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Your thoughts on DAO2 so far...
sauced  posted on Mar 14, 2011 3:33:38 PM - Report post

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Bioware is merely a puppet controlled by its master(EA) i would not expect any more clean PC exclusive games from bioware.
ServiusTheBear  posted on Mar 14, 2011 4:18:48 PM - Report post

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originally posted by sauced

Bioware is merely a puppet controlled by its master(EA) i would not expect any more clean PC exclusive games from bioware.

Rocks back and forth more. NO EA DONT TOUCH ME!!!

tommy6860  posted on Mar 14, 2011 4:42:17 PM - Report post

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originally posted by DABhand


A Halo was on the PC after it was released on console, due to the poor sales of Halo on the PC they kept it console exclusive.

Yes like I have said before there has been an increase in sales, but even 20% for a low number of income is not that great. And its due to the fact that most of the sales for the PC last year came from Digital distribution and where the games were on sale, like Steam's big christmas sale they had when titles were going for $5 etc.

Now even though digital distribution may be the choice today, if the people behind Steam found it necessary to sell games cheaply to make a quick buck that shows its not that great

What you are saying is not true. Halo sold two releases on PC. That's a fact, and they sold well. The ports were not good though as they were designed for console. But, those are shooters ans shooters have been primarily designed for consoles the past ten or so years. Goldeneye set the standard, though we had Doom and Quake still on PC.

Consoles sales on average are down from even 5 years ago. If you take the combined sales on the previous gen to this gen, that is very telling. Most games are played on PC, that's a fact. What I get from you is an inherent bias to favor consoles while trying to diminish that PC sales and especially games are back on the rise and hugely so. Your mere mention of Steam game selling cheap is pretty funny considering they, as well as D2D, sell games as new releases in the millions. Yes, you get them on the cheap when the time happens a while after the initial release, but that isn't exclusive to PC games as being "on the cheap". Consider that many console releases, especailly those that don't sell well, are on the cheap just a few weeks after release in some cases. So, what's the difference there? You can get ME2 for consoles for $20 right now as an example.

The games I mainly speak of don't sell as well as consoles, and they are action/shooter/racing games, but PC gaming way out-does console gaming by far and large as a whole. I prefer console gaming, it easier and comfortable, but console gaming has become totally lacking and cannot offer the depth. But, I go either way. I was all PC until the Xbox came around in late 2001 and my PC gaming diminished, then PC gaming nearly went away with the arrival of the 360. But after two years, it wore off as there was nothing innovative and eye catching anymore, and I got back to PC gaming without looking back at this time well over a year ago. My example of changing back seems to reflect the current trend as well. In fact, over the past year or so, I have bought only two console games, Bayonetta, which was awesome and Halo: Reach, which was a total waste of money.

Everything on console now has to be total action (which has been for years) and now everything wants to be Modern Warfare. Look at where Battlefield Bad Company went from what it was to BBC2, it was sad. That is just one of many examples. Until console gaming gets refreshed and more innovative, I am done with it. I am primarily an RPG gamer, and they don't work well with consoles. It's sad that DA2 was made for console to appeal to the gamer who cannot be bothered with a deep story and character building/interaction.

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DABhand  posted on Mar 14, 2011 5:12:14 PM - Report post

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Lets get to Halo first, if it did so well even as a console port, whatever happened to the sequels for the PC? It sold well yes but, that was not hard since the closest titles were not selling that well either.

I am not biased at all with consoles, I rarely play my PS3 these days, I recently purchased games including most recently DA2, and pre-ordered Crysis 2 for my PC. That doesn't sound biased to consoles does it. I am going on fact and figures from the years that have gone by.

When Steam was selling titles cheap, it wasn't just old titles but new also, that is a sign of a quick christmas end of the year rush to get as much income as possible, yes im sure you can get ME2 for $20 now on the consoles, but when it first came out could you then - definetly not, $20 is "get rid of stock time" stores and suppliers don't want unused stock going to waste so they sell cheaply to recuperate as much cash as possible.

As for your experiences that is for you, and mine is for me, but that doesn't necessarily mean either of our experiences = the true picture. Thats what the facts and figures are for

Here is some questions...

Why no Red Dead Redemption on the PC? Why no Heavy Rain? Why not Bayonetta? Why not other Halo titles? Why not Gears of War 3? Why not God of War 3? Why not Final Fantasy X/X-2/XII/XIII? the list can go on.

These titles would be popular on the PC platform, but why are they kept exclusively for consoles? Now that is a good question.

[Edited by DABhand, 3/14/2011 5:12:54 PM]

reaverblade50  posted on Mar 14, 2011 7:42:30 PM - Report post

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Reasons why Dragon Age 2 is a big dissapointment

1. Maps are used over and over again (especially cave's).
2. Game is too short
3. Warriors can't use two swords
4. Weak Story
5. not too bloody like the original (no decapitations)
6. Rune's cant be re-used once you attach them to weapons/armor
7. Cant customize party member's armor

ServiusTheBear  posted on Mar 15, 2011 12:48:53 AM - Report post

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I spotted this breakdown at 360 MMGN via a forum thread at Gamers With Jobs. Basically, it approximates and breaks down the amount of talky bits found in Dragon Age: Origins versus those same elements in Dragon Age 2, along with approximate total game length. Here's the gist:

Dragon Age: Origins
• 1,000,000 Words
• 1,000 Cinematics
• 1,000 Characters
• 56,000 Spoken Lines
• 60 Hours of Gameplay

Dragon Age II
• 400,000 Words
• 2,500 Cinematics
• 500 Characters
• 38,000 Spoken Lines
• 40 Hours of Gameplay

Sgat8516  posted on Mar 15, 2011 1:37:06 AM - Report post

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originally posted by infinite_gamer

So,just wondering your thoughts on this game so far...
Waiting to get mine when iam paid.Tomorrow or friday.

Shorter than DA1 I think, or perhaps its just overly streamlined into linear story.

cokaine1  posted on Mar 15, 2011 2:53:43 AM - Report post

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not bad but needs optimizing.. on a 4.5Ghz 2500k + 560Ti overclocked if i set it to very high on dx11 even @ 1280x768 it stutters like hell. The nvidia beta drivers fixed the stutter a bit but it's till bad at times.
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