the data files I found out that there are only 5 skulls which are all listed within forum post that I have in my infomation packed post...Enjoy your 5 melee/throwing dev weapons!

Also, 'Legendary Items' Cannot be obtained until you reach act 2

'Legendary Items' are always orange, any other orange items than what is listed below are just rare loot

You can pretty much guess what types of weapons they are by the names that they go by..

One more thing to add! Ammo Mods so I can just refer to my own posts in order to find needed items


[Edited by Ayona, 9/10/2011 11:44:07 PM]

Draco856  posted on Sep 11, 2011 2:17:21 AM - Report post

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Good, thanks. I think everyone who pre-ordered should have gotten the guide as well, but that's probably just me.
IAMPibadi  posted on Sep 11, 2011 9:37:57 AM - Report post

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I can help you guys.

Collectibles Act 1 - Link

Collectibles Act 2 - Link

Stay tuned on his channel, and we can see other parts.

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